Extraordinary Genius - Chapter 1391 - The Market is the King

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Chapter 1391 – The Market is the King

“Transfer it in.”

Feng Yu picks up the phone on his desk. “Hello, Steve. Why are you so free to call me? Have you considered my offer for you to come and work in Wind and Rain Holdings or Tai Hua Holdings?”

Ballmer is capable and had worked in Microsoft for many years. If he can join Feng Yu, Lenovo Kingsoft’s sales will increase with his connections. He also knows about Microsoft’s strategies. Although he cannot reveal it based on his contract with Microsoft, he can still contribute in other ways.

Feng Yu knows Ballmer will not join him. He is the President and CEO of Microsoft. He can only be the CEO or President of either Wind and Rain Holdings or Tai Hua Holdings. Furthermore, Microsoft is paying him well.

“Feng, I am representing Microsoft to inform you. Bill will be going to China next week, and your country’s Leaders are welcoming his visit. I think we should continue to cooperate again.”

China State-owned Assets Administration is a shareholder of Lenovo Kingsoft, and China’s political influence is stronger than the US. As the former World’s Richest Man, and the Head of the World’s No. 1 software company, all Country Leaders will meet him.

Microsoft will use China’s top Leaders to pressure Lenovo Kingsoft to force Feng Yu to give in.

Of course, it will be better if Feng Yu can surrender now, as they can save money.

“Bill is coming to China? Haha… Is this the way you all negotiate for cooperation? Don’t forget that one of the terms in the G-box contract allows me to forcibly acquire Microsoft’s share at 1.5 times the market rate. Since you all had shown this attitude, Microsoft will have nothing to do with G-box in the future.”

Although 1.5 times the market rate sounds a lot, Aiwa Little Tyrant’s share prices will double once it got listed. Feng Yu can recover his losses through the market.

Aiwa Little Tyrant is prepared to be listed, but Microsoft wants them to be listed in Nasdaq. Feng Yu wants it to be listed in China or Hong Kong. Both have conflicting opinions, and the listing was stalled.

It doesn’t matter where the company is listed. Feng Yu only wants to tell Microsoft that he has the final say in G-box!

“Feng, you better reconsider this! If you do this, there will be no turning back!” Ballmer raised his voice.

“Do you think we can turn back now? Unless one party admits defeat, this war will not stop. You all had use despicable means to get market share, and what’s the point of talking about all these now?”

Microsoft is rich and can afford to spend money to get a market share. But they were prepared to burn a box of cash and ended up burning the whole car!

“What do you mean by despicable mean? You all are the ones who created that software in the European and US markets! You all are the despicable ones!” Ballmer shouted.

“We did not develop that software, and I can tell you that none of our employees had done it. It’s up to you whether to believe it or not.”

Ballmer kept quiet. He knows Feng Yu well. If he does it, he will dare to admit it.

Microsoft had only wanted to suppress Lenovo Kingsoft in the Chinese and East European markets. But it spirals out of control, and the whole Microsoft Office market is affected. Luckily, they still provide updates and new services for their previous Office versions and didn’t lose too many users.

Microsoft can only hold on, but their market share had increased, and the smaller players were all kicked out of the industry.

Markets are critical to every business. Even Walmart had made a statement about controlling the market and setting the game’s rules to get the maximum gains.

Why is Microsoft being sued for monopolization? They want to use their PC operating system to let their other products gain market share. They initially offer these products for free, but once they controlled the market, they will start to profit from additional services or advertisements.

After Ballmer ends the call, he passed Feng Yu’s message to Bill Gates.

Bill Gates paused for a few seconds and waved Ballmer to leave. He can’t be bothered with these anymore. His only solution is to get the Chinese government to intervene to recover the market.


“Committee Member Bao, I’m Feng Yu. Sorry for the sudden call. Am I bothering you?”

“Hahaha… what do you need from me?” Committee Member Bao laughed.

Committee Member Bao knows his relationship with Feng Yu is not that close for him to call him unless important.

“I heard Bill Gates would be coming two days later. Which official will be meeting him?”

“Oh, it should be Premier Wei. Why? Do you also want to attend the meeting? That’s right. He is one of the top businessmen in the world, and we should have someone who can match his status to accompany him.”

Premier Wei? It should be Deputy Premier. Committee Member Bao made it sound like Bill Gates is VIP, and it’s an honor for anyone to accompany him!

“It doesn’t matter if I attend or not. Can you help me fix an appointment with Premier Wei? I need to discuss something with him.”

About five minutes later, Committee Member Bao called to tell Feng Yu that Premier Wei can spare twenty minutes to meet him at 6.30 pm.


“Good evening, Premier Wei.”

“Nice to meet you, Manager Feng. I believe this is our first meeting. I have always wanted to meet you all who had made significant contributions to our nation’s economic growth. This is a good start. Did you look for me because of Bill Gates’s visit?” Premier Wei asked with a smile.

Feng Yu did not beat around the bush. “Bill Gates’s Microsoft is currently fighting with our Lenovo Kingsoft company for the market share. They want to penetrate our Chinese market to gain higher profits, and to compete with us. Lenovo Kingsoft is the top software developer in China, Asia, and East Europe. We are confident of winning against Microsoft.”

“Are you saying Lenovo Kingsoft is stronger than Microsoft?” Premier Wei is not convinced as Microsoft is the no. 1 software company in the world.

“We have strengths in different areas. Lenovo Kingsoft is working on a PC operating system and have some breakthroughs. We will be introducing our operating system later this year and challenging Microsoft for the market share. Even now, we are competing with them on smartphone operating systems and office software.”

“Bill Gates will have some requests during his visit. I hope the government will support our domestic company and not be fooled by Microsoft’s offer. They are just trying to snatch our market and resources. No matter how attractive their offers are, it will not be better than developing our own company. Also, Lenovo Kingsoft is undervalued. We must not agree to them investing in us….”

Feng Yu is relaxed after leaving Premier Wei’s office, as Premier Wei will support Lenovo Kingsoft. He also told Feng Yu that the government would not agree to Microsoft’s offer immediately. They will discuss this over a meeting and will invite him to participate.

Bill Gates’s China trip will fail!

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