Eternal Reverence - Chapter 990: Breakthrough, Lord Rankings

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Chapter 990: Breakthrough, Lord Rankings

Back at Sword Radiance City, Li Fuchen immediately exchanged 12,500 black wind stones into 125,000 elder points.

Along with the elder points Li Fuchen already had, he now had over 127,000 elder points.

With so many elder points, it was enough for him to exchange some high-grade supreme rate sword bones.

Without any hesitation, Li Fuchen spent 5000 elder points to exchange a set of 6th grade supreme rate sword bones.

The sword technique and sword patterns contained within the 6th grade supreme rate sword bones were already at city lord-level. Li Fuchen studied it and the comprehension result was far beyond what the 9th grade and 8th grade sword bones could provide. But one set of 6th grade sword bones cost 5000 elder points, making it the price of 3 sets of 9th grade sword bones or 2 sets of 8th grade sword bones. However, the result wasn’t two or three times more, it was almost two times at best.

After thinking about it, Li Fuchen exchanged for a set of 3rd grade sword bones and it cost him 50,000 elder points.

“It’s not working. It seems like it is most efficient to borrow a huge number of low-grade sword bones.” After many years, Li Fuchen opened his eyes and shook his head.

In his opinion, a set of 3rd grade supreme rate sword bones would be equivalent to around a dozen 9th grade supreme rate sword bones. However, the price to exchange one set of 3rd grade sword bones was the same as to exchange for over 30 sets of 9th grade sword bones. The cost efficiency was too low.

If it was to quickly allow the Primary Extreme Sword Technique to break through to the supreme rate, it was definitely better to use a higher grade of sword bones.

But Li Fuchen’s objective was to perfect the Primary Extreme Sword Technique before breaking through. Therefore, he needed more sword dao directions and not just the depth of sword dao.

“The primary extreme sword dao comprises all sword daos. That is the path I need to take.”

Back at the resource hall, Li Fuchen used the rest of his elder points to exchange for 9th grade and 8th grade sword bones.

“This seclusion will probably take 100 years.” 

In the past, Li Fuchen wouldn’t go into such a long seclusion. But now, he didn’t care too much.

His family and close friends were all at the Law Phase Realm and had lifespans of 2000 years. Along with some treasures that could extend their lifespans, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to live for 3000 or 5000 years. Therefore, he didn’t have to worry that anyone important to him might die of old age while he was in seclusion.

“This Primary Extreme Lord is really a cultivation freak!” The Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor laughed and shook his head as he observed everything that Li Fuchen did.

Only this kind of cultivation freak would be able to progress so quickly!

In normal situations, the progress speed of a Child of Universe wouldn’t be as exaggerated as Li Fuchen. Even if they had heaven-defying opportunities.

Time flowed like water and Li Fuchen’s sword dao foundation was quickly accumulating.

Previously, Li Fuchen’s sword dao was like a river, but now it was a gorge. It didn’t just increase in length and width, even the depth had increased.

In the blink of the eye, 150 years passed by.

A vast and boundless sword dao qi presence was emitted from Li Fuchen’s body.

“I have finally reached the true pinnacle.”

Li Fuchen believed that his Primary Extreme Sword Technique had already contained all sword dao directions. Some of the sword dao directions came from the supreme rate sword bones, while some were deduced from the supreme rate sword bones.

Of course, it wasn’t possible to finish walking through all the sword dao directions. Li Fuchen wanted to turn all the sword dao directions into his own sword dao. The sword dao was the primary extreme sword dao which was the source of all sword daos.

“It is time to break through.”

Taking a deep breath, Li Fuchen’s eyes were overflowing with unlimited sword lights. Some of the sword lights were like water or fire, some were dense or agile, some were like illusions or omnipresent, some were bright or dark. It was hard to imagine how many kinds of sword lights were in Li Fuchen’s eyes.

Closing the eyes, Li Fuchen’s sword dao qi presence gradually withdrew inwards and made his entire body void.

There was a sword diagram that looked extremely complicated yet plain was constantly circulating in Li Fuchen’s body. One could see that there were subtle areas in the sword diagrams that were constantly destroyed and reconstructed. Every cycle would make the sword diagram even more flawless.

However, there were also shocking moments. There were times when it was only supposed to be a small area that required reconstruction, but due to a chain reaction, half the sword diagram would collapse. There were times when after a destruction, it wasn’t possible to reconstruct it, causing a terrifying crack in the sword diagram.

It was fortunate that nothing was too difficult for Li Fuchen. Using his transcending perception, Li Fuchen was ultimately able to perfect the sword diagram.

The moment the sword diagram was perfected, it gained life. It was breathing forcefully and the sword dao source power was produced from the sword diagram, fusing into Li Fuchen’s primary extreme sword dao bloodline.

“Look there.”

On this day, everyone in the Sword Radiance City saw an unforgettable scene. Countless sword lights were roaming above the skies of the Sword Radiance City. The sword lights were constantly transforming without any fixed number and could change their attributes at any moment.

The sword lights covered an increasingly larger range. The Sword Radiance City was only the beginning.

10 times, 100 times, 1000 times…

“I wonder which lord is breaking through? It is such a huge commotion.”

“I have been living in the Sword Radiance City for many years and have never seen a bigger commotion than this.”

“Is the Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor breaking through?”

“Impossible, the Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor is already an unparalleled lord. If he breaks through again, he will be a half-god.”

“The Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor might be breaking through into a half-god.”

Everyone was discussing.

The Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor who everyone was talking about was looking at the skies of the Sword Radiance City with shock.

He obviously knew that this was a phenomenon of a cultivation technique breaking through.

Back when his Cardinal Bright Sword Technique broke through to the star domain-level, it was also a rather huge commotion.

But to be honest, it was still lacking a little as compared to this phenomenon.

In just a few blinks of the eye, the sword light extended out by a few thousand light years.


All of a sudden, the sword light shattered and a giant sword was produced out of nothing. It was a few thousand light years in size and it emitted a terrifying pressure. Every absolute expert in the Radiancy Star Domain could feel it.

“Another unparalleled lord is born.”

“The Lord Rankings should be appearing!”

The absolute experts were all mumbling to themselves.

Sword Radiance City.

Li Fuchen was still immersed in an indescribable state.

The breakthrough of the Primary Extreme Sword Technique brought about a significant change in his body.

His body now had a total of three sword dao bloodlines. They were the void sword dao bloodline, splendor sword dao bloodline, and the primary extreme sword dao bloodline.

Putting the void sword dao bloodline aside, the splendor sword dao bloodline was connected to the Splendor Sword Art. The primary extreme sword dao bloodline wasn’t just connected to the Primary Extreme Sword Art, it was also connected to the Primary Extreme Sword Technique.

Before Li Fuchen’s Primary Extreme Sword Technique broke through, Li Fuchen’s primary extreme sword dao bloodline was already at the star domain-level. But now, his primary extreme sword dao bloodline had reached an extremely fearsome level and it was indescribable.

At this moment, Li Fuchen’s sword dao qi presence didn’t just strengthen by 1 or 2 times, nor was it 5 or 10 times, it was enhanced by 100 or even 1000 times.

Such a powerful qi presence instantly permeated into the depths of the universe source.


In the universe, a ranking list descended.

Strangely enough, these rankings could only be seen by lords.

The ranking list had 1000 names and one name was vanishing as a new name was branded on it.

“Primary Extreme Lord, Rank 99.”

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