Extraordinary Genius - Chapter 1332 - A different type of show

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Chapter 1332 – A different type of show

Feng Yu got Ralph to follow up with Bear Grylls and offered some suggestions for this program. Bear Grylls and his team will do the final planning. They also hired a few people from the Discovery Channel to offer their professional advice.

The people from the Discovery Channel find the concept of this show very interesting. Still, they want to wait until they have seen the first episode before deciding if they want to buy the broadcasting rights. They had wanted to buy the full rights over this program but were rejected by Feng Yu.

Feng Yu can continue with other spinoffs with the full rights of a program and sell the show to other TV stations. These are all money.

Also, with full control over the program, Feng Yu can include multiple product placements to cover the production costs and even make profits.

Huayi’s Wang Zhongjun had called Feng Yu to inform him that he had picked the candidates for the hosts for the travel show and had sent their particulars to his email. Feng Yu can pick the hosts he likes from the candidates.

Tai Hua Consulting is a shareholder of Huayi, and Wang Zhongjun acted immediately after receiving Feng Yu’s call. They wanted to pick two artists who they think are more suitable but felt too few. What if Feng Yu dislike the artists they picked?

So, Wang Zhongjun quickly signs a few young actors and actresses. The actors must be handsome and outgoing, and the actress must be pretty and gorgeous. Most importantly, their mandarin must be good.

Feng Yu had said that he does not mind new actors or actresses. But Wang Zhongjun felt it should be safer to get young actors with some acting experiences or had appeared on TV before.

Feng Yu entered his mailbox and looked at the information Wang Zhongjun sent.

The first guy is a model. He does have an outgoing feel but lacks muscles and is too skinny.

The second guy is a young actor, but he looks old. He is only twenty but looks like someone in his forties.

When Feng Yu saw the third guy, he immediately picks him without looking at his information. Feng Yu had seen this guy in his previous life, and he is buffed and handsome.

Li Chen is also known as Black Bull by the netizens in Feng Yu’s previous life. But he is not as buff now and needs to increase some mass now.

Feng Yu looks through all the female actresses and felt two of them are quite suitable. But he picks the younger actress, Song Jia because she is from Bing City!

Feng Yu picked up his phone and called Wang Zhongjun. “Tell Li Chen and Song Jia to get ready. I am going to Beijing tomorrow and can meet them.”

Wang Zhongjun immediately got his assistant to inform them and felt these two are too lucky to be picked by Manager Feng. They are going to be popular.

Li Chen was not an artist from Huayi but was transferred over recently. Although he has some popularity, he does not have any work currently.

When Li Chen’s manager told him that their Boss would bring him to meet the Company’s big Boss, he felt this is his opportunity!

Song Jia was also poached from other companies by Wang Zhongjun, and she only has minor roles in TV series. She is supposed to start on a new role with more lines, but her manager rejected that role.


Sister Hua, which famous director are we meeting this time?” Song Jia is curious. Why is Sister Hua bringing them over? She is in charge of those superstars in the company.

Li Chen, who had gotten some fame from the <Seventeen Year-Olds Don’t Cry> TV drama two years ago, and acted in several other TV series, is more famous than Song Jia.

“I am not bringing you two to meet any directors. You all will be meeting an investor and also someone you two will never expect. Be careful with your words later. He is also our company’s shareholder.”

These two are poached from other companies and do not know who the company’s shareholders are. But they know why a big company like Huayi poaches them, and the company even pays off their compensation for them. They are not famous, and the penalty for breaking their previous contracts is not high.

The room’s door opened suddenly, and the company’s Boss, Wang Zhongjun, entered another man. Why is their Boss looks like he is trying to please that man? Even if that man is the company’s shareholder, Manager Wang is still the company’s Boss.

“Manager Wang.” Li Chen and Song Jia stood up to greet him.

“This is also our company’s shareholder, but he has another identity. He is the World’s Richest Man, Mr. Feng Yu!”

Li Chen and Song Jia’s jaws dropped, and they quickly try to suppress their excitement. They had never imagined they can sit in the same room with the World’s Richest Man.

“I had asked you two to come is because I want to make a TV show. Actually, I can get my subordinates to meet you instead, but I am afraid they cannot convey what I want to say. I want to do a travel show, but it’s a different type of travel show!”

“First, this show will be based on a road trip. That means you two will have to drive yourselves and there will be no other drivers. Second, you two will have to film everything yourselves. There will not be other cameras, directors, production crews, etc. You two will have to take care of everything.”

“Of course, the route and itinerary will be planned by someone else. You two will be the hosts, cameramen, and also the director of this show. Maybe Li Chen will also need to double up as the driver, porter, and other roles. Can you all do it?”

Li Chen and Song Jia are stunned. Do they have to do everything themselves?! There will be no director, production crew, and cameras? Are they able to do it? Also, no one had filmed travel shows this way.

But they know this is an opportunity. If they can succeed, they will surely become popular. Also, other artists are similar to them within the company who can replace them if they reject this offer.

Li Chen thought for a while and replied carefully. “I have no problems being the driver or porter, and I will learn how to film with the video camera. I can also host, as I had hosted my school’s events when I was studying.”

“No. This hosting will be different from the hosting you see in Gala Nights and award ceremonies. Have you watched <Zheng Da Variety>? It will be different from their outdoor hosting too. You all must film all the scenery and also interact with the viewers. This show will not only be aired on our local TV stations and the internet but it will also be sold overseas. You all will gain higher popularity if you all can do this well.”

“Manager Feng, we promise we will make it a success!” Song Jia jumped to her feet and shouted.

“After you all filmed the first episode, I will point out the mistakes. This show will surely be a success!”

The Discovery Channel also broadcasts travel shows, but it’s different from the travel show Feng Yu wanted. This travel show will be different from all the travel documentaries in the past.

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