Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting, While I Started a Farm - Chapter 82 - You Can’t Die On Me, Jiang He

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Chapter 82: You Can’t Die On Me, Jiang He

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“Old Duan, what are the dogs of the Sky Demon Cult actually thinking?” Cheng Dongfeng cursed. “They’re getting more active over the last two years, allying themselves with Ferals and wreaking havoc everywhere. Could they intend to occupy Lingzhou City?”

Duan Tianhe’s eyes twitched and quietly said, “That’s not necessarily impossible. The Sky Demon Cult might be backed by Sky Demons themselves, who are ambitious and are aiming for Earth itself. In fact, if not for certain limitations, they would have launched a major invasion.”


Duan Tianhe’s tone changed then and he chuckled, “As long as the champions of the Sky Demons could not descend upon us, the Sky Demon Cult would only ever be a bunch of clowns. They’ve only ever survived because they are in hiding—if they came out in the open, the various nations of this world would immediately greet time with a load of nukes.”

“That said, we cannot afford to be careless with the Sky Demon Cult running around and starting trouble everywhere, especially with the dozens of elites and two grandmasters in the Tranquil Heavenly General and the Earth Demon Heavenly General all killed here in Lingzhou City. I’m afraid that the other elites of the Sky Demon Cult would not let this rest.”

“It’s fine.”

Duan Tianhe replied, “Xibei is being protected by elites who could reinforce any location at any moment. What we need to do is help the military set up their electric fences and fortifications, so that after all civilians had been moved behind its protection, our forces at Mount Dadong would be freed up.”

Halfway through their discussion, Su Ze rushed in, flustered.

Cheng Dongfeng was irritated the moment he saw Su Ze—that little buster almost killed him, which was why he glared at Su Ze like a tiger, barking, “Acting all flustered—where are your manners?”

Su Ze shuddered.

For him, seeing Cheng Dongfeng nowadays leaves him rather spooked.

Nonetheless, he steeled himself and said, “Chief Duan, Master Cheng. I have received news of Ferals spotted nearby Jinji Town and East Tower City, with dozens reported injured.”


Duan Tianhe’s expression changed and he promptly rose to his feet. “Both of those towns are quite near Lingzhou City and had been screened by the military. Why would Ferals suddenly pop up?”

“Quick, inform everyone that we’ll convene for an emergency meeting. Also contact Mu Wanqiu—she has some elites we could loan.”

Su Ze responded affirmatively and was about to leave when his cellphone started ringing.

The moment he answered, Li Fe’s urgent and panicking voice echoed from the other end. “Su Ze, I need backup! A dozen Ferals had just come out of nowhere and are rampaging through the farm… what the hell…”


The call was cut off.

Meanwhile, Duan Tianhe’s eyes tightened and he quietly said, “Contact Jiang He. Ask him for help!”


In Jiang He’s house, Jiang He, who had filled his stomach was lying in his sports car in bliss.

He turned on his phone and was about to browse through some videos when Duan Tianhe’s call reached him.

Once he picked it up, his expression changed slightly and spoke even before he hung up, “Activate auto-drive. Location: Li Fei’s breeder’s union, east end of the village.”


Duan Tianhe did not catch that clearly, and Jiang He simply told him, “It’s fine. My car is an unmanned vehicle that needs only voice input to start. Alright, I’ll cut the crap.”

Jiang He promptly hung up.


The car’s engine purred.

As the sports car darted away, Jiang He watched as the electronic screen showed that it was bounding away at the speed of 280km per hour, and could not help sighing. “Too slow. Running there would have been quicker… what shame this is a sports car and not a flying car.”

Still, he had soon arrived at Li Fei’s farm.

Li Fei’s wife and parents were not staying at the farm, although there were still dozens of workers around the barn. Three of them were already lying in a pool of their own blood, whereas the others were all hiding behind Li Fei and shaking.

