Farming Space Makes Me Rich - Chapter 465 - Barred

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Chapter 465 Barred

Xiao Lingyu was the first university student from the Xiao Family and Taoyuan Village. Xiao Lingyu was also the first to land a nice job in the big city.

Because of that, the life of Xiao Zhengyang’s family got better. Everyone in Taoyuan Village saw it. Some got jealous. They urged their sons to study hard because they still favored sons over daughters. Not many could treat their children equally like Xiao Zhengyang and his wife.

The majority of the people in the village were not as open-minded as the few elders.

Therefore, the reason why Xiao Zhengyang invited these elders over for the celebration was that he really respected them. Gong Tianhao listened to these elders talk about Xiao Lingyu’s past and felt both admiration and heartache.

One’s success is 1% talent and 99% hard work.

Xiao Lingyu was very smart, but she was also very hard-working. It was why she was able to get into university and work in a big city. In the eyes of the entire village, she lived a very decent and fresh life.

Now, Xiao Lingyu was bringing the entire village to prosperity. She was a god of wealth in the eyes of the entire village.


The village was happy for her to marry Gong Tianhao.

Xiao Lingyu was capable and married a rich husband. Naturally, some people were envious too. But they could only grumble behind her back.

That night, the Xiao Family set up three big tables, and it was very lively. The elders had a very good time. When Gong Tianhao sent Xiao Lingyu into the house, he felt a little excited and proud. He thought to himself, ‘I can finally stay here openly!’


Gong Tianhao was a little dumbfounded. When Grandmother Xiao and Mother Xiao urged him to return to the Gong Family, he asked in puzzlement, “Grandmother, Mother, Yu ‘Er, and I are now officially husband and wife. Why can’t we spend a night together?”

He wanted to sleep with Xiao Lingyu openly. He didn’t want to sneak over like a thief anymore.

Xiao Lingyu’s face turned red. She glared at him and returned to her room shyly.

She also wanted Gong Tianhao to stay the night and sleep with her, but she couldn’t say something as embarrassing as that. Therefore, she had to leave this to Gong Tianhao to handle.

Mother Xiao was silent, but Grandma Xiao said with asmile, “Tianhao, you know that Yu ‘Er is pregnant, right? These last three months are the most dangerous. You’re a young man full of vigor. I think you understand why you two can’t spend the night together, right?” Grandma Xiao’s face was full of smiles, but her words were serious.

Even Gong Tianhao couldn’t help but feel his ears turn red. He finally understood why the Xiao Family was stopping them from sleeping together in the same room. In the past, he thought it was because the Xiao Family was conservative. Therefore, he kept waiting. Finally, they were married but then…

Gong Tianhao’s face turned slightly red, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch. He wanted to tell them that their worry was unfounded. Actually, Gong Tianhao had been climbing over their walls every night to sneak into Xiao Lingyu’s room. Of course, he couldn’t really say that.

If he did, Grandma Xiao and Mother Xiao might break his legs. His grandfather wouldn’t forgive him too. Gong Tianhao pleaded, “Grandma… I will control myself. I will never…”

“No!” Grandma Xiao said very seriously, “You youngsters are too rash. What if you cause your son to have a premature birth?!”

Old Master Gong sat at the side and watched the show. He added fuel to the flame, “Yes, in-law, you’re right. This young man only cares about himself and doesn’t care about the consequences. He must be strictly prohibited.”

Gong Tianhao’s head turned black. He looked at Old Master Gong and gnashed his teeth as he called out in a dark voice, “Grandfather…”

Old Master Gong waved his hand and said with a smile, “Hao ‘Er, even I can’t help you this time. The minority obeys the majority. You’d better obediently return to your own bed.”

Gong Tianhao, “…” He was really the world’s most miserable groom. He had been looking forward to the wedding night, but the whole world was blocking him from entering the bride’s room. They were afraid that he’d be too impulsive!

The elders all blocked him, so what could he do?

He could only… be obedient.

Then, Gong Tianhao helped Old Master Gong back to the Gong family home.

Old Master Gong chided and said, “Tianhao, it’s fine. You and Yu ‘Er are already husband and wife. There will be plenty of time for you to be together in the future. After Yu ‘Er gives birth to the boy in her belly, you can do whatever you want. No one will care about


Gong Tianhao, “…” Grandfather, you must be doing this on purpose. Why are you laying on the sarcasm on my big day? Gong Tianhao rolled his eyes, and a glint flashed in his eyes as he asked, “Grandfather, when my grandmother was pregnant with my father, did you also sleep in a separate room from my grandmother?”

“How is this possible?” Old Master Gong denied it without thinking. But it was possible.

Many older generations had this custom. After their daughter-in-law became pregnant, the husband and wife had to sleep in separate rooms until the child was born.

Back then, after Grandma Gong became pregnant, the older generation of the Gong family made the two of them sleep in separate rooms.

However, Old Master Gong would sneak into his wife’s room every night after his family was asleep. With his wife in his arms, there were a few times when he almost lost control of himself.

Great Grandmother Gong, or Old Master Gong’s mother, found out about his son’s sneaky activity and decided to move into the room to sleep with her daughter-in-law.

Old Master Gong was resented heavily by his father. Because of Old Master Gong’s disobedience, even his father had to lose his wife. So, great grandfather Gong began to torture his son.

During that period of time, life for Old Master Gong was hard. Of course, he would never tell his grandson about it.

But Gong Tianhao was very shrewd.

When he saw the guilty look in his grandfather’s eyes, he knew his grandfather was lying. Gong Tianhao said without batting an eyelid, “Then grandfather, are you saying that our Gong family doesn’t have the culture of separating rooms after the wife is pregnant?”

“Of course not!” Old Master Gong said without thinking

But then he realized that his grandson was trying to trick him. His expression immediately changed, and he scolded, “Little Brat, what do you mean? Even if our Gong family doesn’t have this culture, the Xiao Family does. Are you telling me you can persuade your mother-in-law and the others?”

Gong Tianhao shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe I can!”

The customs and lifestyle of the older generation conflicted with those of the younger generation. It would depend on cunningness on how to navigate the conflict.

The moon was quiet, and the silver light was dazzling!

The same thing was happening again that night outside the walls of the Xiao Family. A figure who was skilled in martial arts jumped into the courtyard from the outside and sneaked into a room quietly.

While Xiao Lingyu was sleeping, she felt movement on the other side of the bed. She turned around and opened her eyes blurrily. She rubbed her eyes and said, “You’re here.”

Then, he carried Xiao Lingyu into his arms with a smooth and gentle movement. He opened his eyes and stared at Xiao Lingyu, who was sleeping soundly like a baby. He was affectionate and persistent.

Suddenly, he felt a little wronged.

He pinched her nose and said softly, “You heartless little girl. Tonight is our wedding night. I’ve gone through so much to come to find you, but you’re sleeping soundly without any guilt.”

Xiao Lingyu snored. Gong Tianhao, “…”

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