Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 1213

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Chapter 1213: Soul-Stealing Lin Yuan

A lifeform’s bloodline was decided by its parents, and it had no choice in the matter.

But if the lifeform received the favor of a Dictator, it did not matter, even if it was the Marsh Crocodile. No one would look down on a lifeform that had the favor of a Dictator.

White Speak badly hoped that this Dictator would grant it the dictator’s prize, which represented the Dictator’s favor.

However, White Speak knew that it came from a lowly background and dared not explicitly make the request for fear of offending Lin Yuan.

One of them didn’t dare to speak while the other was at a loss. As such, they were both stuck.

Although the White Evil Marsh Crocodile was afraid of White Speak, it was still White Speak’s child. The White Evil Marsh Crocodile had started asking for mercy on White Speak’s behalf.

Lin Yuan looked vexed by the White Evil Marsh Crocodile’s pleas for mercy.

At that moment, the Marsh Ground Sphagna said in its raspy voice full of respect, “Lord, this crocodile sure is greedy. How dare it kneel and ask for your dictator’s prize!”

The Marsh Ground Sphagna sneered arrogantly at White Speak, “How dare you ask for our Lord Dictator’s dictator’s prize before even dedicating your loyalty to him?”

Previously, the Marsh Ground Sphagna never even dared to breathe before White Speak. But now that it had Lin Yuan by its side, it could be as pompous as it pleased.

Predator plants were at the bottom of the food chain. Although the Marsh Ground Sphagna had mocked White Speak, its words also served as a reminder.

White Speak immediately took out two balls of rainbow light and lifted them up toward Lin Yuan as it said, “Lord, the one in my right hand is the Dark Scorpion’s source totem while the one in my left hand is a source totem I stole from another Apostle. I’m not sure exactly what totem this source totem came from. These two are my most precious possessions. Please accept them!”


Lin Yuan realized that sacred source lifeforms were known as source totems in the marsh world.

He badly wanted the two sacred source lifeforms that White Speak was offering. However, he did not immediately receive them from White Speak.

Instead, he nonchalantly said to the Marsh Ground Sphagna, “Marsh Ground Sphagna, you know quite a lot. What is a dictator’s prize?”

It seemed like Lin Yuan was praising the Marsh Ground Sphagna, and it smugly said, “When I was following that stupid scorpion, it once used me as a carpet for its cave. It was then that I happened to hear some secrets regarding the dictator’s prize. Apparently, the dictator’s prize is a prize that comes from a Dictator’s body. Every dictator’s prize has its own abilities, and it can grant Apostles great benefits, and it’s the thing that every Apostle dreams of obtaining one day.

“However, these are all just things I heard. I have no idea if what that stupid scorpion said was true. It’s not like that stupid scorpion had the right to come into contact with a dictator’s prize. Lord, exactly what is a dictator’s prize? What can it do? I’m sure you know best!”

Lin Yuan’s eyes lit up.

Suppose the dictator’s prize was just something that could greatly benefit an Apostle and was completely separate from the Dictator itself. In that case, it could be said that Faith Water had very similar abilities to a dictator’s prize.

Faith Water was a warm stream of water formed from faith power and could nourish a lifeform that relied on faith power. It could also enable the lifeform to rapidly recover its faith power and slowly increase the faith power in its body.

When Faith Water was distributed out then recollected, one would also obtain the faith power that the target which had been granted the Faith Water had gained.

Lin Yuan looked up at White Speak and saw that its gaze was brimming with admiration and pure longing. It looked like an ignorant fey that was yearning for spirit qi.

The moment that White Speak and Lin Yuan’s eyes met, White Speak was lost in Lin Yuan’s azure eyes. White Speak’s face flushed, and it dipped its head.


White Speak’s faith power was higher average, and its source sacred body was flawlessly beautiful.

The source sacred body was an ability that Apostles gained when their life rank was promoted, and it refined their life as a whole.

Hence, there was no ugly source sacred bodies.

White Speak had come across many Apostles’ source sacred bodies during its travels in the East Vast Large Lake. It had even seen Brilliant Star’s source sacred body once. Brilliant Star’s source sacred body was considered the most beautiful source sacred body in the Marsh East Region.

Ever since then, White Speak had never forgotten that image of Brilliant Star that it had glimpsed from afar.

But now, Brilliant Star paled in comparison next to Lin Yuan. Its gorgeous smile and beauty that could rival the constellations in the sky was a far cry from Lin Yuan’s soul-stealing emotionless expression.

Many powerful Apostles in the Marsh East Region had given up everything they had in order to gain favor with the breathtaking Brilliant Star.

If any of those Apostles saw Lin Yuan’s faith body, they would not be as impressed by Brilliant Star’s source sacred body.

Suddenly, White Speak had the urge to ask Lin Yuan to participate in the Marsh East Region’s beauty contest.


The Marsh East Region’s beauty contest winner won the right to live in Marsh East Palace.

But given that Lin Yuan was a Dictator, White Speak pushed this notion away.

Suddenly, White Speak sensed Lin Yuan’s mysterious faith power surging. The faith power seeped out of the water and draped over Lin Yuan’s body like a gossamer vest of faith power.

The vest extended ten miles behind Lin Yuan, and the train was almost as large as Lin Yuan’s territory.

Lin Yuan was also astonished by the might of his faith power.

He had never activated his faith power in the main world. Yet, he felt that he would be able to produce an equally large impact if he activated his faith power in the main world.

The might of the faith power should be enhanced by the faith power’s close tie to the dimensional world.

Lin Yuan activated all his faith power now in order to use Dark Blue’s Faith Water.

He had been rather unsure when he used Faith Water as he did not know if White Speak would truly accept it as a dictator’s prize.

All of a sudden, Lin Yuan felt heat bloom in his chest, and a curved amber stream burst forth from his chest.

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