Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 1561

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Chapter 1561: Uncle Blood, Stay Calm!

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At that moment, a look of nostalgia appeared on Blood New Moon’s face. He was silent for a moment before saying, “My heavenly family blessing is different from Jade Sundial’s. However, this change enabled my heavenly family blessing to become even more ferocious.

“When the Red Water Blood Snakes are covered with the robe of sunset light, they will possess Immortal power of burning. However, they will have to absorb energy from the sun to recharge after each time that it’s used.

“Daughter, within a decade, you won’t have to be afraid of any lifeform below Immortal anymore. I will find a way to raise you to Immortal within ten years.”

A parent’s love was boundless.

Although this was the first day that Blood New Moon had reunited with the Mother of Bloodbath, he was already starting to pave its future.


No parent in the world would have an easy time.

No other fey would dare to say the same thing to their offspring that Blood New Moon did.

Moreover, very few feys could help their children evolve to such a large extent.

To fulfill the promise that Blood New Moon just made to the Mother of Bloodbath, he would need to work hard for the next ten years.

Perhaps this was Blood New Moon’s way of expressing his unique brand of fatherly love.

The Mother of Bloodbath’s eyes welled up with tears, and it said softly, “Dad, follow me. You don’t need to tire yourself out. All you need to do is stay by my side from now on.”

The most urgent thing in the Mother of Bloodbath’s mind was to increase its power so that it could live up to its duty of being Lin Yuan’s Path Protector instead of continuing to be protected by him.

But now that the Mother of Bloodbath had received Blood New Moon’s heavenly family blessing and could take on Immortal experts, it would quickly be able to fulfill its role of being Lin Yuan’s Path Protector.

Moreover, White Speak had already reached pinnacle Immortal.

Although the heavenly family blessing had strengthened the Mother of Bloodbath’s power, it still could not compete with White Speak.

Hence, the Mother of Bloodbath had to face reality.

The Mother of Bloodbath had watched how Lin Yuan had grown step by step in the past year.

Even if it could truly reach Immortal in ten years, it would be unimaginable what level Lin Yuan would have reached in that same time.

Thus, rather than let its father exhaust himself for its sake, it would be better for him to protect Lin Yuan in the shadows using his Eternal power.

This way, it would always be able to see Blood New Moon.

When Blood New Moon heard what the Mother of Bloodbath said, he smiled kindly.

Although he did not say anything, he had already decided what he was going to do.

However, his idea was about to be changed by Lin Yuan.

He followed the Red Water Blood Snakes to the center of the lava zone and immediately spotted the spider-leg-shaped precious stone.

No one present had seen Jade Sundial’s original body for themselves. However, Blood New Moon had not only seen it but also touched it.

Hence, one look was enough for Blood New Moon to be certain that it was Jade Sundial’s leg.

However, Blood New Moon also knew that this precious rock had not actually been formed from Jade Sundial’s leg but was probably a portion of her soul that had changed the rock alongside the nourishment of the fire elements.

What Lin Yuan meant by collecting souls was probably to collect the vestiges of Jade Sundial’s soul from the precious rock.

This vestige of soul seemed like a wisp of lost hope to Blood New Moon. Even if it was collected, it would be able to bring about revival.

Still, this wisp of lost hope was enough for Blood New Moon to embrace it as his greatest treasure for the rest of his life.

At that moment, Lin Yuan said, “Uncle Blood, this precious rock is harder than Blood Love, and I expected. You need to break it in order for me to collect the soul inside it.”

Blood New Moon used his Immortal power to sense that there was another lifeform next to Lin Yuan.

This lifeform was continuously searching for souls.

This discovery astonished Blood New Moon.

Blood New Moon was able to discover this lifeform because it was constantly activating its soul. Otherwise, the lifeform would be utterly undetectable to Blood New Moon.

When Lin Yuan saw the expression on Blood New Moon’s face, Lin Yuan knew that he did not have to fuse with Dark Blue to enable Blood New Moon to see the Remembrance Soul Whale.

The Remembrance Soul Whale was so important that it had become an important secret weapon to Lin Yuan.

There were so many feys present that Lin Yuan could not expose the Remembrance Soul Whale.

However, Lin Yuan did not mind explaining to Blood New Moon, “Uncle Blood, it might not have much combat ability, but it can use spiritual ingredients with soul power in them to nourish dead souls and complete them. However, the soul needs a sufficient amount of the soul to unlock the memories from when it was still alive.”

Blood New Moon was stunned again.

He immediately charged at Lin Yuan with delight and screamed, “Will Jade Sundial’s memories be unlocked if enough of her soul is gathered? Is it true? Is it really true?”

Lin Yuan could not help but roll his eyes.

The Mother of Bloodbath had already told Blood New Moon over the phone that there was a chance that Jade Sundial could be revived. Blood New Moon had clearly heard the information!

How could Jade Sundial be revived if her soul wasn’t collected and her memories from when she was alive weren’t unlocked?

Uncle Blood, you’re already so grown and experienced. Can you remain calm?

Nonetheless, Lin Yuan could also understand Blood New Moon’s feelings.

If his parents could be revived now, he would be just as excited as Blood New Moon was.

Unfortunately, Lin Yuan and Chu Ci were not so blessed.

When Blood New Moon heard the shocking piece of information, he needed a guarantee from Lin Yuan.

“Exactly. However, the precious rock must contain enough of her soul. Otherwise, Auntie Jade Sundial will have partial amnesia when she is revived. The lost memories will be the less important ones. She will never forget you, Blood Love, or the other members of the Heavenly Family Cottage.”

Blood New Moon bowed to Lin Yuan and said, “I have no idea how I can thank you. From now on, I won’t hesitate to do anything you want, even if it might lead to my death.”

The souls of Myth Breed feys could already solidify into bodies. As such, the Eternal Jade Sundial could also do so.

However, Jade Sundial needed her memories for her soul to solidify.

Even if she did not have a body, the three of them could be a complete family living happily together.

This was something that Blood New Moon had never dared to dream of in the past.

In the past, Blood New Moon would never have been able to bring himself to break the precious stone that contained a part of Jade Sundial’s soul.

But now, Blood New Moon walked up and reached out his hand to smash the precious rock.

Blood New Moon had smashed the precious rock into very fine pieces.

He was afraid Lin Yuan’s fey would be unable to collect all of Jade Sundial’s soul power from the precious stone.

Blood New Moon remembered that Jade Sundial’s biggest wish had been to see their daughter, even once.

The Remembrance Soul Whale could use the fluctuations from its brain to check on a soul that it had locked on.

Soon, the Remembrance Soul Whale started to use Soul Knot to accumulate the Sky Sundial Jade Spider’s soul.

But while it was searching, Lin Yuan furrowed his brow.

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