Epic Of Caterpillar - Chapter 1691 Chaos And Abyss Appears!

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“Frank, you bastard! You’re selling me?! You damn fucking twink! I’m going to fuck you up one day! I am not going to die so easily! I’ll fucking devour your fucking existence! Mark my words!”

The two Overseers approached as I ended venting out at Frank because the bastard just betrayed me… but now that I think about it, it is my entire fault I got him into this situation.

“Haha, wise choice.”

“Now, little fairy… you’re a precious diamond in brute.”

The two cosmic creeps extended their hands at me, as I suddenly noticed their bodies grew in size. I had become as small as an actual tiny fairy before them.

Suddenly, strange white chains emerged out of their hands, these were the Overseer’s Chains that also chained my mother… these damn chains that I couldn’t do anything against!

“Take her and leave me.” Frank quickly gave me away.

The chains slowly approached, bit by bit.

Their enormous power, capable of making even Primordial Deities submit was overwhelming, I felt as if I was being dragged into an eternal prison.

C R A S H!

However, Frank suddenly grabbed the chains with his cosmic dragon hands and smiled back at them.

“Chaos, NOW!”

F L A A A S H!

Suddenly, an enormous presence emerged from within space and time itself. A distortion generated a gigantic black hole, as the two Overseers felt being dragged in.

“W-What the?! A Cosmic Formation?! When?!”

“When did you set this up?!”

The two Overseers suddenly felt as if they were trapped within space and time. A powerful force overflowed the entire formation with Universal Essence, something akin to Cosmic Energy, but of an even richer quality.

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“I just settled it up using a Pocket Space. Are you guys that dumb or what? But I wouldn’t had been able to do it without my friend here.” Frank smiled.

“Frank, I’ve told you many times to not be reckless.” Sighed the voice of a completely new person emerging.

Is this… Chaos?

So Frank and Chaos know each other?!

And they’re allies?!

From within the enormous black hole distorting space and time and setting what the Overseers called a “Cosmic Formation” which even used stars as its composition, the figure of a handsome vampire-like man emerged, wearing black and red clothes resembling those of royalty, sharp red eyes, white hair, and long black horns, he looked domineering, and with an expressionless face.

His very presence generated an enormous presence, as if I was facing another Overseer… but different. Something within him which had begun to blossom generated an enormous Universal power that could even go against Overseers, but perhaps only temporarily.

He looked at me with his sharp red eyes, as one of them shone brightly with cosmic energy.

“Fufu, serves you right, you bastards!”

Suddenly, the laughter of a mischievous woman laughed behind Chaos, a beautiful girl with bluish purple skin, sharp yellow eyes, and short purple hair. She wore a beautiful and revealing gray and white dress, and from within her legs, countless slimy tentacles filled with yellow eyes squirmed around. She seemed very close to Chaos.

“That’s… A Shoggoth?! So that’s how…!”

“This is the bastard with the Universal Seed?!”

The two Overseers panicked as they saw her, calling her a Shoggoth no less. And also confirming Chaos was in the possession of a Universal Seed.

“Seed? It has already sprouted into a universal tree.” The girl laughed. “Idiots~”

“Abyss, don’t bother with them, we cannot properly kill them yet. We don’t want to reveal them more information.” Chaos said, quickly looking back at me. “So you’re the original soul where I came from… Kireina, is it?”

“Eh? Y-Yeah?”

“Ooh! So she’s like my sister-in-law?” Wondered the Shoggoth girl named Abyss.

“Sister… in law?” I asked while raising an eyebrow.

“Hmph…” Chaos sighed, feeling slightly curious about me. However, his expressionless face didn’t budge. “Let’s go for now. We can explain things later. This formation cannot last too long, I lack enough Universal Essence for that. And Abyss powers can only go so far.”

“Yeah, let’s go-” Frank was about to bring me back to my Universe…

However, something happened.

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Suddenly, several figures emerged all around us, covered by white and blue clothes made out of stars and cosmic energy, and emanating powerful auras. They covered their faces with masks… they were a dozen more Overseers. Their appearance different now, not everyone was completely humanoid, some were females, others had horns, some had tails and more limbs, one was covered on fire.

“We’ve got you surrounded.”

“Thankfully we rushed the moment we felt the disturbance.”

“It had to be an Outer One the one that conjured the Cosmic Formation…”

“That’s the Half-Overseer and the second Khaos Spawn, right?”


The Overseers this time seemed calmer and less stupid like the other two… which means bad news.

“Change of plans.” Chaos said, suddenly charging Universal Energy into his hands. “Abyss!”

“Got it!” Abyss smiled, quickly channeling Chaos’ Universal Energy and conjuring a Primordial Spell using the Element of Void, Space, and Time as its compositions. Several Daos shone brightly across her soul. “[Void Return]!”


Suddenly, an enormous force dragged me and Frank back to the world we came from, Grand Terra, while we saw for the last milliseconds Chaos and Abyss fighting against the Overseers swarming them…

“No! CHAOS!” Frank cried, although he was dragged down with me.

“Don’t worry about me, Frank. Recover and help Kireina. I’ll come pick you up later.”

Chaos voice echoed within our minds, as we fell off across the stars, like two meteors, reaching the planet of Grand Terra and breaking through the atmosphere.



Our bodies hit the sand of the Ankh Desert… And when we opened our eyes, the beautiful sunlight greeted our sight.

I guess… we were back right where we came from.

“Fuck!” Frank stood up, suddenly falling to his knees. “Agh! This wound hasn’t healed yet?!”




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