Fantasy Simulator - Chapter 671 - Battle Invitation  

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Chapter 671: Chapter 671 – Battle Invitation

The heaven-cleaving sword was far stronger than the Dusk Divine Weapon in terms of performance, even though they were on the same level.

Chen Heng used the Saint Child aspect to suppress the Dusk Divine Weapon back then easily. At that time, Chen Heng’s strength and divine power accumulation could not be compared to his current state, but he still managed to do it.

However, when facing the heaven-cleaving sword, this Sky Heavenly Weapon now, he could not suppress it. This was because the opponent controller’s power had also increased. However, based on Chen Heng’s opinion, the heaven-cleaving sword was undoubtedly more powerful than the Dusk Divine Weapon.

Chen Heng entered this world to obtain the heaven-cleaving sword. Whether it was his ultimate goal or the previous karma, Chen Heng was destined to get rid of that black hand. At the same time, Chen Heng also had some doubts.

Was the reason why Yiu Ruo had yet to appear and did not reveal any traces in this world related to the other party? Otherwise, why was there still no news at all? Of course, this was only a guess. As for the specifics, it would still depend on later. Chen Heng quietly looked into the distance, and his emotions gradually calmed down.

Time continued to pass. After reaching an agreement with the Venerate Ming, Philip did not hesitate and directly sent his men to the holy land of the Hao Hua Sect. A battle invitation appeared out of thin air, forcefully imprinted before the holy land of the Hao Hua Sect.

The Great Dao of heaven and earth was shaking. Vast and infinite Gen Qi was drawn over, suppressing in this place. That oppressive feeling was exceptionally powerful. Existences below the supreme Heavenly Venerate level could not resist it and could not take a single step out of the Hao Hua Sect gate.

The vast and infinite Dao rhyme was revealed, terrifying everyone. What kind of omen was this? After being silent for decades, the Star Alliance Leader suddenly sent out a challenge.

‘Could it be that he wanted to challenge the Hao Hua Sect Leader again?’ This thought flashed through the hearts of the people around.

And within the Hao Hua Sect, a terrifying Gen Qi fluctuation surged, and a figure walked out following that. It was a young man dressed in a white robe, looking very handsome and young. His Qi Blood was as vigorous and powerful as an Azure Dragon.

He walked out from the depths of the Hao Hua Sect. His eyes were filled with vicissitudes. A hint of understanding flashed through his heart as he looked at the battle invitation. Then, he silently extended his hand, stretching across the void, suppressing all Dao rhymes and everything in the surrounding, unveiling the battle invitation.


A bolt of faint lightning gathered in all directions, and vast amounts of Gen Qi were gushing out. However, all of them had been suppressed, and there was no way for it to continue its rampage. Chen Heng stood where he was, quietly looking into the distance as if he was directly into the Star Alliance Leader.

The other Heavenly Venerates in the surrounding was nervous looking at the scene. They knew very well that after decades of peaceful development, a conflict would break out between the two behemoths, the Hao Hua Sect and the Star Alliance. However, the outcome of this conflict was not something that others could imagine.

“Such troubled times…” An old man sighed softly n the distance.

His cultivation base was not strong among the people around him, only at the Demigod Stage. However, his status was very high and respectful, the center of attention in the Hao Hua Sect.

This was Dao Master Yue Ming. Chen Heng brought him over after Chen Heng became a supreme Heavenly Venerate. He had been using Chen Heng’s Dao Principle of divine blood to prolong his life. Thus, he was still alive today and had witnessed all of this.

In the distance, a pair of eyes could see vaguely peeking around. It was Venerate Ming. He was hiding nearby, observing Chen Heng’s reaction. A hint of satisfaction appeared when he saw Chen Heng unveil the invitation. Then, his figure disappeared under the void’s concealment, leaving the place.

Time passed slowly. After unveiling the invitation, Chen Heng set off again, walking towards a certain area. During this process, the news of the Star Alliance Leader and Hao Hua Sect Leader fighting again quickly spread throughout the cultivation world, garnering extensive attention.

The others could not get hold of the Star Alliance Leader’s schedule, but the Hao Hua Sect Leader’s schedule was not hidden. He was just slowly moving forward, heading towards the border region.

More and more cultivators gathered behind the Hao Hua Sect Leader during this entire process, quietly sensing the Dao rhyme emitted from the Hao Hua Sect Leader’s body, experiencing the profound aura of a higher level.

