Fantasy Simulator - Chapter 687 - Projection and Mark Platform  

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Chapter 687: Chapter 687 – Projection and Mark Platform


‘If you have an idea, just do it.’ Chen Heng quickly took action after that thought flashed through his mind.

He found the previous Demigod’s corpse and used divine power to slowly refine it. This would be a very long process if nothing unexpected happened. After all, this was a Demigod’s corpse, and its level was even higher than Chen Heng’s.

Although Chen Heng had already activated his divinity and his body was slowly being transformed by the power of divinity, he had not truly completed that step, still a long way from becoming a true Demigod.

Coming into close contact with a Demigod’s corpse was also very stressful for Chen Heng. It was difficult to get close to it, let alone refine it. As a result, Chen Heng had to take out other things to achieve his goal.

The Eye of Nature and the Demigod weapon he had obtained from the Demigod’s ruins, the giant golden sword. The power of a divine weapon and a Demigod weapon was displayed, pressing forward under Chen Heng’s thought, instantly suppressing various terrifying auras on the corpse, preventing it from emitting and affecting the surroundings.

The imposing aura that had spread in the surroundings instantly dissipated, and the situation improved once the power of the two divine weapons were released.

Chen Heng raised his head and walked forward. He came before the corpse and then began to make his move. This would undoubtedly be a very long process, taking at least several months even with Chen Heng’s current power.

However, for Chen Heng, this was undoubtedly worth it. After all, a Demigod’s corpse was placed here, and it needed to be used.

Time slowly passed. This world was slowly changing. From the surface, it seemed no different from the past, but inside it, it was exceptionally turbulent. Various unknown things were happening.

A figure walked over amid a chaotic space. The shape of this figure looked very strange, and his whole body was shrouded in a mysterious fog. A layer of vague feeling emerged.

A faint light shone, revealing the face of the man. It was a young man wearing a black robe. His entire figure was shrouded in haze, concealing his actual appearance. He was walking vigilantly around this area on this rather spacious square.

Charlie knew he was not traveling with his main body but with a projection projected through an unknown method. Therefore, it would not affect his main body even if he died. Even so, he was still extremely careful. He was afraid that he would expose his true identity and attract the attention of others.

He turned around and looked at the people around him as he walked. Like him, they had their heads lowered, and a layer of obscurity covered their bodies. They also wore masks as if they feared being recognized by others.

It was for the sake of caution. Charlie knew those who could appear in the area were basically callers like him. Every one of them was the owner of a mysterious mark.

It had been several years since that mark appeared worldwide. However, for some of the top existences in this world, a few years was enough for them to react to this new thing and even make targeted measures.

The void space before them was one of them. This space seemed to have been forged by a hidden god, using many divine artifacts. It could spontaneously capture the mark’s frequency and project its owner into this space. But, of course, this was based on the mark owner’s agreement.

Although those marks were spread by Chen Heng on his initiative and were only equivalent to the simulator’s clones, with much simpler functions, some of the basic functions were still guaranteed. For example, if one had a certain number of simulation points, they could actively shield and reject that kind of capture to avoid exposing themselves.

However, there were very few people who were still hiding like this in these past few years. Not because everyone had so much trust in this platform but because they were very confident in the mark’s shielding ability.

The marks’ effects were gradually exposed in these past few years. Powerhouses beyond imagination appeared all over the world, and there were quite several legends among them. These people attacked everywhere, wanting to kill the mark owners and obtain the marks from them.

However, very few people were able to succeed. Whether it was those legendary existences who had been born or those high and mighty Church of the Gods who possessed divine weapons, they were powerless in the face of the simulation point’s shielding power and could not capture their traces.

It was precisely because they trusted in the shielding function of the simulation point that these people dared to appear at the place before them gradually. Otherwise, it would be impossible for someone to take the initiative to come to such a place like this.

Among all the mark owners, Charlie was a very careful one. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do about it. After all, he was alone now, and there was no big force he could rely on. Once his mark was exposed, there would only be one outcome waiting for him – to be chased to death. This made him careful.

Other than killing a few of the Oro Empire’s noble families to protect himself when he had just obtained his mark, Charlie had rarely made a move due to fear of attracting the attention of others. However, his strength had also increased over the few years, and he had completed his promotion now, reaching the fifth rank.

Walking carefully, as Charlie saw a spacious plaza before him, he bumped into someone. It was a young man, but unlike Charlie, he wasn’t wearing a mask. Of course, this didn’t mean his actual appearance was what he was showing. Although it was just a projection of himself, he could still pinch his face. Generally, the appearance of the person who entered this place might not be their original appearance.

“I’m sorry.” Charlie spoke in a low voice as he looked at the young man before him and could not help but feel a little surprised.

Generally speaking, the people in this space before him were all familiar faces. However, for convenience, those who entered this place for a long time would not often use simulation points to change their faces. Therefore, Charlie would recognize those who come here for a long period. However, Charlie had never seen this young man before.

“A newcomer?” He was deep in thought, “Has a new mark been discovered, or has another unlucky person been killed?”

Incidents like these often happened in the past. Some people who entered the ruins would disappear after some time, and new faces would join them. After all, once the mark owners were exposed, they would attract the prying eyes and pursuit of the surrounding people, causing them to fall.

This kind of thing usually only happens in the early stages. At that time, the mark owners were randomly assigned. Hence many of them had fallen into the hands of mortals.

However, those mortals themselves had limited knowledge and abilities. Even if they had obtained such an opportunity, only a small number could stand out and rise rapidly. Most of the marks would eventually fall from these mortals into the hands of other powerhouses.

And compared to ordinary mortals, these powerhouses had outstanding abilities and were more cautious in doing things, far from being killed so easily. Therefore, the people on this platform had not seen new faces for a long time.

Various thoughts flashed through Charlie’s mind, and someone stopped him as he was about to leave and walk to the side.

“Hello.” It was the young man before him.

He looked at Charlie who was fully wrapped up. Then, he said with a polite and friendly smile, “You look very familiar with this place. This is my first time here. Can you show me around?”

His words were very amiable and his voice was gentle. His gestures showed a good impression, making people feel comfortable. Charlie looked at the person and could not help but think for a moment, and then his attitude became warm.

“Received 100 simulation points.” A line of words that were not visible to anyone appeared.

Charlie instantly became enthusiastic. This was a tycoon who was willing to spend money. Generally speaking, the gains would be very limited for a newcomer who had just obtained the mark.

After all, it was difficult to obtain simulation points, not to mention that Chen Heng had taken a large part of the price difference. Moreover, the gains were only one-sixth of the original. This made it even more difficult to obtain simulation points.

With the strength of someone like Charlie, he could only obtain around 300 to 400 simulation points after a simulation. This number might seem small, but it was already considered generous among the mark owners.

After all, the owners of these imprints were often reluctant to carry out simulations using simulation points. Moreover, the worlds they entered were random and varied in size and situation.

In some worlds, the environment was suitable and the conditions were excellent. If that was the case, one did not need to expend much effort to obtain a bountiful harvest. However, in some worlds, one would not be able to obtain many simulation points no matter how hard one tries.

Under such circumstances, people like Charlie could only obtain an average of less than 500 simulation points in a world. The same applies to the others. Therefore, 100 simulation points was already a very generous sum. This was a tycoon who was willing to spend money.

In an instant, Charlie looked at the young man differently and gave his final verdict, “You’ve found the right person.” He said with a bright smile, “I was one of the first people to enter this space. So I’m very familiar with everything around me. Just tell me what you want to buy.” He said enthusiastically and then led Chen Heng forward.

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