Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 73: Me, a God!? – 6

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Meanwhile, Yu lHan’s distraction plan was slowly nearing its limits as well.


As it had lost one of its heads, it shouldn’t really be called the ‘Yamata no Orochi’(T/N: I’m sure one of the characters in Yamata means ‘eight’), so having become enraged, the Orochi shot 7 magic bullets to block Yu IlHan’s path.

Yu IlHan also judged that he had made enough distance and stopped running. If he ran anymore from here, then civilian casualties would increase rapidly anyway.

“Erta, do me a favor.”

[Just what can I do?](Erta)

“On Vanguard’s homepage, create a new official notice and link it everywhere. Mostly on the SNS.”

Erta’s eyes trembled as she heard that.

“Say that if they don’t come here right now and help us, they won’t be given the ‘higher ranked’ weapons purchase ticket that will be sold two months later.”

[Oh my god. Did you emphasize Vanguard ‘standard’ just so you could do this?](Erta)

“Just do it before more people die.”


Yu IlHan became silent after ordering Erta. He had somehow successfully led the guy to a place without people, but he couldn’t think up of a way to fight that thing.

It was good that he had blown one head to smithereens with his pile bunker, but thinking in reverse, this meant that his strongest attack had only blown a single head.

It still had seven heads, and 8 intact tails. He solidified the thought that he would conquer the body rather than severing all those 17 appendages, but he didn’t think that it would obediently hand its body over to him to conquer.

His greatest ability, and the one that made him be called Susanoo, his concealment, was not usable anymore, and the power of the atlatl that he had used until now…..


Yu IlHan experimented using his atlatl and threw a throwing spear with all his might.

The throwing spear that flew with explosive power did not allow the Orochi to avoid, but it miserably got deflected due to its thick scales. If this was a game, then a ‘0’ or a ‘MISS’ would pop up above Orochi’s head!


[Wow, this was something that instakilled those above level 90, but that thing ain’t even flinching.](Lita)

Even superhuman strength, and the attack power of the atlatl, along with his insane spearmanship could not get past the Orochi’s defenses.

He had done plenty well until now, but in the end, a limit had approached for him who could not use mana in a fight.

“Of course, I knew this would happen.”

Throwing spears using the atlatl was no good; and despite the fact that the pile bunker might still be effective even after losing the buff of a surprise attack, the problem was the loading time.

To load it to the 4th level, even Yu IlHan at his full strength in superhuman strength mode would require a full minute, but there’s no way that the Orochi would cheer him on while dancing while he was doing that.

“That leaves, there we go.”


Muttering to himself, Yu IlHan stopped formulating his battle plan and moved to dodge the magic bullets. It did not give him a single moment of rest.


Perhaps due to having inflicted a great wound, it was very careful. Despite the fact that it had power that would overwhelm him, it was afraid that it would get hurt anymore and was using long ranged attacks to corner him.

Its attacks probably weren’t just those magic bullets. The moment Yu IlHan gets used to them, it would bring out another type of attack like nothing and make him suffer.

If it didn’t know something, then it’s the fact that Yu IlHan would never let his guard down with it in front of him!

However, regardless of letting his guard down or not, it didn’t change the fact that the situation was grim.

“Atlatl’s no good, pile bunker’s impossible. Then do I need to throw some grenades after dodging like this?”

Fucking hell mode!

Swore Yu Ilhan, and the angels were also resolved to run away with him at any moment.

{Kuhuk, kuhhhuuuuuuuuuu!}

It was right at that moment that a message that sounded like a girl-ghost from a horror movie resounded out.

[Dragon, those things that deserve to get ripped apart and pull the roots out of! I’m sure. That monster is a dragonkin!](Reta)


When Yu IlHan asked back calmly, the existence that harbored endless hatred towards dragonkin, Reta Kar’iha’s thoughts, replied.

[The existence that you call Yamata no Orochi, is definitely a dragonkin! That aura, that mana! I can’t be wrong!](Reta)

“Oooh, okay. Actually, I suspected that, but I wasn’t too sure.”

Moreover, even if that was the case, the fact that the situation is grim doesn’t really change – muttered Yu IlHan in a voice that no one could hear.

However, with Reta Kar’ihas declaration, it was clear that a possibility had opened up for Yu IlHan. At least, it was much better than just now where he was complaining that there was no way to win.

He slowly took out a weapon from his Cross Bag and gripped it.

Dark Deathgod’s Dragon-exterminating Spike Spear.