There were over a dozen Ferals at large, with one of them being a tank-sized boar with razor-sharp tusks. It was snorting as it slowly advanced toward Li Fei, whereas the remaining Ferals were all running around in the farm, tearing the cows and goats into pieces.

Li Fei himself was staring at the boar while holding his alloy staff, quietly saying, “Brother pig, I know you Ferals are intelligent and understand what I say. You could eat your fill of livestock, just don’t hurt my people.”

The boar merely continued snorting.

Then, as it continued its slow advance, one of the employees hiding behind Li Fei finally lost it—shrieking, he turned around and ran.


Li Fei exclaimed in shock. At such a moment, the Ferals would target anyone fleeing.

And just as expected, the boar promptly turned its massive body and charged toward the screaming employee.


The earth shook.

The rank-three boar which weighed over three tons was no different from a tractor as it ran, crushing the paved road before it into pieces.

And even though it was slow compared to Ferals of the same rank, it was still more than a notch quicker than ordinary humans.

Nonetheless, Li Fei clenching on his alloy staff, burst out with his superpower, his arm muscles clenching as he swung his staff toward the boar.


Even so, the staff smashed down with no effect. Instead, with a dull echo, Li Fei was sent flying off by the recoil.

He rose from the ground, his eyes fully red even as he bellowed.

But he was completely powerless.

At the same time, the boar was less than five meters away from the fleeing employee.

All it needed was a single second to catch up.

A soft prod with its tusk would pierce through an entire adult human.

But in that very moment…


The rumble of an engine echoed from the distance, its two fog lights appearing blinding in the dark night.

Seemingly startled, the boar gave up on chasing Li Fei’s employee. Snorting a few times, it then dashed toward Jiang He’s sports car.

As it powered forward on all fours, the ground was left shaking violently in its wake, and its sharp tusks glimmered faintly with a gold luster.


On the other hand, Jiang He was left dumbstruck in his supercar.


Was the beast… trying to challenge him to a head-on collision?

“Stop, stop!”

Sparks flared from the wheels of the sports car, forcing it to a complete stop despite moving at top speed just a second ago. While a rank-three boar would never damage his supercar, how much grief would it be if its blood splattered over the car?

Still, the boar did not stop even though the sports car had stopped.

It was now less than fifty meters away, and seemed to be dashing even more ferociously now.

Stepping out of the car, Jiang He killed the beast with a single palm of Mighty Dragon Shows Remorse, and then proceeded to dart toward the farm with a loud battle cry.

Hence, in just a dozen seconds, the dozen or so Ferals were all slain.

With that matter settled, Jiang He turned and went to Li Fei, who spat out a mouthful of blood and flashed a pained smile. “Thank goodness you arrived so soon, Old Jiang. We would all be dead otherwise… eh?”

“Watch out!”

Li Fei’s eyes had tightened abruptly, because he saw a dark shadow suddenly slipping into his farm!

And the shadow was darting straight toward Jiang He’s back.

Jiang He quickly turned, but it was too late.

The black shadow had already slammed a palm over his chest, and with a loud ‘pow’, his body was sent high above the air and over thirty meters away, before crashing down at Li Fei’s feet.

“Jiang He!”

Li Fei cried as he bounded toward Jiang He.

Under the distant glow of the streetlights, he could see Jiang He bleeding from his mouth and nose, as well as a gaping hole over his chest. Li Fei was promptly caught in agony and his tears flowed uncontrollably, and he held Jiang He’s head, shaking his body and kept calling out to him—

“Jiang He!”

“You can’t do this, Jiang He! You can’t die on me…”

Meanwhile, the shadow stepped out of the streetlight.

He stood over 1.8 meters, appearing dry and thin. His face was covered in a dark golden mask that only reveals his nose, eyes, and mouth. Even though his lips were not moving, sinister laughter echoed, “A piece of trash like this actually slew the Tranquil Heavenly General and the Earth Demon Heavenly General?”

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