Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 72: Me, a God!? – 5

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Yu IlHan abruptly raised his head; a head-shaking concentration of mana had assaulted him.

Not only that, the monsters in that place seemed to be attracted to that as they lifted their heads up before viciously running towards one point.

“What is this aura? I think it’s super dangerous.”

[Oh my god, an Overflow!](Lita)

[How can it be!](Erta)

Lita and Erta, who noticed that a little earlier than Yu IlHan did, also shouted in shock. Yu IlHan, who realized that the situation was very urgent in any case, ran towards the same direction the monsters were running to and threw his spears to reduce their numbers as much as possible,

However, if he could stop the situation with just that, an Overflow wouldn’t have occurred in the first place.

“Overflow is a phenomenon that occurs when the performance of a Trap of Destruction is too strong, isn’t it! Right now, not to mention Traps of Destructions, the dungeons are breaking down, so how the hell did this happen?”

[I don’t know! Don’t tell me an inactive Trap of Destruction suddenly… No, this doesn’t even make sense!](Lita)

The moment Lita shouted while shaking her head, Yu IlHan thought up of a frightening imagination.

“In this situation, where an enormous amount of monsters were released to a limited area due to broken dungeons, if someone throws several Traps of Destruction at the same place, then wouldn’t it be possible to artificially cause an Overflow?”

Yu IlHan’s estimation was correct. In fact, if an Overflow had occurred in this situation, a Dungeon Wave, there wouldn’t be any other explanation.

[Why would someone… just who!](Erta)

[Traitors……There were more!](Lita)

While Erta was accepting and being shocked at the situation, Lita, having seen through the situation, gritted her teeth.

She knew very well that the traitor last time was just the bottom of the rung. He was only killed since they had no means to find out who was behind him, they were aware that there was a possibility of more traitors being amongst their ranks, so they were cautious. Wasn’t the reason for more angels being dispatched to Earth to prevent situations like this?

The problem was that such situations were happening again as if to laugh at them.

What this proved was very simple. The traitor was deeper amongst their ranks than they thought, and their abilities were incredibly high.

[Why would someone do this? Do they really intend to destroy Earth?](Erta)

[There are a few who might think that. Anyway, for now, solving this Overflow is priority!](Lita)

Lita was right. There was no need to think about anything else right now. Yu IlHan only just ardently ran forward.

“The storm of Susanoo is chasing the monsters!”

“Shit, follow Lord Susanoo! If we don’t then we will all die!”

“Overflow, it’s definitely an Overflow. If all these monsters gather in one place, and if a mutant species appear in this kind of place where the mana concentration is already so high… Shit!”

The Susanoo Army also seemed to realize that the situation was not going well. Some among them had experienced Overflows in other worlds, and in LA a while ago, so they saw through the situation quite correctly.

[Yu IlHan, please hurry up a little more! A little more!](Erta)

“I know, I’m running at full speed right now!”

The location that was presumed to be the center of the Overflow, was around 30km away from where Yu IlHan was fighting. Thinking that it was fortunate that it didn’t happen so far away, Yu IlHan pushed up his gear.

After finding the combination of transcendent regeneration and superhuman strength, it was now possible for him to deploy superhuman strength almost continuously as long as the bloodrink allowed him to. Focusing all the power of his muscles into running, he renewed all his past records.

Now that he could not wield mana, keeping the superhuman strength skill active all the time was a blessing for him.

[It’s dangerous……](Lita)

Lita had become nervous.

[This is too dangerous. The time isn’t good. It’s bad to the point that I’m thinking that this Dungeon Break was planned meticulously beforehand.

The mana concentration that was heightened beyond norm in the Kantou region, and the heightened levels of the monsters according to that, the Dungeon Break that occurred as if to strike the nail on the head, Dungeon Wave, and the gathered strong ability users. All these attributed to increasing the concentration of mana, and they scattered Traps of Destruction to induce an artificial Overflow.

The monsters around here are mostly 2nd class, and perhaps, the monster that will be born at the end of this overflow maybe…. just maybe.](Lita)

“It doesn’t matter what it is.”

While running at full speed, Yu IlHan checked his condition, his skills and his equipment once again.

“I will kill it. Whether it’s 3rd class or 4th class.”

Thinking back to the mage that he ended instantly in the past, Yu IlHan thought that this wouldn’t end easily like that and shook his head.

This situation was completely different to the one last time. The mage was completely off guard, and did not receive the opportunity to bring out his full abilities, and was a mage, that had the lowest defense amongst all the 4th class people out there.

He didn’t know what monster would appear due to this Overflow, but its defense would be on a completely different scale to the mage. Perhaps, its attack power, and its destructive range, too.

However, what difference does that make? Yu IlHan’s humanity enhancement didn’t even bud yet, and the monster would appear right now. So, would Yu IlHan have to give up and run away since it was hard to kill?