This was something that increased critical hit rate and critical hit damage by 150% when fighting against dragonkin, and a gamma option that was meaningless until now. This was the moment that it would shine.

[Another round of magic bullets!](Erta)

Erta warned while screaming. It looked like it had overflowing mana as it poured out another seven of those frighteningly powerful purple magic bullets! Yu IlHan gripped on his spike spear while leaping around to dodge those magic bullets.

“Rather than that, look at this spear! What do you think?”

[If a critical hit occurs, then you’d be able to fight. It would be at least stronger than the pile bunker!](Lita)

Lita was thinking on the same lines as Yu IlHan. This spear had the insane option that would increase his critical hit rate and damage by 2.5 times as long as the one he was facing was a dragonkin. Although it would be hard to endure his attacks, if he could deal a critical hit, then it was doable!

And coincidentally, since his Cross Bag had the remote collection option, if he infinitely threw the spear and damaged it…….


At that moment, Yamata no Orochi rung out all seven of its heads beautifully as if singing. However, the results of the seven magic bullets that it spat out were not beautiful at all.

Boom! Booboomm!

It was good that Yu IlHan had dodged all of them with his nimble movements, but the magic bullets that swished past him was utterly ruining the ground. Just looking at the ground depressing several meters made him plenty shocked, but it did not end with just that and burned the ground with purple flames.

He had seen this quite a few minutes a go as well; it had made the surroundings a sea of flames and made the people unable to stand. Half the reason why he had lead it all the way here was because of that.

[At this rate this place would become a sea of flames as well. IlHan, we need to keep switching battlefields!](Lita)

“At this rate we’d burn up all of Tokyo.”

About half of it was already like that already. He felt like his flesh was being cooked even without getting into contact with those flames directly, as his surroundings were a sea of flames, and just as when he got into position to throw his spear, another round of magic bullets would fly at him so he couldn’t find any chances.

“This is no good.”

Around that time, Yu IlHan had no choice but to change his thinking.

[IlHan, don’t tell me you?](Lita)


Nodding, Yu IlHan stuck his spear towards his body, then he slightly crouched down: A leap position.

There are two ways to kill an enmy with a spear.

One was to pierce by throwing, and the other was to approach and stab.

Since he couldn’t find any opportunity nor place to throw it, he had no choice but to approach and stab!

The problem was that – he had to approach it after breaking through a baptism of magic bullets, and endure an unknown counterattack that it might have, before finding a weak spot to stab, and finally, deal a critical hit successfully.

What was worse was that it would end with just a single critical hit, but an uncountable number of them until it died.

[Even so, I feel like the difficulty was dropped from hell mode to nightmare mode!](Erta)

“It makes me even more depressed so don’t be so happy!”

Yu IlHan dodged its attacks again and abruptly widened his eyes.

The important elements in dealing a critical hit were: 1. observation, and 2. control. The softest and weakest spot on its body, or a place that it is trying to guard. He had to find such a spot and attack that place exactly.

In that sense, Yu IlHan was pretty lucky. He didn’t even have to spend effort to find its weak spot as it could already be seen. It was none other than the remains of the head that Yu IlHan had blown to bits with his pile bunker. To be exact, the part that exposed its inner flesh due to the explosion of the fragment shot!

Fortunately, this monster didn’t seem to have a great regeneration capability compared to its monstrous strength, as it could be seen that thick purple colored blood was dripping down.

“I’m going.”

Yu IlHan leaped. The Orochi shot a magic bullet exactly at that time, but as if he had expected that to happen, he re-leaped in the air right as it was about to collide with him.

As a result, the distance between him and the Orochi was decreasing, but as the Orochi had just finished shooting its magic bullet, it had no method of preventing the exciting close combat.

“It’s all going according to plan……!”

Yes. Yu IlHan had already learned the time that the Orochi took to shoot a single magic bullet, and was waiting for the opportunity for it to shoot all seven magic bullets at once!

The Orochi moved its seven heads in attempt to block Yu IlHan, but he had slipped through the heads as if laughing at it.

If there were still 8 heads, then it might have been difficult, but due to a loss of a head, it had a fatal gap. And Yu IlHan wasn’t an idiot who would miss that.

The head that bit the air and not Yu IlHan, roared loudly.


The Orochi definitely had a fast movement speed, but due to the huge body that went over tens of meters, it not agile in dodging. It was clear that the throwing spear that Yu IlHan threw last time was ‘unable’ to be dodged, not that it ‘didn’t’ dodge.

