Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 1204

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Chapter 1204: Water Demon Support Willow and Water Demon Support Willow

The violently churning marsh was a sign that the creature underwater was at least as large as the Island Whale.

A newly hatched Island Whale was about 500 meters long and could grow up to 3,000 meters as its power increased.

Leaf-covered branches slowly emerged from the marsh, sending the Marsh Crocodiles into a panicked frenzy.

Scale Concubine hurriedly started to sing the Marsh Crocodile Song at an increased speed to calm down the Marsh Crocodiles.

Lin Yuan used True Data as he watched the sturdy grayish-green branches that were covered with twisted leaves.

[Alien Beast Name]: Water Demon Support Willow

[Lifeform State]: Dimensional lifeform (Favored Believer)

[Alien Beast Class]: Class 4

[Totem Faith]: Three Flower Snake-Eyes Totem

Natural Skill:

[Excessive Splitting]: If there is sufficient energy, the Water Demon Support Willow can grow branches endlessly and remove branches. The energy from the branches that grew from it splitting its body will solidify and become even harder than its original body.

Lin Yuan’s eyebrow twitched when he saw the Water Demon Support Willow’s True Data.

Although he could tell that the Water Demon Support Willow’s body was giant, he could not see most of its body which was still underwater.

Excessive Splitting’s strength depended on the Water Demon Support Willow’s size. The larger it was, the more impactful Excessive Splitting would be.

Once the Water Demon Support Willow reached a certain size, it would be able to use its branches to create a large base underwater.

This would open up new possibilities in the marsh.

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But if it were small, its main branches underwater would not be strong enough, and the structure created through Excessive Splitting would not be impressive. Not only would it be worthless, but it would even become trash that took up space in the territory.

Just as Lin Yuan was about to jump into the dirty marsh to see the Water Demon Support Willow’s entire body, Scale Concubine said, “Lord, there is a special white Marsh Crocodile there that I can’t control. At first, it was attracted by all the blood we poured into the marsh. But it saw that there’s nothing to eat here and is about to leave.”

Lin Yuan looked in the direction that Scale Concubine was pointing and saw the seven-meter-long ivory Marsh Crocodile.

The Marsh Crocodile was not creamy white but a pure and sacred type of white that shone faintly. This made the white Marsh Crocodile appear much more imposing.

Lin Yuan used True Data to check on the white Marsh Crocodile.

[Alien Beast]: White Evil Marsh Crocodile

[Lifeform State]: Dimensional lifeform

[Alien Beast Class]: Class 2

Natural Skill:

[Crocodile Group Worship]: It will not meet with any opposition even if it publicly robbed the other Marsh Crocodiles’ food. Its aura will set other Marsh Crocodiles at ease. The more the other Marsh Crocodiles experience its aura, the better they will feel, and their positive feelings will eventually turn into worship. It can attract Marsh Crocodiles within a large radius.


Lin Yuan was astonished.

This Marsh Crocodile was called the White Evil Marsh Crocodile. Its name was evidence that it belonged to the Marsh Crocodile family.

However, there was no mention of the White Evil Marsh Crocodile in any of the information regarding the marsh world in the main world.

Lin Yuan had guessed that the White Evil Marsh Crocodile had reached Class 6.

After all, Marsh Crocodiles’ Class was directly related to their size.

However, this White Evil Marsh Crocodile was only Class 2. Yet, it was already 7 meters long.

As such, he could only imagine how large the White Evil Marsh Crocodile would grow to become.

Rising Lizard’s 14-meter-long tail was already like a moving pillar of flesh.

Once the White Evil Marsh Crocodile reached Class 7, Lin Yuan estimated that it would grow to at least 100-meters-long.

Lin Yuan also learned from True Data why the other Marsh Crocodiles were not attacking the White Evil Marsh Crocodile.

Marsh Crocodiles in their gestating phase were naturally hostile toward young Marsh Crocodiles that they were not blood-related. They would even kill the young Marsh Crocodiles so they would have more space to give birth.

Marsh Crocodiles also reproduced quickly. In a group of so many Marsh Crocodiles, it was unlikely that there was not a single gestating Marsh Crocodile.

The other Marsh Crocodiles were not attacking the White Evil Marsh Crocodile because of Crocodile Group Worship.

From the moment Lin Yuan saw Crocodile Group Worship, he became certain that the White Evil Marsh Crocodile was extraordinary.

The marsh world was full of peril, and dimensional lifeforms were all possessive over their food.

Crocodile Group Worship not only allowed the White Evil Marsh Crocodile to steal other Marsh Crocodiles’ food without facing opposition, but it also allowed the White Evil Marsh Crocodile to be worshiped by other Marsh Crocodiles.

The White Evil Marsh Crocodile could use this natural skill to gather a group of Marsh Crocodile guards.

With so many of its worshippers offering it their faith, it would naturally transform into an Apostle.

Heavenly Family Feys were heavenly lifeforms from the main world. But this White Evil Marsh Crocodile was the heavenly lifeform from the marsh world.

There was no way Lin Yuan would allow this dimensional lifeform to slip away.

He said to the waiting Scale Concubine, “Scale Concubine, continue singing the Marsh Crocodile Song.”

Lin Yuan said to the Invisible Demon in his shadow, “Shadow, after you capture the White Evil Marsh Crocodile, kill any other Marsh Crocodile that makes a wrong move.”

A shadow emerged from Lin Yuan’s shadow and kicked the White Evil Marsh Crocodile to the ground.

The White Evil Marsh Crocodile was about to start struggling, but it was quickly enveloped by the Marsh Ground Sphagna and left incapacitated.

At that moment, all of the Marsh Crocodiles in the marsh went hysterical.


Scale Concubine’s Marsh Crocodile Song no longer worked.

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