Fantasy Simulator - Chapter 686 - Giant Egg  

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Chapter 686: Chapter 686 – Giant Egg


Chen Heng sensed the general situation and couldn’t help but think, “He doesn’t plan to continue wasting time in those low-level worlds. So instead, he wants to directly search for a large world that is powerful enough through the simulation points?”

Ordinary worlds were nothing for existence at the gods’ level. Just their physiques alone were enough to match. However, if it was a world as powerful and terrifying as the World of Gods, it meant something else for them.

A world like the World of Gods had an unimaginably huge attraction to the gods. Because only in such a world could they have the possibility of progress. Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to improve if they stayed in a weak world for a long time.

Of course, the ordinary worlds couldn’t sustain beings at the god’s level for a long time. If they insisted on staying, it would most likely destroy the entire world and everything would be destroyed.

Previously, the immortal Gods in the Divine Weapon World left for this reason. Thinking of it this way, for the gods, a world that could sustain them was extremely important.

Various thoughts flashed through Chen Heng’s mind as he noticed that his marks had spread, and there were now hundreds of people. Many of them belonged to the gods. They either belonged to the gods themselves or were believers and die-hards of the gods.

Most of these people were like the Eyes of Chaos. However, they were usually very frugal, carefully saving their simulation points and making unified plans to find a strong enough world.

“It looks very unified…” Chen Heng could not help but laugh.

A good idea flashed through his mind. Since these gods wanted to find a strong enough world, he might as well satisfy these people. If he could gather these gods and bring them together, it would be a great experience.

This thought flashed through his mind, and he walked out of his secluded ground. However, the aura from his body did not spread, causing any effect on the surroundings. So instead, he hid it and did not reveal it to the outside world. Otherwise, once Chen Heng’s terrifying aura spread, the people in the city before him would not be able to survive and would immediately die.

Various regions had already undergone some changes within the familiar city. Kaki was still the same Kaki. However, with the arrival of various merchants, this region, the center of the Hatim Kingdom, had become increasingly prosperous. Every region was filled with people, which was very different from the past.

Until now, this imperial city was somewhat insufficient with the constant development of the Hatim Kingdom. After all, this was once the capital of the Kaki Kingdom. It was once built by the Kaki Kingdom and had a history of several hundred years.

The capital of the Kaki Kingdom was quite suitable in the past and was not bad in all aspects. However, facing the constantly developing Hatim Kingdom, this capital became somewhat unsuitable.

According to Chen Heng, the kingdom’s ministers had already started talking. People led by Guluo Mary were discussing intensely, wanting to choose a new area and rebuild a brand new city, using that as the capital of the entire Hatim Kingdom. But, of course, all of this was only at the planning stage. The concrete implementation was not so fast, and it needed to wait quite a long time.

Chen Heng walked out of his laboratory and looked around. The situation in the city before him was much better than he had imagined. However, it was the same in other aspects.

After staying in the initial world for thousands of years, Chen Heng returned to the World of Gods again, which only a little more than a year had passed. This made Chen Heng secretly sigh in relief. A little over a year was not a long time for Chen Heng. It was just a flash.

“Looks like I didn’t miss it.” Chen Heng thought as he walked around silently.

After that, the news that had been spreading around for more than a year kept emerging. He immediately frowned. There were many changes in the World of Gods, even though it was only a little over a year.

As more chaos began to appear in various places about half a year ago, Divine Ruins appeared everywhere in this world with the World of Gods’ gradual recovery.

There was faint news of powerhouses appearing in various places. Even legendary existences like myths in the past were not rare. There was definite news every once in a while, though it was not confirmed.

Not far away in the Oro Empire, more than three legendary existences appeared in the Oro Royals. These three existences had once worked together and explored in a certain ruin, excavating a ruin left behind by a god.

And in the Church of Shadows, a huge sacrificial ceremony was also carried out. The God of Shadows seemed to have reincarnated and descended again on this piece of land.

