Extraordinary Genius - Chapter 49 – The wait

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Chapter 49 – The wait

The production for the electric fans was very fast. Within less than a month, all the orders were completed.

Those distributors who had signed the contract collected their last batch of goods. Tai Hua Trading company now have a few million RMB in the bank account.

There were some other brands of cheap electric fans appearing in the southern provinces but the quality was not too good. As Wind and Rain electric fans had already occupied the major cities’ market, there was no market for these cheap fans. However, these cheap brands focus on the small towns and villages, and they still did quite well.

Feng Yu was very satisfied. These distributors had learned from Bing City. They signed the contract with the big departmental stores first and got the first mover advantage.

At least for this year, there was no other electric fan factory that can compete with Wind and Rain fans. Wind and Rain electric fans were way ahead in terms of sales and profits.

Feng Yu is not the only one who had earned a fortune. The distributors also earned a lot. In the south, the development of the cities, population size, and temperature were higher than Bing city. The distributors raised the price by 15% and the fans were still selling fast. Some distributors still ordered more fans.

The goods for Kirilenko had been loaded onto the train carriages and was listed as “Food and textile” products on the exportation documents. With the help of the Office of Foreign Trade, everything went smoothly.

500,000 Rubles was transferred to the company's bank account. Manager Zhu was very excited to know this news. This young boss is really capable. In such short time, he brought in 500,000 Rubles! The leaders at the Office of Foreign Trade were also happy too. They were able to show their results to the provincial leaders.

Feng Yu wanted at least 30 cars per shipment. So, for the first batch, Kirilenko made some adjustments. He added some Japan’s Toyota Crown to the shipment of the total value to reach about 1 million Rubles. Feng Yu also wired the payments to Kirilenko’s company bank account.

“Director Zhao. Oh no. I should be calling you Chief Engineer Zhao now! Factory Director Zhao, the spare parts are almost reaching Bing City. Are your trucks ready to pick them up?” Feng Yu asked over the phone.

“Hahaha. It’s deputy. Deputy Chief Engineer. The parts are here? My side is ready and I will send my trucks over now.” Director Zhao was happy. It was announced yesterday that he was promoted to the Deputy Chief Engineer. His promotion can be considered due to Feng Yu’s credit.

The used cars were all sent to the Motor Factory for assembly, painting, cleaning, and refurbishment. The factory even selects a group of workers who had some knowledge about cars together. This was to ensure everything goes smoothly. They still wanted to carry on their cooperation with Feng Yu.

These cars will take one week to complete and Feng Yu finally got the time to return to the farm. The high school admission notice was announced.

It took three hours for Feng Yu to get to the farm. It had just rain the day before and the road was a little muddy. His old Lada had almost got stuck in the mud several times. Feng Yu already decided that he will keep a Land Rover from the batch of used cars for himself!

Li Na was slowly walking home from school. She got her high school admission notice. She was admitted to the best high school in Bing City. But the thing that made her happier was Feng Yu was also admitted to the same high school as her.

A total of four people was admitted to that high school. One of them had always been the top student in their school. It was normal for that student to enter the best high school. Li Na knew she had performed well for the admission exams, so it was not a surprise for her to be admitted. As for Feng Yu’s admittance to that school, she does not want to know the reason. However, how did Wen Dongjun get admitted too?

The reasons her school teacher gave was there were very few people applying for that high school this year and Wen Dongjun got lucky!

Those students who had scored better than the Wen Dongjun, but did not dare to apply, must be regretting now! The teachers also felt sorry for those students. The graduation rate of that high school was very high and there was no University entrance exam!

Li Na was smiling while she walks. She will be at the same school with Feng Yu. She wonders if she would be in the same class with him. It would be best if she is sitting beside him.

When she remembers that Feng Yu had not contacted her for such long time, she got a little angry. Feng Yu had been away at Bing City for one month and is still not back yet!

Didn’t Wen Dongjun come back a few weeks ago? Why is Feng Yu taking such long time?

Forget it. If Feng Yu returns today, she will not be angry with him. But is he coming back today?

Horn, horn!

A car horn sounded behind her and Li Na move to the side of the road. There were not many cars on the road. What’s with the honking? Show off!

A wolf whistle sounded from the back. Li Na was finally angry! How can someone actually behave like a hoodlum and take liberties with her in the street!

When she turned around and wanted to start scolding, she smiled. Feng Yu, it's Feng Yu! He is back!

“Li Na, where are you going? The admittance noticed was issued?” Feng Yu asked with his head out of the car’s window.

“Yes. You just got back?” Li Na replied.

“Ya. I drove for three hours. By the way, I don't know where to collect the notice. Can you take me there?” Feng Yu asked.

The school was only so big. How could he not know where to collect the notice? However, Li Na did not expose Feng Yu's lies and walked towards the car.

Feng Yu got off the car and opened the door for Li Na: “Please get in.”

“Where did you get the car? You know how to drive?” Li Na asks curiously. In the whole farm, only the government officials were eligible to drive this kind of car. Although the rich families also drive, the cars they bought were mostly domestic jeeps which were cheap.

“I bought it. The car is comfortable. Sit tight. let's go! How is my driving skills? I tell you the truth. I had been driving for more than 10 years!” Feng Yu said proudly.

“Bullshit. How old are you now? Have you seen a car when you were young?" Li Na asked while rolling her eyes.

Feng Yu smiled and kept quiet. He really had more than 10 years of driving experience, but it was his previous life.

“Here, this is for you. I saw this and thought that it will look good on you, so I bought it.” Feng Yu said while passing a pink hair clip with a bow to Li Na.

“Who wants your gifts?” Li Na said and she snatched the hair clip from Feng Yu. She can't wait to wear the clip on her head. Feng Yu adjust the rear-view mirror for Li Na to admire the hairclip on her head.

He wanted to give Li Na other things, such as clothes, jewelry, and so on. But Li Na was still living on the farm and if she took Feng Yu gifts, how can she explain to her parents? This hair clip was a more suitable gift. It was cheap and Li Na will be able to explain to her parents. Most importantly, Li Na like hair clips.

Feng Yu looked at Li Na. Her smile can let one forgets about his worries.

“What do you always look at me?” Li Na bowed her head and blushed.

Feng Yu teased her and said: “I am looking in the rear-view mirror. I need to see if there are any cars behind.”

Li Na paused for a moment and stared angrily at Feng Yu.

“Hahaha. I am just teasing you. I kept looking at you was because you are beautiful.” Feng Yu said.

Li Na’s face became even redder, her head bowed lower and said: “Nonsense.”

Feng Yu smiled and did not reply her. He drove slowly to the school.

Author’s notes: Some people commented that British cars are all right-hand drive. This is correct. But for the cars that were exported to the Soviet Union were confirmed to be left-hand drive. I had confirmed it with pictures. It is just like Japanese cars. Japanese cars are also right-hand drive but when they export left-hand drive cars to China.

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