Not possible. Simple. If he couldn’t kill it, then Earth would step once towards the path of Destruction, and none, other than Yu IlHan would be able to kill it.

[IlHan, we’ve arrived!]

Yu IlHan ended his thoughts and raised his head up.

That place was truly a spectacle. A violent storm of mana, and the numerous monsters that ran towards it without regard for their lives, the ruined city, and the wandering humans that did not know what to do.

Would it be different if he arrived a little earlier? Would he be able to prevent the appearance of a mutant species if he used all his weapons? These kind of questions were meaningless right now.

The monsters that gathered here all threw their bodies into that storm, and a level more frightening mutant species were appearing in this world.

And, even amongst the mutant species, a huge monster, that absorbed the powers of three Traps of Destruction, appeared.



After seeing its appearance that showed up with a loudly resounding roar, Yu IlHan ended up laughing. How did it end up like this. What coincidence was this?

“Do you have a spare Ame no Habakiri?”


Lita replied with an absent minded voice. Yu IlHan nodded as if he knew the answer already, and straightened his waist at the front of the giant monster that had eight heads and eight tails.

“Then I can only fight like this.”

The monster that showed itself in front of humanity, looked similar to the monster, Yamata no Orochi, that was told to be slayed by Susanoo in Japanese mythology.


“Just what are the principles of a mutant specie being born? Don’t tell me that absurd myth is true?”

[No way, but in this Japanese lands, stories related to Yamata no Orochi is quite a hot issue, no?](Lita)

Through books, through manga, through movies, through games, through anime, through other people – the story of that monster was retold countless times.

The existence of Yamata no Orochi is false, so it is not recorded anywhere, but various media itself was recorded to pass down the false monster’s existence and ability.

[I think it acquired that appearance after absorbing those records. Truly a mutant specie.](Lita)

In fact, Yu IlHan couldn’t care less what it looked like on the outside. It wasn’t like the nickname Susanoo that he had acquired gave him an advantage against it, so it was meaningless.

What was important now, was that it harbored enormous amount of power, befitting of its horrifying appearance.


Without any signs, it spat out a lump of purple light from its mouth. As it had 8 mouths, there were naturally 8 such lumps. They burned everything that they came into contact with, created craters on the ground, and devoured humans and monsters alike.

Hundreds of lives evaporated in an instant. Truly, an absurd power.


“Ya, Yamata no Orochi…”

“It’s alright. We have Lord Susanoo with us. The myth is replaying on this land!”

“Dumb things, we will die if we don’t move now! The enemy isn’t only just Orochi!”

Yamata no Orochi was just the head of the mutant species. The mutant species that appeared as a result of this Overflow wasn’t just itself. Huge snakes, lizards, and fish that walked on two legs… they all had strong power.

“D, don’t tell me they are all 3rd class?”

“Not all, but some are, 3rd class.”

“Fuck, how are we supposed to kill them!”

Even the people who did well against several hundred high level monsters had now fallen into panic.

This was in a completely different scale than the ones they had seen until now. They were having a hard time against those who just passed level 50, and now, the minimum level of those monsters were 90. There were even tens of 3rd class monsters as well.


Orochi spat out lumps of purple light again. Since the humans had fallen into panic due to seeing so many high level monsters, these purple lumps were a disaster for them. Moreover, the time it took to recharge those set of 8 lumps wasn’t even that long either. If this was a game, the creators were making a level 30 challenge a hell mode boss!

Moreover, those lumps of purple light didn’t end with just a direct attack, and scattered flames of purple light everywhere. The ability to make the entire battlefield a hell of fire; this took the entire battlefield completely away from the human’s side.

“Ah, I’m going crazy, really.”

[No doubt about it. A 4th class.](Erta]

Even Erta absent mindedly spoke as she did not know how to advise him.

She wanted to help him, but angel’s support skill was something that cannot be activated unless in an Abandoned World. She had provided Yu IlHan this subclass since she didn’t want to drag him down, but now it couldn’t even be brought out!

[Aah, really!](Erta)

[No, Erta](Lita)

Just as when Erta was about to explode after holding in her frustration. in other words, just as she was about to go against the rules of the Army of Heaven! Lita restrained her with a calm voice.

[Let’s believe in IlHan and wait.](Lita)

[This is a different situation to when he killed the mage!](Erta)

[And take him and run if it seems like it really wouldn’t work out.](Lita)

[Got it.](Erta)

The two talked about things that other angels would punish them when they heard it, but fortunately, there was no one to hear them right now. The humans weren’t even aware of angels, and the angels were busy worrying about their own partners.

However, Yu IlHan himself, the one that the two angels decided to help survive even with a compensation, was talking stuff like this while looking at Orochi.