All the signs indicated that the world was changing. The days of the past legends disappearing and the gods disappearing would soon be over, and it would no longer be the same. But, of course, these news would not affect the Hatim Kingdom for the time being.

Before Chen Heng’s simulation, the terrifying scene of his ascension was seen by many people and was extremely powerful even among the legendary existences. With such strength, even the Church of the Gods did not dare to provoke him, let alone others.

Not to mention that the current Hatim Kingdom still had a considerable force under them. With the Hatim Kingdom’s development over the years, there were constantly declining God’s churches that came to seek refuge and preached in the Hadim Kingdom.

The power of these forces also increased as the world began to change and had grown a lot in these years. There were also many strong men under Chen Heng, no longer as limited as in the past.

Chen Heng left and returned to his laboratory after touring around the current Kaki City. Many things were placed in the familiar yet unfamiliar laboratory, including many precious materials. It was Chen Heng’s personal space, and many of these things were extremely precious to the outside world.

Chen Heng specially set up a magic formation to protect the various materials here to prevent the divinities from disappearing. And among all the treasures here, one thing attracted the most attention.

It was a giant golden egg. It was huge, much bigger than the egg of an ordinary creature. There were densely packed symbols condensed on it, as if some kind of inexplicable mark was engraved on it, looking clear and eye-catching.

On top of the giant egg, a strand of inexplicable majesty spread, making people inexplicably feel their hearts palpitated as if their blood was boiling. The giant egg was silent at this moment, soaked in all kinds of medicine Chen Heng had specially prepared to increase its vitality.

“It seems that the situation is getting better.” Walking into the laboratory, Chen Heng thought as he was roughly checking the giant egg’s situation.

Before this, Chen Heng found a Demigod’s corpse and a giant egg as he explored a ruin. Chen Heng had sealed the Demigod’s corpse, and it was now still sealed in the depths. The giant egg had been placed here and nourished by Chen Heng using a special method to slowly increase its vitality.

It had been two to three years, and this giant egg had finally changed. However, when it happened, this giant egg had only been a dead egg. Chen Heng had sent many priests from the church to investigate, but they had been unable to save and revive it.

However, through a bit of divinity, Chen Heng could barely activate that strand of life force and revive it in the end. So, after that bit of divinity was activated, Chen Heng placed it here and used various things to nourish its life force. It seemed that the effect was quite good now.

“Unfortunately, its foundation is still insufficient. Even if it was born, it was destined to be born with a congenital disability…” Chen Heng pondered for a moment, “However it’s not difficult to find a way to make up for it…”

This giant egg was a Demigod’s offspring. His future would have been limitless if he had not been born unexpectedly. He would have at least been a mythical-level existence or could step into the threshold of becoming a Demigod in the future.

His body had a weak divinity, so he could be considered a true Divine Son. But unfortunately, after a long period of silence, the vitality in his body had completely dissipated, and he had almost become a dead egg.

Even though Chen Heng had saved him, he was destined to be malnourished and needed to spend a lot of time to recuperate. However, there was still a chance to make up for the origin.

Chen Heng originally wanted to explore the Demigod’s corpse and eventually devour it slowly, wanting to use its origin to help him advance and break through the threshold of being a Demigod.

Chen Heng had already activated his divinity and half-stepped into the threshold of being a Demigod. It was obvious that he no longer needed that Demigod’s corpse.

However, although Chen Heng didn’t need it, it was still a Demigod’s corpse. Therefore, it has a very high value and could be considered the most valuable treasure in the world.

If he could melt down that Demigod’s corpse, refine its origin, and fuse it into this giant egg, the effect would undoubtedly be the best.

From a relational point of view, the Demigod’s corpse was the giant egg’s mother. Therefore, the blood sources of the two were very close, and the effect of refining the origin was also the best.

At the same time, the Demigod’s origin was also astonishing. If the giant egg could digest it, it could make up for the original loss and even go a step further.

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