Eternal Sacred King - Chapter 2013 - Trinity Auspicious Jade

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Chapter 2013: Trinity Auspicious Jade

Translator: Legge 

On the other side of the Emperor’s Tomb.

The sea of lightning around Su Zimo had already been absorbed by the Green Lotus True Body and there was an extremely terrifying power in his body that could spew out at any moment!

At that moment, lightning coiled around every single jade green bone in Su Zimo’s body and electric arcs circulated in his marrow.

Even his new bloodline contained a wisp of the might of thunder!

He had attained greater mastery of the Thunder Bones Strengthening section!

This was something that the Thunder Emperor had painstakingly comprehended with his lifetime’s learnings. Under normal circumstances, it was extremely difficult to cultivate.

Even with Su Zimo’s endowment, it was impossible for him to cultivate this secret skill to greater mastery without hundreds or thousands of years.

There were two main reasons why he was able to attain greater mastery of this secret skill within a year.

First, the Thunder Emperor imparted his cultivation technique without holding back.

The second was the Dao Fruit fragments sealed in Su Zimo’s body by the Thunder Emperor.

Although they were only fragments and there was not much power left after hundreds of thousands of years, there were still many comprehensions and insights left behind by the Thunder Emperor.

By refining the Dao Fruit fragments, Su Zimo had inherited the Thunder Emperor’s cultivation insights completely and did not even need to comprehend them again.

It was as though he was enlightened and comprehended everything instantly!

Initially, it was only the Green Lotus True Body. Su Zimo’s physique and power of bloodline were almost invincible among his peers.

Now that the Thunder Bones were mastered, the physique and power of bloodline of the Green Lotus True Body increased exponentially as well!

Su Zimo believed that if he were to face Yun Ting again, he could suppress the latter even without using his bloodline.

Of course, that was only an ideal situation.

After all, Yun Ting’s cultivation would not stagnate either.

Yun Ting had suffered a huge loss this time round. As long as his Dao Heart was not affected, his cultivation would definitely advance.

Everything else aside, if Yun Ting could control his Bloodline phenomenon, it would be enough to cause him immense trouble!

At that time, if the two of them met again, it was unknown who would win.

Su Zimo’s gains after cultivating for more than half a year were not limited to this.

When he refined the Thunder Dao Fruit, he mastered the Zephyr Thunder Wings as well.

This meant that his movement technique could increase by another level and even ordinary Earth Immortals would have difficulty catching up to him!

On the other side, after this period of time, the refinement of the Hell Suppression Tripod was almost over.

The third tripod wall was about to be repaired!

The pattern that appeared was the sacred beast, the Black Tortoise!

Those gains and improvements were not enough!

Su Zimo did not stop cultivating.

He wanted to break through to the Earth Essence realm in one go!

In Su Zimo’s consciousness, the phantoms of Buddhas appeared and the voice of the Prajna Nirvana Sutra chanted continuously as the Creation Lotus Platform spun rapidly.

In his consciousness, a golden Buddhist light and green light shone together like a pure land of the Immortal Kingdoms!

An Essence Spirit sat on the pure land.

Su Zimo’s bloodline circulated and the sound of a tsunami could be heard.

The sound of the tsunami was extremely shocking and contained the sound of thunder. It was majestic and deafening!

Everything was ready except for an opportunity!


On the other side, the Hell Suppression Tripod trembled slightly and an ancient lifeforce emanated from the third tripod wall.

The Black Tortoise Sacred Soul above suddenly opened its eyes and released a divine light that entered Su Zimo’s consciousness.

That divine light was the opportunity!

Like a stone that caused a thousand layers of waves, the divine light entered his consciousness, causing the golden light of Buddhism and the green lotus glow to shine brightly and interweave continuously!


Su Zimo reared his head and howled into the skies. The Heaven and Earth Essence Qi in his body surged continuously and rose rapidly to its limits. Thereafter, as though he had broken free from some shackles, his body felt lighter.

