Excuse Me, I Am The Real Female Lead - Chapter 516 - Shi Mo Was a Gigolo

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Chapter 516 Shi Mo Was a Gigolo

When Fang Mo’er heard Shi Mo’s words, she replied, “Roadside stalls are cheap. In the past, when I didn’t have the money, being able to eat at roadside stalls was already good enough.”

Shi Mo raised his eyebrows and was about to continue questioning her when a familiar voice sounded.

“Yo, Fang Mo’er, I see that you came to eat at the roadside stalls with your boyfriend. When you said you had an appointment, I thought I would go to a similar restaurant.” Yang Qiu’s sarcastic words sounded from behind her.

Fang Mo’er turned around and saw Yang Qiu and Lu Yu walking over, side by side.

Yang Qiu walked over to Fang Mo’er’s side and looked at the food Fang Mo’er was eating with disdain.

She continued to mock, “Is this what you’re eating? You guys look well-dressed, but your taste is so bad. If you want to eat this on a date with your boyfriend, you might as well have agreed to eat something better with Lu Yu.”

Yang Qiu was taunting Fang Mo’er, but her eyes were fixed on Shi Mo.

Although he was eating street food, his aura was not easy to ignore.

With one look, one could tell that it must have been Fang Mo’er, this country bumpkin, who had wanted to eat street food. Her boyfriend must have been forced to accompany her.

Yang Qiu could not resist handsome men. If only she could get her hands on this man who was in front of her…

Hearing Yang Qiu’s sarcastic words, not only did Fang Mo’er not feel angry, she even found it funny.

Although Yang Qiu had been targeting her from the start, in Fang Mo’er’s eyes, Yang Qiu’s behavior was a little childish.

She could see through Yang Qiu’s intentions towards Shi Mo. Thinking back to the gossip that Xiao Tian had told her about Yang Qiu, she suddenly had an idea.

She sighed, “Alas, it’s all because the roadside stalls are cheap. All my money has been used to decorate myself. After all, I still have one more person to support.”

As she spoke, she glanced at Shi Mo from time to time, making her implication very clear.

She put on an expression that was helpless and a little pained. It really looked like she was too poor to be able to eat well.

Shi Mo watched Fang Mo’er’s acting with a smile in his eyes. He did not mind being slandered by his wife at all.

Secretly, he even complimented her. It was true that her efforts in learning were not in vain. Her acting skills were pretty good.

Fang Mo’er’s words were ambiguous, but Yang Qiu took it to mean something else.

From what she knew, rich men would never go to roadside stalls because that would lower their social status. The only reason Shi Mo had come was to accompany Fang Mo’er.

From what Fang Mo’er was saying, it sounded like she was supporting Shi Mo. So, in order to maintain her appearance, they had to eat at roadside stalls?

When she thought about that, she suddenly lost interest in Shi Mo.

She had seen many gigolos who relied on their girlfriends to support them. They were not capable, so they would rely on their good looks to get their girlfriends to spend money for them.

Yang Qiu automatically assumed that Shi Mo was a gigolo, thinking that all the money Fang Mo’er earned had been used to dress Shi Mo.

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That was because Shi Mo’s clothes were not something an average person could afford.

At that moment, she looked at Shi Mo with a hint of disdain.

Shi Mo noticed it too, but he ignored her.

He was not interested in what others thought of him. The only thing he cared about was Fang Mo’er.

While the protagonist in this situation did not have much of a reaction, there was someone on the side who could not hold it in any longer.

The bodyguard on the side had only just taken a sip of water when he suddenly heard Fang Mo’er’s words and spat all the water out onto his partner.

Madam had actually said that she was poor and that she had to support the boss. However, the boss was not angry at all.

“Cough, cough, cough…”

He apologized and coughed under his partner’s resentful gaze.

Shi Mo noticed the commotion and glanced at the bodyguard coldly. The bodyguard who was coughing immediately shut his mouth.

“It’s not easy to support a family, so you should save your money if you can.” Fang Mo’er continued to pretend to be pitiful.

She had thought that Yang Qiu would laugh at her, but she had not expected Yang Qiu to turn her attention to Shi Mo.

She looked at Shi Mo with disdain and said softly, “You’re such a well-dressed man, but it turns out that you’re only looking for a girlfriend to support you. To think that I wanted to get to know you earlier.”

Shi Mo looked at Fang Mo’er and said in a serious manner, “My girlfriend is very capable. I’m very lucky to be supported by her.”

His expression was filled with joy and happiness, Shi Mo was also cooperating with Fang Mo’er in her act.

Fang Mo’er smiled in satisfaction. She could tell that Yang Qiu initially had other intentions towards Shi Mo. However, instead of confronting her about it, it was better just to cut her off from the start.

The bodyguard at the side covered his forehead. Had he just seen something that he should not have seen? Would he be silenced?

For his own safety, it would be better for him to just focus on eating. After all, the boss would call out to him if anything happened.

“I can’t stand it.” Yang Qiu worshipped strong men and hated gigolos who depended on others.

When she saw that Shi Mo was such a person, she immediately gave up on the idea of getting close to him.

Just as Fang Mo’er was getting totally immersed in her act, her phone suddenly rang.

She took it out and saw that the call was from Shen Yue.

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