“I think I need to attract it.”



“At this rate, everyone other than me will die. I need to attract it to somewhere else then fight it.”

After deciding, he kicked off the ground. In his hands was the pile bunker that had not many more uses left. Of course, with the ammo loaded to the 4th level.

No matter how it was the Yamata no Orochi, it could not see through Yu IlHan’s concealment, and since he had killed monsters endlessly while his deathgod skill was active, he was more than 60% stronger. Counting all abilities that would increase when attacking in surprise, he would be able to deal 3 times the normal damage.

Of course, that wouldn’t be sufficient to kill the Orochi, but it would be enough to make it chase Yu IlHan in berserk mode!

Yu IlHan leaped several hundred meters into the air, but the Orochi still could not notice him.

Even though the enemy was someone that would threaten his life, what was the reason that laughs came out of him? Laughing, Yu IlHan aimed the pile bunker on the central regions othe head. Then kicked off the air using re-leap!

“Here I go, please-look-at-only-me attack!”

[Don’t come up with weird move names at such an important time!](Erta)

At that time, the pile bunker itself got struck in the throat of the Orochi, that was open as it was just after it had shot a magic bullet. The moment Orochi abruptly widened its eyes, Yu IlHan shot the ammo simultaneously as he transferred the weight of the Cross Bag!


A scream that seemed like it would split apart the Earth, resounded across. The ones that were running away in fear of the Orochi, and the ones fighting against the monsters all staggered due to the enormous vibration.

And they could see – the one that hid until now, and the absolute one that had lead them until now.

Since he couldn’t kill the enemy in a single strike, the long lasting concealment had finally worn off.


“Oh my god, he’s really a human?”


The Orochi’s neck, that was completely done in by the pile bunker, was obliterated into smithereens. The pile bunker ammo that had not lost its power, cut through the Orochi’s neck to its body with several thousands of tons of weight, with a loud ripping sound, before finishing off with an explosion.

While the Orochi roared in pain, Yu IlHan landed on the ground.

“L, Lord Susanoo.”


He knew that the people’s gazes were directed at him, but he intentionally ignored it. To be exact, he had no time to pay attention to them; he had to kick off and run immediately.


Everything was according to Yu IlHan’s plan. Facing an enormous pain, the Orochi chased Yu IlHan with its eyes flipped. Despite the fact that there were many prey around it, it couldn’t help it since its sense of vengeance burned brightly against Yu IlHan, who had destroyed one of its heads.

“Here, follow me!”


Bringing out the maximum power of his superhuman strength, Yu IlHan enhanced his leg muscles, and his speed was really fast to the point that his nickname, Sungdaein Bolt, was not a joke.

Moreover, a bottle of bloodrink was already on Yu IlHan’s mouth, so he was instantly dissolving the fatigue piling up in his body before the superhuman strength even wore off. He would be able to keep his superhuman strength up until the bloodrink ran out!

This was only possible since Yu IlHan’s ability to control his muscles and his skills were rapidly evolving in this rapidly changing, endless crisis.

“Lord Susanoo is……”

“Taking the Orochi to somewhere else.”

“Shit, we need to help him!”

“We can’t even scratch it!”

The Susanoo Army was mostly made up of those that were directly rescued by Yu IlHan. They naturally wanted to help him, but realistically, their power was too weak.

Moreover, the monsters other than the orochi were charging towards them. Now, they had a hard time looking after their own bodies.

Meanwhile, the clans realized that this was a good opportunity to get them known, while at the same time, being a crisis where their clan’s fate was on the line.

Rather, some of them even thought that they should be the ones to kill the Orochi.

“I need to sever the Orochi’s neck.”


“I know. we need to kill them first!’

Kang MiRae made a spear of lightning above his staff and threw it. The current strongest mage of humanity, the Empress’, spear ripped apart a few monsters charging towards the Lightning God clan, but she couldn’t be satisfied with just that.

“I can’t even kill a 3rd class monster in a single strike. Even though this was after investing a quarter of my mana!”

“YuNa, buff MiRae.”

“Okay, oppa. But I can’t bring out my beeest.”

Na YuNa grumbled while giving Kang MiRae a buff immediately with her holy power. Her latter words weighed on Kang HaJin’s mind so he asked back.

“Can’t bring out your best? At such an important time?”

“I need to buff IlHan lateeeerr.”


“If we don’t kill the Orochi here right now, then the Earth is doomed. But no one other than him can kill it, right? So I need to help him!”

Whether this was due to her lack of self-respect, or overflowing self-respect, Na YuNa was declaring quite firmly. Declaring that no one other than Yu IlHan would be able to accomplish it, she dissed all others, and brought herself up as if it was natural for her to help.

Anyone who heard it would get angry. Kang HaJin being the same.

