Extraordinary Genius - Chapter 1331 - Settled

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Chapter 1331 – Settled

Bear Grylls spoke to his team for a long time over a satellite phone given to him, and he left his room for dinner with a list of equipment on a piece of paper.

When he saw Ralph, he passed the piece of paper to him. “Mr. Ralph, these are the basic equipment we need. If we bring anything more than these, it will not be considered survival.”

Ralph looks at the list, and it was not a long list. But he is unsure if Feng Yu can provide the items that can meet Bear Grylls’s requirement.

When they reached the restaurant, Ralph passed the list to Feng Yu. Feng Yu took a glance and noticed it is much lesser than he expected. But most of the items are easily available. Even if none of his companies produce the items, he can replace them with Chinese products to promote Chinese brands.

Feng Yu passed the paper to Wu Zhigang’s assistant, and everything will be sent over tomorrow morning.

“Mr. Grylls, I heard you are formerly from the Special Forces, and you all will try to look for food that can replenish your energy when food is scarce, right?” Feng Yu asked with a smile.

“That’s right. We trained on a desert island, and I know how to differentiate what is edible and what’s not. But some of the food does not taste good.”

“That means you dare to eat anything as long as it is food?”

“Yes. I have even eaten insects.”

“That’s great. I was still worried that you would not get used to the dishes tonight.” Feng Yu clapped. “Serve the dishes!”

Bear Grylls is speechless when he saw what was served.

Are these what the Chinese eats? People will only eat these things when there is no other food available.

Bear Grylls had seen most of the food on the table except for some. Also, some of the food is still alive!

Bear Grylls knows this is a test from Feng Yu’s expression.

The program proposal states that no food will be provided to him, and he needs to look for his food. He also mentioned that he dares to eat everything, and it’s time to prove his words.

Wait… why is Feng Yu also eating these? Is this not a test for him, and is it really what the Chinese eat every day?

Feng Yu smiled when he saw Bear Grylls’s shocked expression. “Many people in China eat these. Of course, there are also many people who don’t dare to eat. Try some.”

Bear Grylls picks an item from each dish into his plate and sniffs it. Huh?! Smells delicious, and it seems deep-fried.

Bear Grylls puts the insect into his mouth, and his eyes opened wide.

He had eaten these insects before, but it was not so delicious!

Soon, he finishes all the insects on his plate and starts to eat the live food.

Feng Yu dares to eat some insects, but he did not touch those live food. Other than being alive, there is no sauce available. It’s too gross.

“This insect is high in protein. I had seen it in the Yunnan region.” Bear Grylls said and swallowed the worm alive!

It’s Feng Yu’s turn to feel disgusted. Even Ralph, who was sitting next to Bear Grylls, moved his chair towards Feng Yu. Is Bear Grylls a barbarian? How come he dares to eat anything?!

He had just swallowed a wriggling worm!

“When we eat this octopus, we must chew it carefully. Or else, you will choke when if the suckers stick to your throat.”

Bear Grylls explained to Feng Yu while he eats.

This is the first time Feng Yu saw someone eating live octopus without any sauce. These are not fruits, and he should at least put some salt on them.

Ralph almost puke when he saw Bear Grylls chewing and swallowing the live octopus.

“The energy level is very high in the fats….”

Feng Yu saw Bear Grylls eating a piece of raw meat!

When Bear Grylls was about to continue, Feng Yu quickly stop him. “Ok, Mr. Grylls. I believe you are a survivor specialist!”

Damn! It’s too gross. If Feng Yu lets him continue, he will lose his appetite for dinner

Feng Yu got the waiters to remove the raw food and served some normal food. He decides just to eat vegetables tonight.

“Mr. Feng, the taste is not important when we are in the wild. We only care we can get enough energy for survival. We must stay alive until we can find a way out or wait for rescuers.” Bear Grylls explained.


“This is our Chinese military-grade backpack. Of course, it is also available to the civilians now. The capacity is 52 liters, and it uses an outer frame structure. It will not affect our body’s heat and can carry all the necessities. You can also hang a sleeping bag here….”

“This is a 20 meters mountain climbing rope. It is used for professional rock climbing, and this carabiner can hold up to 400 kg.”

“This is Tai Hua Brand of the flashlight. It can shine up to XX meters and through the fog. There is a flashing function for SOS, and this light stick can more than two hours….”

“This is our Chinese-produced military multipurpose spade, and this is the multifunctional knife. Our military uses these.”

“This satellite phone has 8 hours of talk time and 72 hours of standby time. This sleeping bag….”

“Lastly, these are the filming equipment. There will be four sets, and all of them are our Wind and Rain HD DV with three times optical zoom. The battery can last for 2 hours of continuous filming. There will be two spare batteries for each and a Wing and Rain power bank. It can be used to charge the DV and mobile phone.”

Bear Grylls checked all the equipment and noticed they are all of the good quality. Also, Feng Yu had prepared items outside of the list. For example, the power banks, which are very important for their filming.

Bear Grylls also noticed all the equipment, including the boots, clothing, etc., are manufactured in China.

These are all military-grade equipment, but it is available to the civilians now. Feng Yu had contacted the higher-ups and them willing to sponsor these items. Under normal circumstances, Feng Yu will ask them for product placement fees, but he did not ask the government this time.

“Mr. Feng, there is no problem with the equipment. I had discussed this with my team. Your requirement is for us to stay at least three days and at most seven days at a location. Then we will charge based on the time. My team and I will charge 8,000 GBP per day.”

“I will give you 10,000 USD and an additional bonus if the show’s ratings are high!”

Feng Yu did not expect Bear Grylls’s charges is so low. Bear Grylls charged an astronomical amount for his participation in a Chinese reality show in his previous life. But this is because he is not so famous, and the fees for such programs are not very high now. He heard that an ordinary mercenary in Africa only costs 100 USD per day!

“Thank you, Mr. Feng. I think I am ready to sign the contract now.”

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