Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 41 I Also Do 2nd Job Advancement – 4

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While the rescued man and woman was staring at him, Yu IlHan was sighing and went into dismantling the scorpion.

“Ah, I was ignored at this timing!?”

“Such amazing dismantling skills.”

The woman panicked and the man exclaimed at Yu IlHan’s skills.

Meanwhile, Yu IlHan was thinking while dismantling. How to soclalize with social butterflies.

At that moment, *rumble*, a stomach rumbled. It wasn’t Yu IlHan, but from the woman.

“I’m sorry, I thought of eating a lobster… looks delicious.”

“Wow, you’re thinking such things while looking at a monster which might have killed you.”

Looking at the two famished people, Yu IlHan ended up instinctively asking.

“Should I grill it for you?”


At Yu IlHan’s words, the woman’s expression turned bright and nodded. The man was making a fed up expression. This told them that he was the only(Yu IlHan) normal person in this place. (T/N: Again, ‘only’ written as Yu IlHan)

Yu IlHan finished dismantling and was taking the the carapace, well, not exactly a carapace, but something that didn’t lose out to one in hardness; and the poison needle that it never had the opportunity to use, when Na YuNa hopped towards him and stood in front of the scorpion meat that he had piled up. After that, she put her hands together.

“Make poison disappear from them, yapp!” (T/N: ‘yapp’ is like ‘avda cadavra’)

“That’s magic!?”

[The poison disappeared!]

Momentariliy, a light pink light appeared, covering the pile of meat before disappearing. This was the moment when the poison from the scorpion meat, which needed poison resistance at least to eat, disappeared.

[A truly amazing ability. I heard you were blessed by the Goddess of Beauty, but you really do have an amazing holy power.]

“*Spit*. I knew pretty ones were no good.”

A certain someone checked on the bathroom mirror whenever he levelled up to see if he became any better, but an innate one was even blessed by a goddess! As always, Yu IlHan’s unreasonable rage was rampaging.

“You saved us and even cooked the scorpion. Thank you!”

However, a pretty lady was thanking him with a bright smile so he couldn’t get angry. Although she did seem to have a screw loose, she didn’t seem to be a bad person. Of course, he didn’t want to get involved much.

However, one thing he did mind was that whether this woman was putting her life and the scorpion meat on the same level or not.

“Na YuNa, how many times did I say that a misunderstanding might occur if you keep acting friendly like that towards a person you met for the same time?”

“We even fought together in LA though? Moreover, Feyta told me that he’s a good person!”

“*Sigh*……Anyway, thank you for saving YuNa.”


Yu IlHan nodded, took out the Metal Heart skewers before skewering the scorpion meat. But then, the woman approached him saying she would help, and made him frightened.

Just what was this extreme level sociability skills!? Social butterflies were always a problem, approaching loners without considering what they think. Even though his loner-power would be revealed in an instant and the mood becomes awkward!

“Wow, such pretty skewers. This is also the thing that pierced the pincers a moment ago, right? So pretty!”

“You pierced those pincers with a skewer? You even sliced its head off in an instant too. Just what…”

Unlike the woman who obediently exclaimed in praise, the man was slightly vigilant against Yu IlHan, but Yu IlHan thought that that was the normal reaction.

Moreover, Yu IlHan was no different to him in the sense that he was suspicious of them.

Yu IlHan was so curious. He only fought trolls until now from the moment he entered the dungeon, but how could they meet scorpions!

[Isn’t that because the scorpions couldn’t find you?]

“Shut up. It isn’t. Please tell me it isn’t.”

Yu IlHan grilled the scorpion meat, which its poison was gotten rid of, after putting some salt on it. Not long later, a fragrant smell better than troll meat could be smelled. Even the man, who looked as if saying ‘I want none of this’, approached the fire due to the savory smell.

“You even have a cooking skill!?”

“Well, I do have one, but this is just salted grills.”

The two starved people started eating as soon as the skewers were grilled.

