Extraordinary Genius - Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

BJ 212

On the 6th day of the New Year, the Li family arrived at Feng’s house in their 212 Jeep (A model of Jeep from Beijing Jeep Corporation). Everyone from Feng’s family came out to the courtyard to welcome them.

Li’s family brought along two cartons of cigarettes, two bottles of wine, two boxes of tea leaves and two bags of red sausages. But Li Shiqiang’s hands are holding on to a canvas tightly.

Zhang Muhua went into the kitchen with Feng Danying to cook, while Feng Xingtai accompanies the Mr and Mrs Li in the living room. Li Shiqiang, holding on to the canvas bag, entered a room with Feng Yu.

“Brother Li, you finished exchanging all the rubles?”

“Yes, 91,200 RMB. All here.”

Feng Yu raise his brows a little. It is much more than he expected. It seems that many people in Bing city need foreign currency. This can make a lot of money if I am able to seize this opportunity.

“Thanks for your hard work, Brother Li. I think my father will be very satisfied. If I still have rubles, are you able to change it?”

“Sure. In fact, people are still asking me to change rubles for them but I have none. You still got ways to get rubles?” Li Shiqiang is very curious. It is not easy to get foreign currencies. He, himself is working at the Post office and his father, who is also working for the government, is not able to get foreign currencies. How can a farmer’s boy, who is still going to school, have ways to get foreign currencies?

Feng Yu smiled and said: “International Hote!”

“International Hotel? International Hotel does have a lot of foreign guests, but how do you get in? Don’t tell me you know the higher management in the hotel?”

“Go directly to the foreign guests to change. We will give them slightly higher rates prices and these, foreign guests will be willing to take advantage of the higher rates.”

Li Shiqiang gave himself a face-palm. Why didn’t he think of this? But to communicate directly with foreign guests, you need to understand the foreign language.

“Then I have to find an interpreter. It is not easy to find one.”

Feng Yu waved his hands in Li Shiqiang’s face and pointed to himself: “I can communicate in both Russian and English.” He then speaks a few sentences in Russian and English.

Li Shiqiang’s mouth open wide in shock: “You know two foreign languages?” Is he a genius? How old is Feng Yu and how did he learn these two foreign languages?

In this era, if one can understand a foreign language, he would have been worshipped by others. Let alone understand two. But in 2015, it is normal to see people well versed in two or more foreign languages. Feng Yu had ever met someone who is proficient in eight foreign languages!

“Ok, I will go to Bing city with you tonight. I am going to visit my teacher. Tomorrow I will pass you the rubles after I have to exchange it.” Feng Yu said.

Li Shiqiang felt that Feng Yu, a 15-year-old boy, had the presence of a great leader. This future brother-in-law will certainly go far in the future because he is a genius who understands two foreign languages.

When they came back to the hall, everyone looked at them. A smile appears on Feng Yu’s face, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Feng Xingtai is afraid that something might go wrong with the money. He did not tell his wife about this matter. He just told her that the bear was sold for 7,000 RMB. Although 7,000 RMB is lower than his wife’s expectation, she is still happy. Especially when she heard that her daughter’s boyfriend is from the city and work in the Post office.

Li Shiqiang’s parents are afraid that Feng’s family is not satisfied with the amount and think that they had kept some of the money. Even though they are not as rich as the Fengs, they would absolutely not do such things. Li Shiqiang’s parents really like the well-behaved and sensible Feng Danying as their daughter-in-law. They cannot let their future in-laws look down on them.

According to the tradition of Feng’s family, lunch is eight meat dishes. Among these dishes are pheasant, wild rabbits, and wild caught fish.

Although they are city people, the food in the city is not as good, compared to the countryside. Furthermore, their future in-laws are really nice people, so the Li family have an exceptionally good appetite.

Feng Yu approached his father when the latter was going to the toilet.

“Dad, the rubles is changed to RMB. A total of 91,200 RMB. At least 7,000 to 8,000 RMB more if we were to exchange it at the bank. Later today, I want to follow Brother Li back to Bing city. Firstly, I want to visit Teacher Sun. He is from Bing city. I should pay him a New year visit. Secondly, I want to use this money to change to rubles at the International Hotel. This way, we are able to earn a few thousand more when we change back to RMB.”

Feng Yu thought that it would be very difficult to persuade his father and he never expects his father to agree so happily. Feng Xingtai said:” Ok. I will give you our family’s saving passbook too. You can only do this one more time.”

“Dad, rest assured. We are able to earn money this way for a period of time.” Feng Yu said.

“You should be entering high school later this year. Our farm does not have a high school. The high schools in the county and district are just ordinary high schools. You should go to a good high school in the city so it will be easier for you to get into a good university.”

The expenses in Bing city is much higher compared to the village. As such, Feng Yu needs to earn more money.

“Dad, you can rest assured that I will be admitted to the high school in Bing city and a good university in future.”

Feng Yu is not confident with Physic and Chemistry college exams but for high school entry exams, it is a piece of cake. His math, Russian and Chinese will definitely give him high scores. He still has a school term to get used to it. He is not sure if he can enter the top high school in Bing city but he is confident that he is able to get a place in those normal high school in Bing city.

“Good. Don’t follow my footsteps and be a farmer. Your sister should be graduating this year from nursing school. I will buy an apartment for her in Bing city and you can stay with her. She can take care of you.”

He had checked the pricing of houses in Bing city. A unit like Li Shiqiang’s house cost around 20,000 RMB. The Feng family now have more than 100,000 RMB! He can afford to buy at least 3 to 5 units.

Of course, Feng Yu’s mother must not be aware of all these.

Around 2pm, the Li family prepare to leave. Feng Yu and his mother help to load some farm produce on the top of the car.

“Mom, I will go to Bing city with Brother Li today to visit Teacher Sun.”

Malt Drinks

Zhang Zhanhua nodded: “Yes, you should. Mr. Sun is so good to you. But you did not prepare any gifts. Wait a moment. Mom will give you some money and you can buy some canned food, malt drinks or something for Teacher Sun.”

Not only Feng’s family, everyone on the farm respect Teacher Sun. He funded a lot of poor students and also gave up an opportunity to work in the city for these students. He is very well-known in the farm.

Feng Yu also respect him very much and really want to visit him.

“Mom, no need. Dad had given me money.”

Knowing Feng Yu is going to Bing City with them, the Li family is very happy. Anyway, the 212 Jeep can seat 4 people. But the only thing that is puzzling the Li Shiqiang’s parents is why is Feng Yu bringing the canvas bag along. What is happening?

In the jeep, Feng Yu explained that he will be changing some rubles and making some money out of the difference in exchange rates. If they have spare cash, they can also join in. Using 10,000 RMB to earn 1,000 RMB shouldn’t be an issue.

Li’s parents also want to earn some extra cash. Anyway, the money will be in their son’s hands and when their son gets married, they need to spend a lot too.

Once back home, Li’s parents also gave their savings passbook to his son and ask him to go and withdraw their savings from the bank tomorrow.

That night, Feng Yu shared a bed with Li Shiqiang. He slept soundly but the Li family did not sleep well.

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