Eternal Reverence - Chapter 991: Battling Cardinal Bright

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Chapter 991: Battling Cardinal Bright

“99th? So high?”

“It is too exaggerated. Which ranker on the Lord Rankings isn’t absurdly powerful? The Myriad Manifestation Demon Doyen is able to massacre even dozens of lords. How can this Primary Extreme Lord be able to rank above him?”

“Actually, it is very normal for such things to happen. The Lord Rankings is determined by the power of the qi presence. There are always cases of lower rankers defeating higher rankers. Therefore, there isn’t a need to have a dispute over this.”

“That is also true. But no matter what, if a person’s qi presence is so powerful, the strength must also be overwhelming. Even if his strength is inferior to the Myriad Manifestation Demon Doyen, it must be about the same level.”

There were some lords that had gathered and were discussing the new rankings.

Purple Pole Star Domain.

“99th rank?” The Purple Pole Lord took a deep cold breath.

He was hoping that this Primary Extreme Lord was different from the Primary Extreme Lord he knew and hoped it was just the same title. But his rationality told him that this Primary Extreme Lord was the same Primary Extreme Lord he knew.

Titles were very mystical, especially titles of lords. Perhaps with the involvement of heaven dao, there were basically no repeated titles among the lords.

At this instant, the Purple Pole Lord had very complicated feelings, but also apprehensive. It was fortunate that he didn’t offend the Primary Extreme Lord completely, otherwise, his future days weren’t going to be easy.

Of course, the Purple Pole Lord didn’t believe that he would definitely die if he encountered an unparalleled lord. He had been a lord for many years and had studied many survival methods. At the same time, he had obtained an extreme-grade supreme rate cardinal artifact in some ruins. Even if he encountered an unparalleled lord, he was confident he could escape.

Crosswise River Star Domain…

“I didn’t think my Crosswise River Star Domain would produce someone on the Lord Rankings.” The Crosswise River Primogenitor let out a smile with radiant eyes.

Divine Leaf City…

The Blood Ax Lord mumbled to himself, “The Primary Extreme Lord must be a Child of Universe who is even more terrifying than the Children of Undying.”

The Children of Undying were simply favored by the undying power and also the Undying Lord King. The Children of Universe were favored by the entire universe. 

There might be 49 Children of Universe, but the universe was more than enough for them to share.

The Blood Ax Lord even suspected the Children of Universe were experiencing the same thing as the Children of Undying. There must have been a time when massive source energy was poured into the body to forcefully increase the cultivation level. Otherwise, this progress speed was simply too fast!

“Primary Extreme Lord.”

In the entire Sword Radiance City, only the Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor knew that it was Li Fuchen who had broken through.

He immediately arrived outside of Li Fuchen’s manor. But he didn’t barge in forcefully as it was disrespectful.

“Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor, please enter.” Li Fuchen waved his hand to unlock the manor’s array and also the alert sword intent.

Seeing the overflowing and pure sword dao presence from Li Fuchen, the Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor felt all sorts of feelings as he smiled, “Primary Extreme Lord, congratulations.”

The Swordsmen Guild naturally had more than one unparalleled lord. Basically, all class 1 branches would have a few unparalleled lords. But inside the Sword Radiance City, only he and Li Fuchen were ranked in the top 100.

In this era where the half-gods were all missing, the unparalleled lords were definitely the ones that determined the power of a power faction. There were plenty of power factions in the universe, but there were only nine publicly recognized power factions. These nine strongest power factions didn’t just have plenty of unparalleled lords, they also had multiple half-gods.-

Unparalleled lords were important, but having unparalleled lords who were ranked top 100 was even more important.

Originally, the Sword Radiance City’s strength was evenly matched with the eight other power faction branches in the Radiancey Star Domain. But with Li Fuchen, the Sword Radiance City’s strength was probably far ahead. Of course, there were chances of the other power faction branches having two top 100 unparalleled lords as well.

After all, the unparalleled lords were often moving around. The Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor would also travel to other class 1 branches occasionally.