Having passed through the gaps in the Orochi’s heads, Yu IlHan instantly approached the center of the body, which was the connecting point for its seven heads and eight tails, and one that was abnormally puffed up. The exact spot that that was bleeding!

“Go croak!”


Just as Yu IlHan confidently attacked the wound with his spear, the counterattack that he had expected had occurred.

The scales that covered its body suddenly stood up sharply and shot towards Yu IlHan.

[Yu IlHan!](Erta)

“I knew this would happen!”

He had already used up his re-leap, and since his charging momentum was too strong, he couldn’t dodge them either. Then there was no choice but to block them in his own way!

Confirming that thousands of scale-fragments were assaulting him, Yu IlHan gripped his spear tight and called out a huge shield made of ground monster bones using his remote collection.

The angels became shocked after seeing the application of the Cross Bag’s properties that they had never imagined.

[This is completely magic!](Lita)

[Oh my god, now that I think about it, we have given him an absurd reward!](Erta)

Whatever Lita and Erta said didn’t enter Yu IlHan’s ears. The sharp scale fragments pierced the huge shield and struck Yu IlHan’s full-body armor with a loud noise, which made his consciousness faint for a moment along with the continuous pain.

Although the power of those scales had weakened due to the shield, even so, the power of a 4th class mutant was overwhelming. Even though he was prepared, he felt like he had just toured the other world.


[Are you okay, IlHan!?](Lita)

“I’m okay……!”

Enduring the pain that ragged his breathing, Yu IlHan barely landed on a place on top of the Orochi’s body, just a little away from the wound. He wanted to roll around on the ground and scream in pain, but he endured again and again.

Instead, using the remote collection of his Cross Bag, he called out a bloodrink to his mouth and sucked on it and madly operated transcendent regeneration to heal his injuries. He looked as if he was completely used to those actions.

He now could use remote collection to gather items at a distance to put in his Cross Bag, but also, could call out the items in his Cross Bang into a distance. If he analyzed how low the distance was, and how much vector he could put into it, then it would become usable during battle as well.

Like how he had just called the shield to weakened the impact of the scale-fragment baptism, like how he put the bloodrink on his mouth without moving his hand!


The Orochi seemed to have realized that a foreign object had landed on its body as it twisted its body around while roaring, but Yu IlHan counteracted with a simple measure.

“Nerf this! Weight transfer!”

He transferred the weight on the soles of the boots he was wearing!

At that moment, Orochi forgot everything in this world and screamed in pain.


This will hurt! since several thousand tons focused to a single point was stomping its body, even Yamata no Orochi’s great-grandfather would scream in pain, much less the being in question!

He wished to apply the several thousand ton weight every time he struck with his spear, but if he did that, his own body would get messed up before the Orochi did, so to stand on Orochi’s body, he had given up one of the capabilities of the Cross bag.

No, just this would inflict a DoT, so it couldn’t really be called a loss.

{Kroaaaaaa! Kkakagagagakkaka!}

The Orochi tried to pull Yu IlHan off its body by twisting around. However, the boots weighing several thousand tons kept absolute stability as it pressed down. Yu IlHan was drinking the bloodrink while laughing.

“My feet damn hurts. It’s breaking apart and mending in a 10 second cycle.”

[Although you might be affected by the weight, you would have to endure the counter force. Just endure a little. You’re doing well!](Erta)

Erta’s ‘endure a little’ sounded like a dentist so he didn’t feel that good. However, pain was the proof of life. Yu IlHan could endure a pain at this level as much as he wanted if it was to survive.

However, as soon as he had endured through its soul-shaking dance, another disaster assaulted him.

[Now it’s the tails!](Lita)

“It’s alright. The magic bullets will come later too.”

[How’s that ‘alright’ at all?!](Lita)

[He probably meant that it would be dangerous either way!](Erta)

Yu IlHan’s words weren’t wrong. At the same time the armored eight tails swiped across the back to shake him off, the Orochi turned its head toward its body and opened its mouth, seemingly having resolved to bear some damage.

What gathered in those mouths were purple colored mana emitting horrifying heat. Really, quite shocking.

“Okay, one hit to begin with!”

However, he was frustrated since he had placed himself there with difficulty, so he couldn’t just obediently get off. Taking a deep breath quickly, Yu IlHan pulled out the spear that was embedded on the wound before stabbing the same place again!

[Critical Hit!]


