Extraordinary Genius - Chapter 1392 - Bill’s China visit

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Chapter 1392 – Bill’s China visit

Feng Yu sighed as he looks at the Policemen and rolls of flowers along the roads. Some places and even schools are getting children to practice cheering with flowers.

Bill Gates is only a businessman and not a political figure. At most, he represents Microsoft and not a country. Is there a need to do all these to welcome him?

Also, why must children be forced to do these welcome cheers by the roadside whenever there are important guests? These children are our country’s future, and they should have better things to do.

“Boss, do you want me to make a detour?”

“No need. We can wait for them to pass by first. What’s wrong? Are you eager to go home to accompany your wife?” Feng Yu joked.

“Stop poking fun at me, Boss. Li Li is pregnant, and my in-laws had come over to accompany her. But I want to spend more time with her.” Mei Zhigao blushed and explained.

“Oh? You have just gotten married for half a year, and your wife is pregnant? Are you happy or frustrated?” Feng Yu purposely asked. The newly-wed pair should still be in their honeymoon period, but he can’t touch his wife now as she is pregnant.

“Boss, please don’t joke with me.”

“Haha… Alright. Take a week off after you sent me back. You can get Xiao Su to replace you temporarily, and you can impress your in-laws during this period.”

“Thank you, Boss.” Mei Zhigao smiles.

Mei Zhigao’s job is Feng Yu’s driver in Beijing, and he has the least work among his colleagues as Feng Yu is always not in Beijing. Feng Yu is also different from other people. He has never stay outside later than 11 pm.

Mei Zhigao is satisfied with his current life. His former comrades work as drivers for the Bosses or as security managers at the logistics centers. All these are because of Feng Yu.


“Mr. Wei. Nice to meet you.”

Premier Wei shook hands with Bill Gates and invited him to board the car.

“You all are so welcoming. There are so many people welcoming me, and your traffic condition is very good.”

The corner of Premier Wei’s lips twitched and did not reply. The local Government arranged those welcoming banners, people by the roadside, and smooth traffic.

Bill Gates’s reaction sounded like sarcasm to Premier Wei. He decides to inform the people on the ground to do away with the welcoming ceremony in the future.

“Mr. Wei, I would have visited China last year if not for some delays. I like China and hope I can play a part in China’s economic growth by contributing through taxes.”

Compared to the US, China’s taxes are nothing. The IRS imposed higher taxes than China, and Bill Gates plans to “donate” his assets to the charity fund set up by him and his wife. This can help him avoid paying taxes and let his son inherit his wealth without paying estate duties.

What happens if his son doesn’t have enough money to spend? Easy. Bill Gates will start transferring his assets to his son when he reaches 18 using various reasons. For example, setting up a company to do business with his son, etc.

When Bill Gates is old, his son will be at least a billionaire and inherit the charity trust fund.

Premier Wei smiled. “Thank you, Mr. Gates, for contributing to China’s economy.”

Premier Wei thought in his heart. You made it sound nice, but the taxes are only a small portion of what you made from the Chinese.

It’s just like what Feng Yu said. If there is no money to be made, will Bill Gates come?

Paying taxes is the same for every country. Are you saying that the US doesn’t collect tax?

Bill Gates could not tell Premier Wei is giving him a superficial reply. Premier Wei’s translator is in the front passenger seat, and it’s hard for him to translate. So, both did not speak much until they reach their destination.

“Mr. Gates, you mentioned that you want to invest in China. What industry are you going to invest in?” Premier Wei asked.

If Bill Gates did not mention investing a large sum of money, Premier Wei would not meet him. He hopes this investment will attract other businessmen to invest in China and stimulate China’s economy further.

The US economy can grow rapidly is because of many foreign investments.

“Microsoft is the Global software industry’s leader, and we are going to invest in software companies. We have a branch in China, and we hope to expand its operations. We have two strategies. Firstly, we will acquire and merge with some companies. Secondly, we will invest in some companies. Regardless of which strategy, we planned to invest at least 1 billion USD!”

Without Feng Yu’s warning, Premier Wei will be overjoyed. One billion USD is a large amount.

But Feng Yu had told him that Bill Gates is planning to take over the Chinese software market, which will stop Chinese software companies from growing. Premier Wei felt Feng Yu is not lying, and Bill Gates does have this ambition.

“Which company are you looking at?” Premier Wei asked.

“We have studied some internet, software, and telecommunication companies. For example, Baidu, Tencent, Sohu, Lenovo Kingsoft, and Jiang Xin Software. We plan to acquire or buy a stake in these companies, and our offer will be higher than the market rate.

The companies Bill Gates mentioned are the top IT companies in China.

China has a five-year plan for the IT industry and had implemented many policies to assist the industry growth. These western capitalists are trying to acquire these companies and stop their development!

These outsiders must be eliminated!

“The companies you mentioned are joint ventures between private and state-owned entities. I can help to introduce the person in charge but will not interfere.”

“Mr. Wei, we know the Chinese Government has a state in Lenovo Kingsoft. How about letting Microsoft invest 1 billion USD in this company for 51% shares? This price is much higher than the market value, and we can help groom more IT talents. Our Microsoft software engineers are the best in the world.”

Premier Wei sneered in his heart. Feng Yu is right. Bill Gates is trying to swallow Lenovo Kingsoft with 1 billion USD. Feng Yu had told him the company’s value would rise to over 10 billion USD in five years after it is listed!

Bill Gates is trying to take advantage of them!

The Chinese had been fooled by you Americans several times in the past. Do you think you all can continue to take advantage of us now? Dream on!

“Mr. Gates can speak to them yourself, and the Government will not interfere with the company’s development.”

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