Eternal Reverence - Chapter 989: Wall of Time

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Chapter 989: Wall of Time

“This is too much. It has been so many years and I only found two Black Wind Beasts.” Inside the Black Wind Valley, there was a gloomy black-clothed lord.

He cultivated a variation of the wind dao and recently felt signs of breakthrough. He was planning to obtain some black wind stones to comprehend them. However, he didn’t expect that the current Black Wind Valley was completely different from before. The number of Black Wind Beasts were pitifully few.

“Mm? Someone is coming out?” The black-clothed lord extended his spiritual awareness to the limits and noticed a figure coming out from the depths of the Black Wind Valley.

If he was just a regular or superior lord, he would never seek trouble. If he was an elite lord, he might have to consider. But he was a pinnacle lord and he didn’t need to fear anyone at this level. Even an unparalleled lord could only defeat him as it was impossible to kill him.

Most importantly, Li Fuchen’s qi presence was merely a regular lord or close to a superior lord, therefore, there wasn’t a need to consider.

“Stay behind.” The black-clothed lord extended his hand and produced an insane tornado.

Caught off guard, Li Fuchen was sucked into the tornado.

“Not good.” Li Fuchen countered with the Origin Return Sword Phase.

However, before the Origin Return Sword Phase could make contact with the insane tornado, it was scattered by the wind force.

“It is a pinnacle lord…”

Li Fuchen’s expression turned gloomy. The enemy was obviously stronger than the Purple Pole Lord and he was far from being a match. The Calamity Immortal Body wouldn’t be able to withstand too many attacks.

Of course, Li Fuchen was also a lord and wouldn’t possibly be helpless.

Forming a union with the sword, Li Fuchen turned into a sword light and sliced the wind force apart. He then sliced the space-time of the Black Wind Valley and instantly entered the opening.

“Don’t think about escaping.” The black-clothed lord sneered. He rubbed his hands together and the tornado intensified by 10 times. The terrifying wind force entered the space-time of the Black Wind Valley and caught Li Fuchen again before flushing him out.

“This is too much.” Li Fuchen took out the arris light motherstone and activated the time source essence inside.

Immediately after, the space-time froze and the black-clothed lord had also froze in place. Using the opportunity, Li Fuchen escaped. In the blink of the eye, he had already vanished without a trace.

The black-clothed lord had seen the arris light motherstone once, but that piece was only the size of a peach core and it was embedded in the Flying Universe Dao Lord’s scepter. That scepter was known to be one of the strongest extreme-grade supreme rate weapons. No one would wish to be struck by it.

“It is a pity that this is the Black Wind Valley.” The black-clothed lord extended his spiritual awareness and fused it into the soul-separation black wind.

“I found him.”

Soon enough, the black-clothed lord discovered Li Fuchen’s whereabouts and quickly chased him.

“Do I have to break through now?”

Li Fuchen was confident that he could push the Primary Extreme Sword Technique to the supreme rate before he was killed. With his proficiency now, once the Primary Extreme Sword Technique broke through, it would at least be at the peak of the city lord-level. His strength would then increase from regular lord to elite or pinnacle lord.

However, doing so would waste all his efforts. Be it martial arts or cultivation techniques, after reaching supreme rate, it could still improve, but the improvement speed would be extremely slow. It was why most of the heaven lords wouldn’t have a significant increase in strength even after hundreds or thousands of years.

“I can’t do it.” Li Fuchen shook his head and took out the arris light motherstone to release the time source essence.

Once, twice, thrice…

One of them was fleeing while the other was pursuing. It was a truly treacherous process.

“You cannot escape. Leave the arris light motherstone and I can spare your life.”

Originally, the black-clothed lord only felt that Li Fuchen was suspicious and wanted to catch him. But now, he was only targeting the arris light motherstone.

In his opinion, the arris light motherstone was too wasteful in Li Fuchen’s hand. Embedding it on a weapon should be the most appropriate way to use it.

“Aren’t you being too overbearing?” Li Fuchen had already identified the enemy.

The black-clothed lord was the Battle God Tower’s Black Wind Lord.

The Battle God Tower was publicly recognized as one of the nine strongest power factions in the universe. They had multiple half-gods and members of the tower were all warlike and overbearing.

“Overbearing? I am already merciful. If it is someone from the God Hall or the Eye of Judgment, they would be judging you from a moral high ground.”

The Black Wind Lord let out a nasty laugh and released a thin blade of wind at Li Fuchen.


The wind blade was unimaginably sharp as it was slicing through layers of space-time until there was nothing left.

It was fortunate that Li Fuchen’s Calamity Immortal Body wasn’t a pushover. After using a portion of calamity power, it forcefully blocked the wind blade.

“Interesting.” The Black Wind Lord released more wind blades.

10%, 20%, 30%…

Li Fuchen’s calamity power was depleting quickly and the replenishment speed couldn’t keep up at all.

It was fortunate that the entrance of the Black Wind Valley was already in sight.


The moment Li Fuchen got out of the Black Wind Valley, he crushed an arris light gemstone and released a huge amount of time source essence from the arris light motherstone. It formed a wall of time that sealed the entrance.

The Black Wind Lord sneered and released a wind blade as he planned to slice the wall of time.

But as the wind blade got closer to the wall of time, it got slower and it was almost stopping.

“Infinite Wind Shift!”

The Black Wind Lord didn’t believe he couldn’t do anything as he turned into a clear wind and dove into the wall of time.

Soon enough, he flew out from the wall of time.

“Damn it.” The Black Wind Lord had an awful expression.

He admitted that he had underestimated the power of the arris light motherstone. This wall of time could only be broken easily by an unparalleled lord.

Near the wall of time, the Black Wind Lord could vaguely feel the flow of time. His instincts told him that a long time had already passed by.


Finally, the wall of time broke and the Black Wind Lord arrived outside the Black Wind Valley.

Sensing the flow of space-time around, the Black Wind Lord turned gloomy. A mere regular lord actually used a universe treasure to trap him for three days. It was truly ridiculous.

“Don’t let me see you again.”

The Black Wind Lord was certain that he would see Li Fuchen again and when the time came, he would settle the score.

“There is still less than 30% of the time source essence left.” 

Entering a different star domain, Li Fuchen kept the arris light motherstone and let out a sigh.

Had it not been for the arris light motherstone, Li Fuchen would have to pay a much higher price to leave the Black Wind Valley.

It was also because he had too little survival methods. For ancient lords that had been living for millions of years, apart from their strength, they normally had incredible escape methods. Li Fuchen was only a few centuries old at most, therefore, his foundation wasn’t strong. He didn’t have time to search for such escape methods, and would always be at a disadvantage when meeting people that were far stronger than him.

“Every step in the universe is filled with danger. With this seclusion, I should be able to push the Primary Extreme Sword Technique to break through to the supreme rate.”

Li Fuchen hastened his speed and rushed for the Sword Radiance City.

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