“Primary Extreme Lord, if you don’t mind, shall we exchange some moves?” After a few conventional exchanges, the Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor went straight to the point.

“I was hoping you would ask.” Li Fuchen immediately agreed.

The Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor was 32nd rank on the Lord Rankings and he should be able to test Li Fuchen’s limits.

“Follow me to the sword martial stage.” With a wave of the Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor’s hand, a void passage appeared in front.

The sword martial stage was a martial stage constructed by a half-god in the Swordsmen Guild. Even a regular half-god wouldn’t be able to damage it easily, let alone unparalleled lords.

The Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor didn’t want anyone to know about this spar, therefore, he sealed up the stage.

“Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor, please.” Li Fuchen drew the Joint-Heaven Sword.

After sizing up the Joint-Heaven Sword, the Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor smiled and said, “It seems like you are still lacking an appropriate artifact sword.”

Unparalleled lords were supposed to use extreme-grade supreme rate weapons. The Cardinal Bright Sword was an extreme-grade supreme rate artifact sword.

Not wanting to take advantage of Li Fuchen, the Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor took out a high-grade supreme rate artifact sword.

“Be careful now. Sword Sea Horizon.”

It was the same Sword Sea Horizon, but the execution today was leaning towards perfection. The entire sword martial stage was engulfed by the sword sea, without any gap.

“The Sword Sea Horizon is incredible. Take a look at my Sword Intention Clarity.” The Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor brandished his sword and produced a thin layer of sword light protection.

Under the sword light protection, the endless sword sea couldn’t do anything.

“Sect Origin Sword.”

Since the first sword move was ineffective, Li Fuchen quickly followed up with the second sword move.

Inside the void, billions of sword lights merged, countless turning into one, thousands of swords combining into one. In the face of this sword that returned to origin, any changes had no meaning. This sword went straight to nature, this sword signified solipsis.

“My heart is like the mirror that reflects everything.”

There was a spark as the Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor accurately intercepted Li Fuchen’s Sect Origin Sword.

“A clear heart sees and massacres all.”

Immediately after, the Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor’s sword slashed towards Li Fuchen’s chest as it glided across Li Fuchen’s sword.

The sword was too fast and Li Fuchen didn’t have time to block it.


The sword pierced through the chest, but it wasn’t Li Fuchen’s true body, it was just a body formed with sword light.

“Eh?” The Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor was shocked.

To be honest, even if this sword hit Li Fuchen, it wasn’t going to injure Li Fuchen.

An unparalleled lord couldn’t possibly kill another unparalleled lord, otherwise, they wouldn’t be called unparalleled lords.

However, he never expected that Li Fuchen would be able to dodge this sword.

He was titled the Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor and was one of the most ancient batch of unparalleled lords in the Lord Rankings. His combat experience was something far beyond a newly progressed unparalleled lord. In the past, he had fought against dozens of unparalleled lords. Apart from those ancient unparalleled lords who had similar amounts of combat experience, the rest of the unparalleled lords would definitely be on the losing end. There were some who were suppressed by him from start to end, leaving no chance for counterattacks. Li Fuchen had just progressed into an unparalleled lord, it was simply unbelievable that he could dodge the attack.

He could never have known that Li Fuchen’s combat experience couldn’t be calculated with regular means. His reaction speed was far beyond lords and his spirit soul was so powerful that he could predict the attack trajectories in advance.

Unless there was a huge disparity in strength, Li Fuchen would never be suppressed by skill.

“Sword Qi Origin Return.”

The Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor was attacked by a sword light from the side.


As soon as the Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor missed his attack, he immediately felt something was wrong. It was fortunate that his cardinal bright sword dao could illuminate everything. Before Li Fuchen made his sword, the Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor had already detected it.

Sparks burst out as Li Fuchen and the Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor both took a few steps back.

“Primary Extreme Lord, if you can block the next two sword moves, only a few individuals in the world can suppress you. With the exception of the half-gods.” The Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor had a stern expression.

Originally, he thought that Li Fuchen would still be inferior to him. From the looks of it, he had overestimated himself and underestimated Li Fuchen.

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