Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 1203

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Chapter 1203: Come Out, You Big Lug!

Rising Lizard’s bones were naturally long and strong, allowing it to carry a lot more bodyweight. As such, its flesh was also much tougher than other dimensional lifeforms of the same size.

In fact, Rising Lizard was even stronger than many abyss demons.

The horn on Rising Lizard’s head was at least three meters long, and spikes were now jutting out of each horn as well.

These spikes greatly raised Rising Lizard’s deadliness. By turning each horn into a thorn, it would rip apart its target on top of puncturing it.

Normally, large feys were all stupid lumberers. However, Rising Lizard’s sturdy bones allowed its dorsal bone to be even stronger and more agile.

Its head and long tail could each catch a flying mosquito in mid-air.

This agility, coupled with Rising Lizard’s large size, raised its battle abilities.

Soon, Rising Lizard arrived at the edge of the marsh with Lin Yuan on its back.

As Lin Yuan looked at the graceful figures with their snake tails swishing below the water, he felt as though he was looking at a gathering of promiscuous women.

The Medusa Snake Demons were crowding around Scale Concubine and singing happily together.

As the Medusa Snake Demons sang, many of the Marsh Crocodiles that were riled up by bloodlust slowly started to calm down.

Lin Yuan found it strange that the Medusa Snake Demons were currently sneering at a white figure in the middle of the marsh.

There were also three dead Medusa Giant Lizards next to the Medusa Snake Demons.

Many green beams were jutting out from the Medusa Giant Lizards’ corpses, and it was clear that they had died after a joint attack by the Medusa Snake Demons.

It was likely that the Medusa Giant Lizards had died while in a confused state. They had traveled all this way to seek someone that they could bootlick and form a contract with. They would never have expected that they were prey that had delivered themselves to the predator.

Fresh blood was still oozing from the wounds where the beams were still lodged. It was clear that they had died only recently.

As large as Rising Lizard was, it was a predatory creature that did not make much noise when it ran.

When Rising Lizard saw the three dead Medusa Giant Lizards, its seven mouths started drooling.

The saliva spurted out like seven fountains.

Given that it was a Medusa Giant Lizard, its saliva contained bacteria that could decompose its prey. Thus, its saliva had a bad stench.

Wendy could not help but pinch its nose.

When Wendy saw how Lin Yuan was carrying it with both his arms, it frowned and placed its other hand on Lin Yuan’s nose as it squeaked, “Dad, it won’t smell as bad if you breathe through your mouth like me!”


Lin Yuan felt that Wendy was a smart little child. Unfortunately, it did not use its intelligence in the right areas.

He jumped down from Rising Lizard’s back.

He realized that his feet did not sink too deep into the ground when he landed.

When he saw the large amount of Gold Drought Ground Sweet Flags, he immediately knew why his feet were not sinking.

It seemed that the Spirit Craftsmen had been busy with other tasks besides building the base.

They had improved the entire humid environment at the edge of the marsh.

The noise that came from Lin Yuan jumping off Rising Lizard’s back startled the Medusa Snake Demons.

When Scale Concubine saw Lin Yuan, it immediately looked respectful and bowed to him.

The Medusa Snake Demons had spent their lives dodging danger at every turn and were extremely wary of everything.

Hence, they instinctively maneuvered into defensive stances and started hissing at Lin Yuan.

When Rising Lizard heard the hissing, it set aside its desire to consume the Medusa Giant Lizards. It roared at the 27 Medusa Snake Demons with all seven of its heads and went into attack mode.

The four strongest Medusa Snake Demons immediately collapsed and held their heads as they howled in agony.

The four Medusa Snake Demons that were in anguish were probably the ones that had become Rising Lizard’s believers.

Lin Yuan did not mind the way that the Medusa Snake Demons had reacted. Rather, he found it normal.

He did not know what the Medusa Snake Demons had experienced under the Drugged Snake Eagle’s tyranny.

They were sure to be on guard in this unfamiliar environment after a lifetime of hardship. This was the nature of every lifeform.

Lin Yuan waved his hand and said, “This is the first time we’re all meeting. It’s unavoidable that we’re uncomfortable with each other. They won’t be so aggressive toward me the next time we meet.”

He turned and asked Wendy, “Wendy, you said you wanted to show me your second Favored Believer. Call it here so I can take a look at it.”

Rising Lizard was still glaring at the 27 Medusa Snake Demons.

It was full of gratitude toward Lin Yuan, who had transformed it into an Apostle, and it respected him from the depths of its soul.

Wendy had told Lin Yuan that Rising Lizard was going to accept all 27 Medusa Snake Demons as its believers. It had also already accepted four of them as its believers.

In the dimensional worlds, a believer’s actions reflected their Apostle’s will.

Thus, there was no way that Rising Lizard would allow his believers to be disrespectful toward Lin Yuan.

Rising Lizard had been ready to kill these four believers. If Lin Yuan had not halted it, the four Medusa Snake Demons would already be skewered on Rising Lizard’s horns.

Wendy’s snake hair also started to move when it saw the Medusa Snake Demons’ aggression toward Lin Yuan.

Every snake was poised to attack for the sake of protecting Lin Yuan.

When Wendy heard what Lin Yuan said, it softened its antagonistic gaze.

It waved its hand toward the marsh and declared, “You big lug, come out and greet Dad. Remember to be gentle! Don’t splash any of the marsh water onto Dad!”


As the last word left Wendy’s lips, the marsh near Lin Yuan started to move violently as though Wendy’s call had awakened a gargantuan creature.

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