“No one other than Mr. Yu IlHan can kill it? Fuck, I know that much.”

From the moment the name Susanoo got famous on the SNS, the Lightning God clan also suspected that the identity of Susanoo might be Yu IlHan.

However, his battle methods were too different from the ones they had seen until now, and moreover, since his power was too overwhelming, they didn’t want to believe it. More like, they denied that fact with all their heart.

However, moments ago, when he destroyed one of the heads of the Orochi that was basically playing around with humans, Kang HaJin couldn’t not accept it. On Earth, no, amongst the strong people of all the worlds, the only one that used a weapon like that was him alone.

“Why is it you?”

Kang MiRae asked Na YuNa after killing monsters with a level stronger lightning spear after she was buffed by Na Yuna.

She was quite upset when she heard that no one other than Yu IlHan could kill the Orochi, so her expression had become quite sharp.

“Well, that’s because I’m the Earth’s number one buffer.”

Na YuNa declared shamelessly. Her endless pride was extremely similar to her friend, Kang MiRae.

“So let’s clean this place up quickly and go help IlHaaaan.”

“Okay. I need to take a place too. It’s a good opportunity to make him owe me.”

“You girls really like him, don’t you?”

“Shut up, oppa. Just defend the front!”

Like how the Lightning God clan was defending against the monsters, Metal Knights and Magia vaguely realized that they should defend against these lizard hybrids.

No, instead, with the appearance of these absurd monsters, the situation was inducing their cooperation, which seemed like it would never happen.

“Leader of Metal Knights, Michael Smithson.”

“Lord of Magia, Carina Malatesta.”

The man with the bad impression, who had resolved to kill Yu IlHan, and a noble-looking lady, that seemed like she would have never worked throughout her life, joined hands.

Both Metal Knights and Magia thought that they would only be running away after losing some manpower, but after the absurd monsters like the Orochi came out, they realized that this wasn’t a problem of them running away, but one that concerned the fate of Earth.

No matter how foolish and idiotic they were, they knew that in this situation, they should put their lives on the line and overcome this crisis, rather than leaving the Earth to doom.

Moreover, they coincidentally had what their counterpart lacked; Metal Knights had absurdly sturdy defense, and Magia had absurdly powerful magic.

“Can you really hold out? They are strong. They are on a completely different level to the ones that appeared until now on this archipelago.”

“Hmph, they don’t even itch me.”

In fact, they hurt like hell, but if they didn’t hold out here, then Earth would really be doomed.

“Please take care of us.”

“Fuu, likewise.”

Both Michael and Carina were saying ‘Fuck, fuck’ within their minds, but they formed a party calmly on the outside. This was the moment two of the most well off clans had merged their powers into one.

“If you got into a party, then fight already, fuckers!”

And Kang HaJin, who was splendidly getting beaten up at the front lines with the mutant species, shouted. It was a shout with a soul.

Author’s notes

1. Thanks for the wait, the boss fight!

2. Since the story is centered around Yu IlHan, I cannot erase the impression that the angels are powerless, and in fact, they actually are, but after this fight, I plan to explain about their situation a little. You might understand a little…. Hm, actually no. Earth is holding out since Yu IlHan’s super strong!

3. Like in this chapter, Yamata no Orochi is a monstrous beast that was told to be slayed by Susanoo in Shinto myth. To categorize, he is an ‘original’, mutated one though!

4. Ame no Habakiri is the sword that was passed onto Susanoo from Izanagi to slay the Orochi. However, this sword is broken during the fight with Orochi, and the sword that Susanoo acquires to replace it is….(T/N: Author leaves it hanging here… if you want to know, then it’s the “Heavenly Cloud Gathering Sword”, a.k.a Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi)

5. I was re reading through this chapter but I didn’t like it so much. After several edits, a disaster where 3 chapters were made into 2 had occurred. The fact that the quantity of this chapter exploded is all due to that. I couldn’t separate it…. T^T

6.I will answer some of your questions.

–1. The angels requested Yu IlHan to make the Traps of Destruction since the ones they made didn’t work, but how does that Trap of Destruction work so well! (T/N: The ones that created the Overflow) That’s because the Traps of Destruction that Yu IlHan had made is resonating and helping the activation of the Traps of Destruction. This came out before, right?

–2. Even though it’s obvious that they’ll get insulted if they don’t cooperate, why do they only gather up in clans? Humans are originally like that. They all act on their own, and if they succeed, they are deemed heroes, and if they fail, they are deemed losers. Of course, they are the latter. There are too many instances in history so it’s hard to line them up here…

–3. How do people follow the concealed Yu IlHan? They don’t, they follow the scenes of destruction and think that “Oh! Lord Susanoo his heading that way!”.

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Erta is so nice… I can type her name with just the left hand.

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