This was a great opportunity for cultivators, as those close to the Dao bearer were also one step closer to the Dao. At the supreme Heavenly Venerate level, everything around would be baptized by the supreme Heavenly Venerate’s aura, unconsciously becoming one step closer to the Dao. If others could stay by the side of such a figure for a long time, they would gradually become closer to the Dao and thus gain great elevation.

This was why many cultivators followed behind the Hao Hua Sect Leader. TheHao Hua Sect Leader did not expel these cultivators, allowing them to follow. These cultivators were also very tactful, following far behind the Hao Hua Sect Leader and did not disturb him. But, of course, in reality, there was nothing they could do to disturb him even if they wanted to.

There was a huge gap between the two levels. They could not sense the true existence of the Hao Hua Sect Leader with their spiritual senses. Instead, they could only feel a huge, powerful, and terrifying Dao rhyme circulating and gradually advancing before them.

If they wanted to find the Hao Hua Sect Leader himself through that Dao rhyme, it would be like finding a needle in a haystack. It was impossible even for a Heavenly Venerate to do it unless they were of the same level or close to him. The gap between the two levels was too great.

The Hao Hua Sect Leader moved forward and had unknowingly walked for ten years. During these ten years, the number of cultivators following behind theHao Hua Sect Leader had increased many times.

This was because the number of cultivators from all over the world was increasing every moment. Although some people left the group occasionally, it could not stop the trend from increasing. However, after ten years, the Hao Hua Sect Leader finally stopped.

It was a barren land. The spiritual energy in the surroundings was cut off, and everywhere seemed extremely barren. If nothing unexpected happened, this was the battlefield they had chosen. They had chosen this place naturally to avoid any impact on the outside world.

The actions of a supreme Heavenly Venerate would have a huge impact on the outside world. It would be world-destroying if a huge battle were to break out. If the battle happened in an area with abundant spirit veins and Gen Qi, it was likely that the spirit veins would be interrupted after the battle, resulting in countless deaths and injuries.

This was something neither side wished to see. Therefore, choosing this barren land as the battlefield was the consensus of both sides. When they arrived, there was already a figure waiting before them. It was an old man dressed in simple clothes.

Philip was dressed in an old-fashioned long crimson robe as if it had been around for a long time. He looked very old but had an invisible aura, as if he was the center of the world, occupying all the senses of existence.

It was not until Chen Heng’s arrival that this feeling was weakened. Then, the whole world was realigned, no longer occupied by a single person.

The two auras began to come into contact and collide. Without a sound, the auras’ subtle collision resulted in the Gen Qi becoming chaotic, causing this area to become chaotic and uncontrollable.

Before the real battle began, just the aura’s guidance had created a unique force field that was enough to make cultivators below the Heavenly Venerate unable to use their magic power. Even their spiritual senses started to become chaotic, impossible to see clearly. This is because the supreme Heavenly Venerates were so terrifying.

“You’re finally here…” Philip looked at Chen Heng before him and said faintly, his voice sounding a little hoarse.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.” Chen Heng smiled and looked at Philip before him with a nostalgic expression, feeling it carefully.

Philip’s strength had once again increased since the last battle. Generally speaking, for powerhouses like them, entering a different world would greatly increase their strength.

This was not only due to the natural creation of different worlds but also because different worlds had different cultivation systems, delivering different inspirations and sparks, which were more important for someone at their level.

This was why the Crimson King, Lu Yao, Gunali, and others managed to significantly improve over the years. As a result, they had all reached the peak of the seventh rank at this moment and were only one step away from advancing to the eighth rank.

As Chen Heng’s clone, the consciousness avatar of the initial world, Philip’s gains naturally go without saying. He had been absorbing the unique laws of this world ever since he came. As a result, Philip’s power increased every moment.

This was the unique advantage of being the world consciousness avatar and something that others could not compare to. For him, as long as he continuously obtained the power of laws of other worlds, strengthening the initial world’s consciousness, then the power would naturally flow back from the world consciousness into Philip’s body.

This was undoubted a great path to reach the heavens. The only downside was that being possessed and becoming a part of the world’s consciousness would cause the original self’s consciousness to disappear, causing one to lose all his senses, leaving behind only pure rationality. However, if there were no such price, even Chen Heng would be tempted and want to try walking this path.

Two auras slowly emerged, colliding in all directions. At this moment, Chen Heng and Philip’s domains also emerged, suppressing and colliding. Their unique momentum was displayed and slowly rose.


Light sounds sounded like lightning hissing in the surrounding. Then, a fierce wind howled, and surging Gen Qi roared in mid-air.

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