Farming Space Makes Me Rich - Chapter 646 - The Truth is Revealed  

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Chapter 646: The Truth is Revealed

The truth of the case was revealed!

It turned out that the child, Li Xiaoming, was not the biological son of the couple. He was the son of Li Jianye’s identical twin brother, Li Jianhua.

After the death of Li Jianhua and his wife, they left behind their three-year-old son. This child simply could not live on his own.

Naturally, as the younger brother, Li Jianye became the guardian of the child.

Li Jianhua’s life insurance of 60,000 and his house also fell into Li Jianye’s hands.

In the beginning, they raised the child for the sake of face. After all, the parents of Li Jianye and Li Jianhua’s brother were still alive. They could not watch their eldest grandson suffer.

However, when the child was five, the old couple also died unexpectedly.

No one was there to look after the child anymore. Li Jianye and his wife did not like this child, especially since they had their own children.

The young boy normally had to do a lot of housework, Laundry, cooking, and cleaning were normal. If he didn’t work, he wouldn’t get to eat. Even if he was given food, it was the family’s leftovers.

The two kids rather feed the food to the dogs than give it to their elder brother.

The boy grew like this to 10. The family’s dislike of this child only grew. This was because the child was a constant reminder that once he came of age, they would lose everything.

Therefore, they wished the child would just disappear. However, they knew murder was illegal.

That didn’t mean that they had given up. They kept on planning how to make the child disappear without drawing people’s attention. One day, they saw a news report on their cell phones. A tourist had gone on a trip and died accidentally. The tourist location didn’t have the proper safety measures, so they had to pay a lot in compensation to the dead tourist’s family.

That inspired the couple. This method allowed them to get rid of the eyesore, get a lot of compensation and not get people’s suspicion. It was simply killing three birds with one stone.

They spent a long time choosing a tourist place and finally decided to come to Taoyuan Village.

The main reason was that they were from City Z, so it was more convenient to travel with their children.

Secondly, there were many tourists in the Taoyuan Village, so it was normal for an accident to happen. Naturally, it wouldn’t arouse suspicion.

Their plan could be said to be perfect.

But they were too impatient.

They left a loophole for others to exploit.

Another thing that they had never expected was that the owner of the Taoyuan Village, Xiao Lingyu, had spring water that could bring the dead back to life.

Once the child was saved, they would definitely be found guilty.

Li Jianye and his wife led the boy to a spot they had picked out in the morning and forced the child to eat sleeping pills. When the sleeping pills took effect, they threw the child under the bridge, which made it even harder to find him.

They only started searching for the boy when the sleeping pills took effect. Of course, they slowed down the search too. When they found him, the child would be dead.

They planned to claim that the child had died in an accident because the farm had not taken proper safety measures. They would be able to extort money.

However, they had never expected that Xiao Lingyu would be able to find the child at the first notice. At the same time, she had called the police.

A conspiracy had been foiled!

When Mrs. Li confessed to the police, everyone was shocked beyond words.

Mr. Li seemed to be on the verge of collapse. He waved his hand and pointed at his wife. He cursed in shock, “Are you crazy? Why would you tell them everything?”

Xiao Letong looked at Mr. Li. His small face was full of anger. He said very sternly, “You’re the one who’s crazy! Big Brother is so innocent. You wanted to kill him for money! Big Brother is your biological brother’s son, right? How could you be so ruthless?” He wanted to say worse things, but since he was a child, he didn’t.

Mr. Li’s face turned pale and powerless. He shook his head and said, “No, that’s not true.”

Xiao Letong pointed at Mrs. Li and shouted, “Your wife has already confessed everything!”

As for Mrs. Li, her eyes were a little empty and numb, but her expression was still as arrogant and domineering as before. However, in the darkness of the night, no one noticed any changes in her.

After her son said that Li Xiaoming was his uncle’s son, Mrs. Li suddenly shouted and then confessed everything.

This made many people jump in fright.

At first, they thought that this woman was possessed. Otherwise, why would she suddenly confess everything?

She had just admitted to an attempted murder! But no one forced her to confess anything.

Someone curiously asked, “Why did you suddenly confess?”

Mrs. Li’s face showed a struggle as she said, “I feel very guilty. At that time, big brother and his wife were so good to us. But after they passed away, we treated their only son like this. I… I can’t live with my conscience.”

This surprised many people, especially Mr. Li.

He wanted to slap her to shut her up, but his hand was grabbed by a little brat. He couldn’t shake the brat off no matter how hard he tried. He could only watch as his wife confessed everything.

At that moment, he was angry and helpless. He wanted to die.

Due to his anger, he didn’t even question how a small child managed to restrain him.

But when he came back to his senses, he had a bigger problem to deal with.

When Mrs. Li was arrested at the police station, she suddenly snapped out of it. She yelled and hollered that she was innocent, but it was too late then.

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