Eternal Sacred King - Chapter 2014 - Exposed

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Chapter 2014: Exposed

Translator: Legge 

The Emperor’s Tomb.

Tang Ziyi looked at the deserted desert and lowered her head slightly.

Even though she had already made up her mind to leave this place, she was still hesitant and disappointed.

After a long silence, Tang Ziyi pursed her lips and finally took out the teleportation talisman from her storage bag. She rubbed it gently and tore it apart.

The talisman shattered and released a tremendous amount of energy, tearing the void in front of her.

The crack engulfed Tang Ziyi instantly and closed slowly.

After a moment of dizziness, Tang Ziyi suddenly felt her body lighten, as though she was flung out of the spatial tunnel.

She controlled her body hurriedly and maintained her balance before landing on the ground.

Without looking, Tang Ziyi knew that she had already returned to Prince Yuan Zuo’s residence and was in the hall they left from previously.

However, a hundred of them left this place a year ago.

But now, she was the only one who had returned.

The hall was silent and seemed empty.


Tang Ziyi felt a strong gaze coming from the front of the hall. It was searing and was staring at her fixedly!

She was all too familiar with that brazen gaze.

There was only a single person in the residence of the prince.

Prince Yuan Zuo!

“You’re back,”

Prince Yuan Zuo’s voice sounded faintly without any emotions.

Tang Ziyi had a calm expression and was unmoved. She raised her head and looked over before bowing slightly. “Greetings, Your Highness.”

“Rise, there’s no need for formalities,”

Prince Yuan Zuo nodded slightly.

Although Prince Yuan Zuo was looking forward to it, he was trying his best to contain himself.

He looked at Tang Ziyi with a burning gaze and took a deep breath before saying slowly, “I’ve been waiting here for the past year without leaving the entire time. I hope you can bring me good news.”

The fact that Prince Yuan Zuo waited here for a year for the jade talisman was proof of how important it was!


Tang Ziyi could not help but think of Su Zimo again.

However, she composed herself very quickly and said with cupped fists, “Sorry to disappoint you, Your Highness. We found the jade talisman but could not bring it back.”

When he heard that, Prince Yuan Zuo felt incomparably disappointed and his expression darkened.

Tang Ziyi said, “The others died in the Emperor’s Tomb in order to fight for the jade talisman.”

“I already know about that,”

Prince Yuan Zuo said indifferently, “I have the Hunting Ranking in my hands with your spirit consciousness imprints on it. If you guys die, I’ll know right away.”

Tang Ziyi was silent.

Prince Yuan Zuo pondered for a moment and asked, “Earlier on, you said that you found the jade talisman in the Emperor’s Tomb. Tell me about the process.”

Tang Ziyi did not hide anything and roughly described everything that happened after entering the Emperor’s Tomb.

Her narration was filled with half-truths.

For example, she lied about how the two old servants died.

She did not hide anything that was unimportant and even recounted everything in detail.

In fact, she did not hide the fact that she fought against the four paragons and Su Zimo fought against Yun Ting in the hall at the end.

“In the end, Su Zimo obtained the jade talisman. However, the commotion here attracted a Ghost Immortal,”

Tang Ziyi said, “Su Zimo abandoned me and escaped alone. Right now, he should have been killed by the Ghost Immortal. I searched for more than half a year but could not find his corpse. I don’t know where the jade talisman is either.”

To Tang Ziyi, Su Zimo was already dead. Even if she described this matter truthfully, it would not affect anything. Instead, it would be easier to convince Prince Yuan Zuo and gain his trust.

“What did you say?!”

When Prince Yuan Zuo heard the news, he was delighted. He slammed the table and stood up, asking again, “You mean to say that Su Zimo obtained the jade talisman?”

Tang Ziyi felt that something was amiss. However, she could not change her words at that moment and could only grit her teeth. “Yes. However, he’s definitely dead after being hunted down by the Ghost Immortal.”


Prince Yuan Zuo burst into laughter with ecstasy in his eyes. “The heavens are truly on my side!”

“Su Zimo isn’t dead at all. Once he returns, the jade talisman will be mine!”

“He’s not dead?”

Tang Ziyi was stunned and in disbelief.

Prince Yuan Zuo burst into laughter. “The fact that Su Zimo’s spirit consciousness imprint is not extinguished on the Hunting Ranking means that he’s not dead yet!”

When she heard that, Tang Ziyi’s eyes lit up and her heart surged with endless joy.

Immediately, she was worried again.

If Su Zimo was not dead, he should be returning soon.

When he returned, Prince Yuan Zuo would definitely ask him for the jade talisman.

She had not known Su Zimo for long but she already understood his personality.

In order to procure the jade talisman, Su Zimo fought against Yun Ting with all his methods and escaped death after being hunted down by the Ghost Immortal—he was probably not going to give it up obediently.

If Su Zimo were to resist, Prince Yuan Zuo would definitely kill him!

At that thought, Tang Ziyi’s heart was filled with killing intent.

Initially, she wanted to continue hiding beside Prince Yuan Zuo and wait for an excellent opportunity to attack.

But now, if Su Zimo were to appear, there was a high chance that he would get himself killed. At that time, she would be forced to attack as well and the situation would be even more chaotic and terrible!

However, what were her chances if she attacked now?

None of the maidservants who were initially with Prince Yuan Zuo were in the hall today.

This seemed to be a rather good opportunity!

Although Tang Ziyi was expressionless, her heart stirred.

“Aren’t you going to attack?”

Right then, a mocking voice sounded, “Feng Ziyi, what are you waiting for?”

Tang Ziyi was shocked and almost could not help but exclaim!

After all, she had cultivated the Dao of assassination all year round and was resolute. She calmed down rapidly and raised her head to look at Prince Yuan Zuo, asking, “Are you talking to me, Your Highness?”

“Of course,”

Prince Yuan Zuo sat in the hall and looked at Tang Ziyi with a fake smile. “There’s only the two of us here.”

“I didn’t hear you clearly earlier on, Your Highness,”

Tang Ziyi’s expression was unchanged as she said, “In addition, you seem to have called me by the wrong name, Your Highness.”

“Fufu, I wasn’t wrong,”

Prince Yuan Zuo chuckled and said, “How can I address the dignified Supreme Perfected Immortal, Feng Cantian’s biological granddaughter, wrongly? You’re not someone who ascended from the lower worlds at all. Your surname is Feng, not Tang!”

Feng Ziyi was silent and there were still no emotions in her eyes.

“When did you discover it?”

Feng Ziyi knew very well that even if she continued pretending, she would only be a laughing stock. It was useless and she no longer hid anything.

“Initially, I did not notice you at all,”

Prince Yuan Zuo smiled gently and said, “However, I saw the scene of you entering the Ten Absolute Hell! Of course, at that time, I did not take you to heart either.”

“I merely thought that you were a survivor of Remnant Night and was of no threat until… Feng Cantian escaped!”

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