As Yu IlHan filled his stomach already with the troll meat, he only ate one and gave them the rest, but the taste was amazing that it made him touched.

“This won’t do. I will also kill the scorpions in this dungeon.”

[I already knew you would say that.]

Scorpion skewers became today’s hot item and they sold out in 10 minutes. However, while Yu IlHan was recovering the skewers and was cleaning them, Na YuNa approached him and asked.

“Aren’t you bored alone? Do you want to party with uuuus?”


“Okay. Walking next to such a pretty girl like me in a party is happiness itself.”


“Wao! Oppa, I was rejected instantly! Even though I’m so pretty!” (T/N: ‘Wao!’ is her catchphrase, a changed version of ‘Wow’)

“Good for you.”

Kang HaJin laughed at her, before bowing down to Yu IlHan politely.

“I thank you for saving YuNa. However, there is a saying to not trust anybody within the dungeon. Even if that person is someone with a guardian angel, and someone who has saved my party member. I’m sorry, but we’re planning to leave. Although I have nothing to repay you with right now, if you contact me with this number later, then I will definitely repay you.”

Yu IlHan agreed with the fact that one shouldn’t trust anyone within the dungeon. Of course, he had no experience going to another world, so he didn’t know if it was true or not.

Thinking that he was a cold person, Yu IlHan accepted the id card. A company name he seem to remember from somewhere and the name, Kang HaJin. No, the id card itself looked very familiar.

That’s it. It was the same id card as the one the Empress, Kang MiRae, gave him.

Although something sparked in his head for a short moment, as Yu IlHan believed that he would not get involved with them anyway, he ignored that.


He answered like that, but as Yu IlHan didn’t roll around on the ground nor did he have a mud shower whilst saving them, he didn’t plan on contacting them just for the rewards. Maybe this man knew that?

He might have just wanted to appeal that he wasn’t a ruthless person, who runs away after being helped. He just looked funny since Yu IlHan could see what he was thinking, prideful and wanting to stand out in front of a woman. He even looked a little cute.

Befitting a loner, Yu IlHan couldn’t hide his rude emotions and laughed while receiving the id card. Then, Na YuNa approached him while hopping, again.

Yu IlHan had to close his eyes when he saw the enormous pair of mounds which were unhidable even with the priestess outfit. She was stimulating the sexual desire of someone who doesn’t react unless confronting a higher existence. She was really someone who was blessed by the Goddess of Beauty.

“Mine too! Call me any time. We’re planning to go back to Korea after we get what we need in this dungeoooon.”

“Na YuNa!”

“Kyak! There’s no problem saying that though.”

Na YuNa’s id card was the same as Kang HaJin’s. While looking at Na YuNa being dragged by Kang HaJin by the collar, Yu IlHan put the id cards he received into the Cross Bag. Then he muttered.

“Well, we’ll meet in this dungeon again, obviously.”

[Stop predicting the future.]

“Because I’m planning to follow their back in a moment.”

[That’s even worse!]

“But I have no choice if I want to kill scorpions!”

[Ahh, how pathetic.]

The fact that Erta thought he was slightly cute, at the same time as thinking he was pathetic, was a secret.

Yu IlHan didn’t follow them right away. He didn’t know when the concealment would activate again, and above all, now that he is not fighting any monsters right now, he was planning to finish the mana crafting work.

Only after Na YuNa and Kang HaJin’s shadows disappeared over the horizon did he sit down and prepared to work. Of course, as this was no smithing work, the only things he needed were his body, the materials, and the magic stone.

“What should I do.”

[Do what?]

“3rd class magic stone.”

There were three things he needed to enhance: his armor, the pile bunker, and the ammo.

Although he could not acquire any magic stones in the Metal Heart dungeon, with LA’s Overflow last time, and the trolls he killed in this dungeon, the number of 2nd class magic stones were honestly overflowing. He even had no hesitation in enhancing a one-time-use pile bunker ammo.

