Excuse Me, I Am The Real Female Lead - Chapter 517 - Video of the Beating

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Chapter 517 Video of the Beating

“Miss Fang, what kind of conflict did you have with someone on set? Why did you beat that person up?”

Just as Fang Mo’er picked up the call, Shen Yue’s anxious and slightly angry voice was heard.

“Beat someone up?” Fang Mo’er was stunned for a moment before asking in confusion, “But, I didn’t beat anyone up…”

Hearing Fang Mo’er’s reply, Shen Yue’s voice relaxed, she sighed and said, “That’s good then. It seems that certain highlights of the film footage have been maliciously edited. However, Miss Fang, which actor did you have a conflict with? The video that was uploaded showed you slapping someone and even said that you were bullying a newbie just because of your status.”

Fang Mo’er thought for a moment. She had only filmed two scenes so far. That afternoon, she had filmed a scene with Yang Qiu, but she had acted according to the script. Moreover, Yang Qiu was very popular, so she could not be considered a newbie. Confused, she asked, “Sister Shen, send me the video so I can take a look.”

After hanging up, Shen Yue sent the video link to Fang Mo’er.

When Fang Mo’er clicked on it, she saw that it was a marketing account with millions of fans. The video was the part where she slapped someone with an angry expression on her face.

This was obviously the scene between her and Yang Qiu that they had filmed that afternoon. The cameraman was behind Yang Qiu, so Yang Qiu’s face could not be seen.

Furthermore, it was only a small segment of the video, so the cause and effect could not be seen. It was indeed very misleading.

Caption: Fang Mo’er has relied on her high status and the support of the capitalists to hit a new actress just because she doesn’t get along with her. She has such a terrible temper.

This marketing account used to be on Bai Rong’s side. However, at the moment, Bai Rong had been frozen because of Fang Mo’er.

The fans behaved righteously towards Fang Mo’er.

Some of them were also Yang Qiu’s fans, who thought that Fang Mo’er had stolen the female lead role from their goddess, and had been waiting for an opportunity to discredit her.

When they saw the video of Fang Mo’er hitting someone, they immediately spread the word and started insulting Fang Mo’er.

“Fang Mo’er is the most hypocritical of all. Back then, she said that she and Bai Rong were good friends, but in the end, she turned around and framed her.”

“I wonder which capitalist Fang Mo’er has defected to. She has only made a few films since her debut, yet she has already been able to work with the Zhengyang film crew and even became the female lead. How pitiful is this newbie, having to encounter a senior like Fang Mo’er.”


Fang Mo’er’s fans were also fighting her haters om her behalf.

“People above, even if you continue to smear Sister Fang, your master still won’t be able to escape from her situation. Everyone knows that she’s been shelved. Since her character is bad, it seems her fans have bad characters


This scene had only been shot a short time ago, yet it had already spread on the Internet.

Even a fool would know that she had been set up.

Fang Mo’er looked at Yang Qiu coldly. She had thought that Yang Qiu would be different from Bai Rong and Wang Zi.

Yang Qiu had also been mentioned in the original novel, but nothing much had been written about her because she was not an important character.

In the novel, Yang Qiu had worked with Bai Rong and had also been cast as the second female lead. Although she was unwilling to accept it, she went through the motions and did not do anything.

Fang Mo’er remembered that Yang Qiu had not seemed to have any against Bai Rong. Was it because she was different from Bai Rong?

The drama that she was collaborating on with Yang Qiu was not the same as Bai Rong’s. In the book, the timeline for Bai Rong and Yang Qiu’s collaboration was much further back.

In order to prevent the same thing that had happened with Wang Zi from happening again, it seemed that she would have to pay special attention to Yang Qiu.

As Fang Mo’er’s thoughts changed, there was a sudden commotion at the side. Some were crying, while others were calling for an ambulance.

“What happened?” Fang Mo’er took a look, but she was blocked by someone and could not see properly.

Shi Mo glanced in the direction of the crowd and shook his head, indicating that he did not know either.

The bodyguard at the side had already noticed that something was wrong next door. When he saw Fang Mo’er’s confusion, he immediately came over to report.

“Miss Fang, someone over there suddenly fainted and is foaming at the mouth. It looks very serious.” The one who reported this news was the bodyguard who had choked and spit out his water earlier.

Foaming at the mouth was a very serious issue.

Fang Mo’er looked around. In such a narrow place, even if an ambulance could rush over immediately, it would still be quite difficult to drive in.

When she had been studying under Doctor Mao a few days ago, she had learned what to do if she encountered a patient who suddenly fell to the ground and was foaming at the mouth.

Without thinking too much, she pulled Shi Mo along and stood up to walk towards the crowd.

Lu Yu and Yang Qiu looked at each other when they saw this. Was Fang Mo’er trying to get a better look at what was happening?

Yang Qiu looked at Fang Mo’er with an even more unfriendly gaze.

Fang Mo’er pulled Shi Mo along and rushed into the crowd. As they squeezed into the crowd, she shouted, “Everyone, make way. Don’t crowd around so tightly. The patient will be in more danger.”

There were too many people, so Shi Mo protected Fang Mo’er to prevent any accidents.

When the two bodyguards heard what the Madam had said, they immediately went over to help and forcefully evacuated the crowd.

Someone saw Fang Mo’er and asked, “Hey, are you a doctor?”

Fang Mo’er shook her head and said, “No, but I know a little about first aid.”

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