Extraordinary Genius - Chapter 1333 - It should be filmed this way

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Chapter 1333 – It should be filmed this way

“Winter is the best season to visit Bing City. Come with us to our most Northern Provincial City, and see what surprises we can find here. Brother Li, you are too exaggerating!”

“This is my first time to Bing City, and I thought everywhere is frozen in ice. That’s why I must keep warm.”

The footage switched to Song Jia holding the camera and started filming Li Chen. Li Chen is wearing a down jacket, cotton hat, gloves, and a thick woolen scarf covering his neck and face. There is only a small slit for his eyes.

But Song Jia is only wearing a down jacket and a pair of cute rabbit ear muffles. Although it’s snow and ice everywhere, she doesn’t seem to be cold.

“Although the temperature is lower in Bing City, there is no wind, and the sun is out today. That’s why it’s not that cold. Even if we feel cold, we can just walk around or enter any shop for five minutes to warm ourselves up. Everyone, can you see this river behind me? This is the Songjiang river. Our famous Songjiang Motors, also the car we pick for our road trip, is named after it. This is also our Bing City’s pride….”

Feng Yu looks at the unedited footage on the PC screen. They had understood what he wanted and treated this show like it’s not a TV show.

They must introduce the places of attractions, and also chat like friends between them. This hosting style is very casual and natural.

Bing City is picked as their first stop because it is also Song Jia’s hometown. She can become the tour guide here, and her itinerary is more interesting than what the production crew prepared.

They started from Bing City’s most famous Central Street towards the riverside and then drove to the river’s north. At night, they visited the newly opened Bingxue Big World.

The colorful lights lit up Bingxue Big World at night, and Li Chen got onto a deer sled for the first time. His expression is like a big kid.

A few TV producers and directors sitting behind Feng Yu frowned. This is different from all the travel documentaries they had watched.

“Everyone, what do you all think after watching this footage?” Feng Yu asked.

“Manager Feng, no one had ever tried filming a road trip as a TV show before, and the hosts got to host and film themselves. But I find this concept quite interesting.” A senior Director from CCTV replied with a frown.

“Road trip had only become popular in the recent years, and I had never tried it myself. I can’t say much about this, but their footages are not stable and need to be improved.”

“No. I have a different view from you. I think such footage is more realistic. This show is called <China’s Travel Guide>, and the selling point of this show is to look at tourist attractions from a tourist’s point of view. The hosts are also not professional hosts. If the footages are too stable, viewers might find it an issue.” Someone retorted.

“These two’s filming techniques are too lousy, and they should go for more training. Their conversation is too casual and said too many unnecessary things. Also, that girl had even criticized some of the theme park facilities are unsafe and even hinted that many of the products sold there are overpriced. How can she say these?!” Another senior Producer criticizes.

“No. This is the style this show should have! What she said is the truth, and she is saying it as a tourist. But I agree she is too direct, and my suggestion is to get her to tone down, or it might not be suitable to be aired overseas.” The Sohu’s representative said.

Feng Yu also agrees with Sohu’s representative. What’s the point of this show when it is full of praises? This shows the real experiences of these two hosts as tourists.

This is what makes this show unique, and it is the selling point to attract viewers.

Very few people like to watch traditional travel shows. What’s so interesting about the footage of attractions and a voice-over? Once in a while, a host will pop up and start talking about legends, myths, and modified versions of the history of that area.

The local authorities will go all out to increase their tourism, and Feng Yu can still remember the different cities fighting to be the birthplace of Qin Hui!

Claiming to be the birthplace of characters like Guan Yu and Wu Dalang is fine. But what are those cities thinking when they claim to be Nezha and Erlang Shen’s birthplace?!

How did they find out the birthplace of these folk tales’ characters?! Do the people there have three eyes or three heads and six arms!? Why don’t they claim to be Sun Wukong’s birthplace?!

Many people can’t tell the difference between historical novels and actual history. For example, many people thought the <Romance of the Three Kingdoms> is the actual history of China. But that is a novel based on history.

Just look at the weapons of Liu Bei and his oath brothers. Iron swords will break against a wooden pole with the blacksmithing technologies at that time, and the Green Dragon Crescent Blade does not exist. Even if anyone manages to make it, the blade will break when it is swung about a few times. The Serpent Head Spear is also fake as there are no such weapons in that era!

The funniest part is people worshipping a character from the novel, Guan Yu, as a deity.

People start making up stories and myths about their cities to attract tourists, and as time passes, even they believe their own lies!

The hotels, shops, restaurants around the attractions are too expensive, and the food sucks!

Many people thought it would not be costly to go on holiday. But when they are there, they will realize that they need to pay for everything.

They might budget 1,000 RMB to spend at a tourist attraction but ended up spending more than 2,000 RMB. If they are tricked into buying souvenirs, they might spend more than 20,000 RMB.

As the few producers and directors are arguing, Feng Yu suddenly said. “This program is not bad. I think it will be popular.”

Everyone quiets down. Feng Yu has already decided, and what’s there to argue anymore?

“Manager Feng, should we delete those comments about the overpriced items at attractions?”

“We will have two versions. One will keep the comments, and the other will be deleted. The deleted version can be aired on local and overseas TV stations. The other version can be broadcast on the internet. Tell them to tone down slightly for the next episode.”

Feng Yu told Sohu’s representative that he could air the deleted part on the internet first as part of the program’s trailer. This will raise the program’s popularity before it is even aired.

Viewers will see a different kind of travel show with a unique filming style.

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