The problem was the only 3rd class magic stone he had. With which one should he use so that other people will say he did good? No, well, other people shouldn’t know this.

“I decided.”

The thing he grabbed was the armor. As it was already a legend rank, he thought that it should have the most growth if he used the 3rd class magic stone, and there was also the reason that the magic stone was from the shadow leopard, which specialized in concealment.

Didn’t Erta also say so? That the result would be different according to the characteristics of the magic stone used in the mana crafting process.

He originally wanted metal spikes to shoot out from everywhere, but as he had to focus his firepower in one shot, he decided to enhance the performance of the armor itself rather than attaching such additional functions.

The characteristics that the armor already has, and the characteristics that the magic stone of the shadow leopard has, also, the characteristics of Yu IlHan himself were matching. In this trinity-like situation, Erta also looked forward to what kind of product will be born

Of course, if she said that out loud, Yu IlHan would become dejected, but as mana crafting was even affected by the abilities of the mana crafter, there was no way she could not look forward to it.


Yu IlHan closed his eyes. The mana crafting, which grew to almost level 30 due to Heaven’s Quest, activated and made the armor and the magic stone emit light.

‘Everything else is okay. More secretively, more fatally. A power that befits of the path I’m treading’

Yu IlHan’s steel-like will aligned with the power of the magic stone to lead it. The perfect affinity between the magic stone and the armor, on top of Yu IlHan’s own affinity, made a shiver-inducing energy, as Yu IlHan had the same affinity.

A dark black light absorbed all light from the surroundings to increase its own size, before disappearing as if nothing was there in the first place.

[Shiveringly Hard Shadow Leopard’s Black Fullplate Armor was completed.]

[Shiveringly Hard Shadow Leopard’s Black Fullplate Armor]

[Rank – Legend]

[Defense – 5,300]

[Options –

1. Defense increaes by 40%

2. 50% increase in attack in a surprise attack]

[Durability – 2,700/2,700]

[An ambusher’s armor made for the one who walks in shadows. The firm and secretive body movements are like those of a leopard hunting in the darkness.]


Yu IlHan exclaimed in delight the moment he checked the options of the finished artifact. Seeing something he exactly wanted, he felt full despite not eating anything.

[That’s because you already ate.]

“Shall I enhance the pile bunker then.”

He ignored Erta’s tackle. Erta was also wondering how he would enhance the pile bunker, so she didn’t complain being ingored. It was as planned.

[Mana Crafting really did bring out results better than you expected, but even so, wouldn’t it be insufficient to kill a 3rd class monster in a single strike? As you’ve confroned the shadow leopard already, you should know of their strength. Are you calculating properly, Yu IlHan?]

“Of course, didn’t I say that I always calculate everything?”

[Don’t joke around and tell me properly.]

Erta said while getting slightly angry. As he knew that she was looking forward to his work, Yu IlHan asked her back while smiling.

“Erta, do you know when the moment is, that a human becomes the strongest?”

[I don’t know. Maybe when one’s protecting something important?]

“You’re wrong.”

Yu IlHan took out the pile bunker, a few strands of Giant’s Rubber Band, and 3 2nd class magic stones while declaring.

“It’s just before death. A human becomes the strongest just before death.”

And Yu IlHan thought that it was the same with an object.

That was because he had never seen a decisive weapon that wasn’t a one time use.

Author’s notes

There’s a light novel called Kaze no Stigma. The main character uses a wind spirit, but he didn’t awaken when his lover died, but awakened when he was about to die. Toika was someone who thought a lot about that during his middle school days. It’s such a pity that the author died early.

The man and woman duo became mob aggro(before they knew it) for MC’s hunt.

The answer was mana crafting! One hit for me, one hit for you with a pile bunker!

Translator’s notes

Enjoy~! I can’t remember Kaze no Stigma anymore… it was ages ago when I watched the anime…

EER will be on Kobatochandaisuki now.

Translator : Chamber

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