Its body caused earthquakes repeatedly. The mana gathering in the seven mouths dissipated, and the eight tails that shot up with murderous intent also lost its strength and fell back down. Yu IlHan understood what it must have felt like.

Since, just now, about 50cm of flesh was dug out due to Yu IlHan’s attack.

50cm out of tens of meters!

“Now I just have to do the same thing until I reach the heart, right? It’s alright. I played a lot of Minecraft back in the days.”

[Don’t be so pessimistic This is plenty amazing!](Erta)

Yu IlHan called out another shield to block the spraying purple colored blood from the wound, since, if it was something that couldn’t be blocked with extreme poison resistance, it would be game over for him. His careful considerations were wise.

Even though the shield was made from the bones of monsters that were at least over 80 in level, it couldn’t endure the poisonous blood and oxidized in mid air.


That wasn’t the end of it. The overwhelming pain seemed to have made it more daring as it started swing its tails again!

Yu IlHan nimbly cancelled the weight transfer and ran across the Orochi’s back. Eight tails flew at him like whips, but something at that level wouldn’t be able to hit Yu IlHan.

THe problem was the seven magic bullets that flew at him with murderous intent radiating from it! Yu IlHan ran, leaped, and re-leaped to somehow block them. On the back of the orochi, purple flames appeared in succession.

{Kgagagagagak! Kyaaaa!}

Even while twisting in pain, the Orochi did not stop its attacks. The tails that were sharper and heavier than any steel swords, and the magic bullets that were even more frightening continuously flew at him.

Yu IlHan barely held on on its back by using weight transfer whenever he felt like he would be shaken off, but no matter how good his reflexes were, it was impossible to completely evade all the attacks.

[Magic bullets, from 3 directions!](Erta)

[Another one behind you! IlHan!](Lita)

Barely dodging a tail, he pierced the spear again onto the body. Immediately after that, the Orochi changed tactics to move around its seven heads strangely to spit out magic bullets, each from a different direction.

Yu IlHan calculated in the moment that could be called instantaneous, and formulated a method to dodge the magic bullets. However, the maximum he could dodge were six. He couldn’t think up of a method to avoid the last one that came from behind.

“Ah, shit. Dammit all!”

In the end, Yu IlHan leaped before it became too late and called 3 shields to his back! These were the things that he planned to sell as Vanguard high rank equipment!



From his back, he could feel a hot, no, a scorching heat. The three shields that blocked the magic bullets all melted down and heat assaulted Yu IlHan. Trying his best to endure the heat, Yu IlHan landed on the Orochi’s back, but he couldn’t help himself from groaning.


[IlHan, are you alright!?](Lita)

“I’m not alright……!”

Such a sturdy legend-rank armor had melted. He was wearing an inner armor made of leather and cloth, but even that melted. Even though the attack he was hit by was a ‘normal attack’ that it had shot out!

Yu IlHan realized that he was walking on a tightrope all this time. Even though he could only whittle away 1/50 of the Orochi’s health with his full power, it could drive him to death with just a normal attack.

Was this the true power of a 4th class? If so, then he wouldn’t want to meet another one for quite a while.

“If this is over, then I’ll go home and rest.”

[You can win. Yu IlHan, I believe in you.](Erta)

[Do your best, IlHan. I will never let you die, so do your best until you feel like you’d die!](Lita)

Even though the relationship he had with the angels until now was so shallow, he felt like pain was dissipating just with the angels saying that. Deploying transcendent regeneration with a bloodrink on his mouth, Yu IlHan helplessly smiled.

Then he ran across the Orochi’s back again to stab the body!

Author’s notes

That’s strange, I made this 2 chapters since I thought it would be a little too short for 3, but how did both become 9 thousand character? (T/N: FYI, a normal chapter is 5000 characters, which is about 2500 words in English, this chap is about 3500 words)

Answer, a dragonkin! For your reference, the harpoon set will not be used. That is something made to be used against 3rd class, so it’s not strong enough to tie down the Orochi.

There are a lot of ways to kill with a spear! You cannot be deceived by IlHan. That’s just from G*te of… [email protected]#$$%.

If a shooting option was added to the Cross Bag, then it would really become G*te of B*byl…[email protected]#$%

Nerf this! : D.va’s cute.

Translator’s notes

what do people imagine that the orochi looks like? I think of it as an eight-headed, eight-tailed Brachiosaurus… or perhaps an eight-headed, eight-tailed Nessie…. with more fearsome looking heads too.

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