Extraordinary Genius - Chapter 1334 - Unexpected Ratings

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Chapter 1334 – Unexpected Ratings

After the first episode was edited, CCTV agreed to air it on CCTV 2 and their newly launched digital channel simultaneously.

But they wanted Song Jia’s comments about the overpriced items removed. They said those comments are not good for the City’s image.

But CCTV did not pay Sohu for this show. Instead, they used the 1-minute advertisement slots before and after the show as payment.

These slots are immediately purchased by the brands that had product placements in the show. For example, Songjiang Motors, Bing City Pharmaceutical Group, Wind and Rain Electronics, Lehaha Group, Yue Lai Inn, Sina, Baidu, and Lenovo.

Each brand has 15 seconds, and eight of them make up exactly two minutes.

The production cost for this show is low as there is no production crew following the hosts around, and the hosts are not superstars. Sohu is already making a profit from the product placement fees and advertisement fees. If they can sell this show overseas, their profits will get higher.

The hosting style Feng Yu taught Li Chen, and Song Jia is the popular outdoor live streaming hosting style in his previous life. Live streaming is still not available now, and they cannot interact with their fans. But this new hosting style is unique to the viewers.

A hosting style that can become popular must have its reasons. Feng Yu told them that this hosting style would become popular because they speak from a tourist point of view, and viewers will feel closer.

They must place the interest of the tourists first and don’t need to worry about offending the Cities and attractions. As long as they are not making things up, everything will be fine.

Whoever dares to find trouble with them, Feng Yu will step forward and settle it for them!

Regardless of which Province Feng Yu went to, the Province Government’s No. 1 and No. 2 will go all out to receive him because they hope he will invest in their Province.

Look at the Provinces Feng Yu invested in. All of them had benefited from the low employment rates and stimulated economy.

No one will dare to offend Feng Yu.

The production for this show is very fast. A TV show ended in the last week of January 2004, and this show started airing.

Feng Yu had gotten Sohu Channel to promote this show and released that cut footage as a trailer. He had asked Song Jia if she is afraid of offending others. But she is not afraid because she had emailed Bing City’s Mayor about the overpriced items that day and got a reply on the same day.

Feng Yu realized this girl is very smart, unlike her image of being careless and unconcerned. If Bing City Government her feedback seriously and acted on it, it will reflect well on them.

No one had seen Cities that are willing to accept tourists’ feedback and change the tourist attractions.

Most tourist attractions will claim to put the interest of tourists first, but the reality is different.

Which City will point out their attractions’ flaws in their promotion?

Bing City’s reaction is very smart.

Bing City’s Leaders had wanted to cover up this issue, but when they heard Feng Yu produce this show, they immediately change their plans. After consulting their higher-ups, they quickly implemented measures in a high-profile way and even used them to promote their tourism.

When Sohu Channel aired that footage to promote this show, Sina News reported that Bing City had restructured its tourist attractions due to tourist feedback. Sohu Channel also aired an interview with Bing City Leader about the City takes tourists’ feedback seriously and welcoming tourists to email their feedback to the Mayor’s mailbox.

This bad incident had become good news for Bing City. After the news was reported about this incident, Bing City gained a better reputation.


“Mum, why are you watching this channel? Watch XX channel. It is showing the <Young Justice Bao> re-run.” A student asked.

“What’s so nice about that drama? This show is more interesting.”

“What’s this? Isn’t this a travel show? Eh? I have seen this girl. She is the one who criticized Bing City tourism.”

“Who is criticizing the City’s tourism? They are just the hosts of this show. Look at that ice lantern and sculpture. It’s so beautiful.”

“No, Mum. She said some of the shops at the tourist attractions are overcharging tourists, and some rides don’t even have good safety features.”

“She is not wrong. Do you still remember when we went there last year? That hotel is very expensive.”

Both chatted as they continued to watch the show, and that student forgot that he wants to watch the drama re-run.


“Why are you switching the channel? I am still watching this program.”

“Dad, watch CCTV 2. There is a new program, <China’s Travel Guide>. The internet says it is nice.”

“What is so interesting about that new program? I want to watch this show.”

“You can watch the re-run tomorrow. Today is the first broadcast, and I don’t want to miss it. Oh, Li Chen is hosting this show. You said you like to watch him.”

“Nonsense. You are the one who likes him. I will be glad if you can find a husband like him. Alright. Let’s just watch this show.”


“What program is this? The production is too lousy, and the footages are not stable.”

“This is filmed by themselves. How can you compare to those professional cameras? Furthermore, they said they are using two sets of Wind and Rain DV to film their travels. Look at the footage. It’s still very clear.”

“You are saying that this is recorded on a normal DV and not those TV stations’ video cameras? Honey, let’s buy one too. I can record our travels next time, and I guarantee it will be better than this show.”

“Stop boasting. But we should get one to record our son growing up.”


“Eh, that female host is very pretty, and I heard she is from Bing City.” A guy said.

“That male host is better looking and tall. He is also a TV star.” A girl retorted.

“They look compatible.”

“Nonsenses. They are just colleagues.”

“Who knows? They are the only ones filming this show and are together every day. Maybe they will start having feelings for each other.”

“You are not allowed to talk about Li Chen like this!” The girl got mad.

“Fine… fine… I still stop saying all these. Let’s go to Bing City this Lunar New Year holidays. I still have not seen real snow.”

“But it will be expensive.”

“It will not be expensive. They had shared their itinerary, and we will just follow it.”

“Alright. Let’s get two down jackets this weekend. It’s cold over there.” The girl started talking about what they should get for this trip.

The guy smiled in his heart. They are going on a holiday alone, and something good might happen during this trip.


“Is yesterday’s rating out?”

“Yes. You can never guess the rating for <China’s Travel Guide>. It’s too surprising.”

Station Chief Jia looks at the rating report. This show’s rating is even higher than the CCTV 1 program in the same time slot!

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