Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting, While I Started a Farm - Chapter 67 - Let Him Beat You Up Again!

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Chapter 67: Let Him Beat You Up Again!

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Cheng Dongfeng was laughing arrogantly. Who cared what time it was?

As such, everyone in the building was startled.

Duan Tianhe was the first one to come out, having noticed the instant Cheng Dongfeng ascended. At the same time, Cheng Dongfeng’s whole face shone in redness when a chorus of congratulations echoed, and smiled in response.


Su Ze came through the door as well, exclaiming in delight. “Congratulations on your rise to grandmaster!”

Cheng Dongfeng nodded and was about to leave, but then paused and said, “Su Ze, let’s go to your room. I have something to talk to you about!”

Even as he spoke, he had already opened the door and entered.

Su Ze had delight written all over his face.

Could his master’s peer be going to offer him some special treat, thanks to his great mood after ascending?

He closed the door and smiled. “What is it, sir?”

There was a fridge in Su Ze’s room, and he took out a bottle of Cheng Dongfeng’s favorite iced beer from it. However, just as he was about to flatter his senior, he heard a cold snort.




Cheng Dongfeng slammed his palm on the table, startling Su Ze into a shudder and dropping the beer bottle on the floor.

“S… Sir, what did I do?”

Su Ze felt aggrieved, whereas Cheng Dongfeng scowled. “You have the cheek to ask me that? You have been following my peer around for years, and had a year of experience in the Special Bureau. Isn’t it embarrassing when you’re still a rank-two martial artist until now?”

“Jiang He is two years younger than you, but he is ten times, a hundred times… no, a thousand times stronger than you are!”

Sullen, Su Ze could not decide if he should be laughing or crying. “Sir, can we not talk about that deviant Jiang He? Although I did meet him when I was on duty yesterday…”

Su Ze realized that he had spilled the beans then and quickly quietened, and grinned awkwardly. “Well, uh, I’ll bring you another beer, sir.”

Fortunately, Cheng Dongfeng did not press him.

He simply remained on his seat, scowling, and had two mouthfuls of the beer Su Ze opened for him. Only then did his mood ease considerably.

Su Ze kept observing his reaction, and only then did he breathe a sigh of relief.

His master’s peer had a very bad temper, and it really scared people witless.

 And yet, even before Su Ze felt relief, he heard Cheng Dongfeng say flatly, “Didn’t Jiang He hand you a beating before, Su Ze? So go to his house tomorrow, and have him beat you up again.”



Su Ze was left dumbstruck, and only reacted after half a day, mumbling, “Are you for real, sir?”

“Of course!”

Cheng Dongfeng glared, barking, “It’s the middle of the night. Or did you think I’m fooling you around?”

He rose, heading outside with his hands clasped behind his back while speaking flatly, “Don’t worry, I won’t let you be beaten up for nothing. I will settle the score in your stead, and when that’s done, I would personally instruct you for a while. I promise you would immediately reach rank-three, or even rank-four!”

“But why?

“Why would you do this to me!!!”

In the room, Su Ze was on the verge of tears.

On the other hand, Cheng Dongfeng was in an incredibly good mood.


What other reason could there be? How am I supposed to get an excuse to beat up Jiang He to reclaim my honor?

Surely I can’t challenge a junior when I’m a grandmaster, right? How shameless would it be if word of that gest out, and am I really that thick-skinned?

But while he was in a good mood, Su Ze felt depressed.

He lay on his bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep no matter what.

Should he call his master?

No way. Given Cheng Dongfeng’s temper, he would make Su Ze’s life a living hell if he knew Su Ze had ratted him out. Or what, was he supposed to just agree to let Jiang He beat him up?

Su Ze mused to himself for a long time, when he suddenly sat up, laughing.

“I’m so stupid!”

“He just wants to reclaim his dignity from Jiang He, but can’t afford to hurt his own esteem… moreover, that brat Jiang He is also obsessed with him. I just have to tell him that Master Cheng that he ascended, and he would naturally challenge him!”

Su Ze was stunned by his own wits.

“No, wait. Jiang He is an elite who could kill over a dozen Sky Demon Cultists alone, as well as a wolfpack. He is too powerful, and Master Cheng had just ascended, and if he failed to take advantage of is ascension, his embarrassment would turn to rage, and he would vent at me.”

“I’ll request for a mission from the department head early next morning, and only go to Jiang He when Master Cheng has come to grips with his new abilities!”


Jiang He was naturally unaware of what had transpired at the Martial Arts Department (MAD).

He did not sleep soundly either, and was having nightmares throughout the night.

In that dream, he was overworked… by a group of bikini girls!

He was then jolted awake by arguing voices.

As he opened his eyes groggily, he found Wang Sizhen and his workers surrounding his sports car, discussing away amidst their shock!

“What the heck!”

“Nice car. What’s the model?”


“What do you mean, Lambo? It’s clearly a Rolls Royce. Look at the car brand if you don’t believe me!”

“Eh? There’s no brand?”


The car certainly had no logo since it was grown. Surely Jiang He couldn’t just stick one on it? Moreover, he planted the car in the early hours of the morning—where would he get the time to do that?

As for the car plate…

What do you mean, ‘plate’, when there’s no brand?

Jiang He had no intention of putting a plate on it. Why do that when he didn’t even have a driving license?

Opening the car door, Jiang He stepped out.

The people outside promptly flocked towards him, asking various questions but beating around the bush.

Jiang He simply smiled. “The rain is gone. Get to work, people. By the way, Big Onion Bro, I did ask you tell the workers that I’m treating them to a meal at my place. Have you informed them yet?”

“Are you that worried about me doing things?”

“Very well, then.”

Jiang He thought about it, before adding, “Big Onion Bro, can you cook?”


Wang Sizhen puffed up his chest and exclaimed confidently. “I would be the one stepping in if the on-site cook has other matters to attend to.”

Everything was simpler since Wang Sizhen could cook.

Jiang He pretended to drive out for a bit, and returned with four hundred catties of wolf meat. He threw them to Wang Sizhen and said, “Cook this meat up, and let’s have a feast today… oh, and I have a few cucumbers, so we’ll add them as salads.”

Jiang He had personally picked the meat.

As for the qi pellets, he just had to throw them in the tea when the workers were preparing it.

“This meal would be at least worth millions if counted with normal currency. I’m such a good boss—surely the number one in the world, too, right?” Jiang He thought, and entered the yard.

There, he found a small tree that stood just around one point five meters tall, although its trunk was thick and winding, bathing under the sun.

And atop the branch was a secret text.

Jiang He walked up and plucked it.


[+1000 Farm Points]

The words ‘Ninefold Thunderblade’ was written boldly and powerfully on the cover of the secret text.


[A high-level swordplay: Ninefold Thunderblade has been detected on the farm. Consume 200 Farm Points to learn the First Fold?]

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