He could clearly sense that his lifespan had doubled to 200,000 years!

The Green Lotus True Body could accumulate even richer Heaven and Earth Essence Qi. With a single deep breath, Essence Qi surged into his body!

He had broken through!

Earth Essence realm!

The transformation was not over yet.

In his consciousness, the Creation Lotus Platform changed as well. All the lotus petals fell off and regrew, forming a gigantic white flower bud!

After the Green Lotus True Body obtained the Seven Glow Immortal Ginseng, Thunder Dao Fruit and other supreme utmost treasures, he underwent a transformation as well.

The Thunder Bones and Green Lotus Bloodline!

Grade 10!

Grade 10 Green Lotus True Body!

Su Zimo felt that every single move he made seemed to possess endless power that could shake the world!

Right then, in his consciousness, the flower bud on the lotus platform began to blossom and circles of lotus petals bloomed one after another. After the ninth circle, another circle of lotus petals appeared.

The number of lotus holes on the lotus platform increased to 90 as well!

The Creation Lotus Platform had already advanced to Grade 10!

At that moment, the lotus flower bloomed and a Green Lotus Essence Spirit sat on the lotus platform.

Flawless, the Green Lotus Essence Spirit was incomparably condensed—its cultivation realm had already reached the terrifying Level 3 Earth Essence realm.

The Green Lotus Essence Spirit was surrounded by 90 green lotus seeds that transformed into rays of Dao light. It was filled with a faint fragrance and was like a god that had descended upon the world!

The strangest thing was that the Green Lotus Essence Spirit was holding a jade green weapon.

Su Zimo had never seen this jade weapon before.

It was as though after his breakthrough, the jade weapon was born alongside the newborn lotus platform and appeared on the lotus platform at the same time as the Green Lotus Essence Spirit.

“I got it!”

A thought flashed through Su Zimo’s mind.

Back when his Green Lotus True Body broke through to Grade 9, a similar situation happened and the Nine Heavens Living Soil was born.

Now that the Green Lotus True Body had grown to Grade 10, another Unique Treasure was born!

Su Zimo was delighted.

Ever since the Nine Heavens Living Soil appeared, it was extremely powerful and mysterious. Its defense was unparalleled and unpredictable, born from chaos.

More importantly, the Nine Heavens Living Soil was a part of the Creation Green Lotus to begin with. As his cultivation realm increased, the might of the Nine Heavens Living Soil would increase as well.

Now that another jade weapon was born, it was definitely not weaker than the Nine Heavens Living Soil!

Right then, a piece of information flashed through Su Zimo’s mind, similar to the inheritance memories of the Creation Green Lotus.

However, the information was incomplete and merely gave a rough introduction of the origin of the jade weapon.

“Trinity Auspicious Jade,”

Su Zimo murmured softly and focused his gaze.

The head of the Auspicious Jade1 was in the shape of an auspicious cloud with three dim beads.

According to the inheritance memories of the Creation Green Lotus, the three beads had a powerful background as well. They were condensed from the essence of the sun, moon and stars in the chaos and corresponded to Heaven, Earth and Man. They were blessed by the heavens and were born together with the Dao—that was also the origin of the Trinity term.

On the handle of the Auspicious Jade, there were nine five-clawed golden dragons of different forms with towering horns!

The nine golden dragons possessed their own divine charms and were lifelike, as though they were traveling through auspicious clouds. The scales, whiskers and claws on their bodies were clearly visible.

Faint golden lights shone on the dragons’ bodies as they reared their heads, wanting to soar through the clouds and overturn rivers and oceans.

The dragon whiskers fluttered, the eyes were open in an enraged manner and the scales and claws were sharp. Their massive dragon bodies stirred the wind and clouds and shook the world. This small jade weapon revealed an unstoppable and domineering aura!

The end of the Auspicious Jade was in the shape of a Lingzhi with strange patterns drawn on it. Its momentum was fluid as water and contained endless mysteries that were difficult to read.

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