Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 1214

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Chapter 1214: Marsh East Circle, Palace of Everything

The stream of twisting Faith Water flowed endlessly out of Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan silently tossed the Faith Water to the kneeling White Speak.

In spite of his cold expression, he was panicking internally.

White Speak received the Faith Water with delighted shock. It was as though it was gazing upon something incredible.

Lin Yuan’s panic spiked, and he thought, Did White Speak notice something about the Faith Water? If it’s suspicious in any way, I’ll have to use the Extreme Token.

Just as Lin Yuan was about to use his spiritual power to trigger the Extreme Token, White Speak cried out, “Thank you for your dictator’s prize, Lord Dictator! I didn’t expect your dictator’s prize to have such powerful effects. I’m slightly overwhelmed. Please excuse my behavior! You must be in a cycle. Please allow me to stay by your side!”

Lin Yuan’s expression did not change, but he made a mental note of what White Speak said.

He did not understand what being in a cycle meant but could not ask White Speak about it at such a time.

Lin Yuan made a mental calculation of whether it would be worth it to keep White Speak by his side.

His conclusion was that it would not be best to keep White Speak by his side.

Although it would greatly increase Lin Yuan’s combat power to have White Speak by his side, he would not be able to take White Speak to the main world, and there was no contract between him and White Speak.

Their current relationship was based on White Speak’s assumption that he was a Dictator. If he allowed White Speak to stick close to him, it was likely that White Speak’s suspicions would eventually be raised.

Lies were best left untouched. As such, it would be best if he kept White Speak at arm’s length.

“White Speak, if you want to follow me, why don’t you take over the Dark Scorpion’s territory? Now that the Dark Scorpion is dead, its territory is left without a ruler.”

White Speak looked disappointed by Lin Yuan’s words as it meant that it would not be able to stay by Lin Yuan’s side.

White Speak carefully took stock of the situation in the Dark Scorpion’s territory and said, “Lord Dictator, the Dark Scorpion’s territory happens to be right outside your territory. Anyone who wants to enter your territory has to first pass through the Dark Scorpion’s territory. I will stay in the Dark Scorpion’s territory to act as your first line of defense.”

White Speak glanced at its son, who had been rolling affectionately around Lin Yuan to plead for mercy on its behalf.

He’s truly my son. He knows that he has to stay on my side!

As White Speak thought about its young and blessed son, it said to Lin Yuan tentatively, “Lord, I plan on expanding once I settle the Dark Scorpion’s territory. It’ll be best if I manage to take control of the entire East Vast Large Lake. While I’m expanding the territory, it won’t be convenient to keep White Pavilion with me. Why don’t…”

Lin Yuan immediately knew what White Speak was getting at.

He never had the intention of allowing White Speak to take the White Evil Marsh Crocodile away as he needed a lot of help from the White Evil Marsh Crocodile in order to expand his territory. If White Speak took the White Evil Marsh Crocodile away, where would he find the labor to replace the work he had intended for the White Evil Marsh Crocodile? How would he be able to develop his underwater combat power?

Although he had already come to a decision, he did not immediately agree to White Speak’s request.

Instead, he asked, “Do you have the means to obtain source totems?”

White Speak hurriedly handed the two sacred source lifeforms to Lin Yuan again.

This time, Lin Yuan accepted them and stored the unknown sacred source lifeform in the amber-button-shaped Diamond fey storage box, while the Dark Scorpion’s source totem was placed in the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

Although the Dark Scorpion’s source totem was wrapped in rainbow light now that it was a sacred source lifeform, Lin Yuan could still use the totem’s appearance and the Apostle’s sacred abilities to come up with hypotheses regarding what the sacred source lifeform would look like once it was contracted.

White Speak immediately spilled the beans on the situation, “There are two ways to obtain source totems. First, kill an Apostle that can unleash its source sacred body. Once it’s dead, it will leave behind a source totem that corresponds to its totem. The other method is to the Marsh East Circle, where only Apostles are allowed to enter and trade with the Palace of Everything. You can take anything to be appraised at the Palace of Everything, and a suitable price will be set. The Palace of Everything will then offer resources in exchange for the appraised item.”


White Speak paused. But when it saw Lin Yuan gesturing at it to continue speaking, it gingerly went on. “The Palace of Everything is not a faction that is native to the Marsh East Circle. However, the Palace of Everything is ranked even higher than the Marsh East Palace where the 10 great Apostles live. Dictator Everything built the Palace of Everything, and it can be found in every region of the marsh world. Any item in the Palace of Everything that catches Dictator Everything’s eye can be traded for a dictator’s treasure.”

From what White Speak just said, Lin Yuan learned how he could obtain sacred source lifeforms in the marsh world.

It would be much more convenient to obtain sacred source lifeforms in the marsh world than waiting for a Class 5 dimensional rift to open in the main world.

Additionally, White Speak also confirmed Lin Yuan’s hypothesis that Apostles that had below average and above faith power would be able to unlock their sacred source body and gain a sacred ability. Once they died, their totem would become a sacred source lifeform.

Lin Yuan noted down the information about Marsh East Circle, Marsh East Palace, Palace of Everything, and Dictator Everything.

He knew that he still did not have enough power to enter the Marsh East Circle.

To be on the safe side, he could not enter the Marsh East Circle as a Dictator. Otherwise, it could result in a mess that he had no means of cleaning up.

Even the branches of a Dictator’s faction could enter the Marsh East Palace in the Marsh East Circle.

As such, it was likely that there were no Dictators in the Marsh East Region.

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