Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 685 - The Creation Master’s Taboo

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Chapter 685: The Creation Master’s Taboo

Lin Yuan planned on testing Genius to see if it could concoct spirit fluid.

If Genius could really concoct spirit fluid, Sky City would have gained another way to soar even higher.

Lin Yuan asked, “Genius, when you’re learning Scholar, Fey Observer, and Spiritual Ingredient Analyst information, did you pick up anything about how to combine spiritual ingredients?”

When Genius heard what Lin Yuan said, it cocked its small head and seemed to think for a while before saying, “If you can understand the attributes of every spiritual ingredient, it’s theoretically easy to combine them. As long as you use spiritual energy to whip each spiritual ingredient according to its characteristics, I think it’s really easy!”

Lin Yuan could not help but scratch his head.

If other Creation Masters heard what Genius had said, they would probably be hopping mad.

Creation Masters sometimes failed to concoct spirit fluids because a problem arose when they were using spiritual energy to homogenize spiritual ingredients.

This was an error that no Creation Master could completely avoid.

However, Genius had talked about it in such a casual manner.

Lin Yuan reached into the amber-button-shaped fey storage box to take out a few spiritual ingredients.

The spiritual ingredients included clear stream water, Bronze cockscomb rattan, and a drop of Silver fire-type avian-type fey essence blood.

Lin Yuan placed the three spiritual ingredients onto the floor of the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

If normal Creation Masters did not use a workbench and squatted on the floor to concoct spirit fluids, the effectiveness would definitely be affected.

However, Genius was so small that it would also be squatting on the table even if a workbench was used. It was no different from working on the floor directly.

Lin Yuan said, “Genius, try to see if you can combine these three spiritual ingredients.”

Genius meowed and said confidently in its child-like voice, “Yuan, I’ll definitely be able to do it.”

There were no special classes on creation mastery, and there were many recipes for using spiritual ingredients to concoct spirit fluids on Star Web.

When Lin Yuan had gone to take the exam to become a Class 2 Creation Master, the Creation Master Association had given him two free information packets.

One packet was a Grade 1 spirit fluid concoction manual that the Creation Master Association had also given him when he was taking the exam to become a Class 1 Creation Master.

The second information packet was a Grade 2 spirit fluid concoction manual.

Any person that became a Creation Master in the Radiance Federation would be able to share in the Creation Master information, just like how Lin Yuan had gained the spirit fluid concoction manual.

Naturally, not all the spirit fluid concoction recipes were public knowledge.

A specific Creation Master created a few special spirit fluid concoction recipes. As such, the recipes would only be privy to that Creation Master.

For example, the Sea Bliss Clan had nurtured many Angelfish of Bliss because they had a special method of cultivating Angelfish of Bliss.

This method of cultivation definitely used the spirit fluid the Sea Bliss Clan’s Creation Masters concocted. The special spirit fluid was key in enabling the Sea Bliss Clan to cultivate so many Angelfish of Bliss.

The true test of a Class 3 Creation Master’s powers lay in their ability to control spiritual energy when they concocted spirit fluids.

There were also some feys that had an innate understanding of spiritual ingredients.

At that moment, Genius started condensing spiritual energy in its paws and was working with the spiritual ingredients that Lin Yuan had taken out.

When it came to using the crystal bottle that was needed when concocting spirit fluids, Genius seemed unfamiliar with it.

However, after working with the crystal bottle for a while, Genius became familiar with its utilization.

When Genius first started to manipulate the spiritual ingredients, it already displayed an extremely advanced level of ability.

Since Genius had learned the knowledge of Class 3 Scholars, Class 3 Spiritual Ingredient Analysts, and Class 3 Fey Observers on Star Web, its knowledge bank had already far exceeded that of any Class 3 Creation Masters.

No matter how strong a person was, they were still limited by their genes and the memorization abilities that they had been born with.

However, the spiritual energy in Genius’ brain could encompass endless knowledge. It could use Precise Memory to memorize any information it had heard or seen before.

Moreover, the information it memorized included even the most minute details.

Genius could also use Knowledge Analysis to organize the information it had memorized and make the best guess based on the details of the information it had.

Thus, the double effect of Precise Memory and Knowledge Analysis allowed Genius to create a mammoth knowledge map.

Despite it being the first time that Genius was performing such tasks, its unfamiliarity was overshadowed by the fact that the process was already encoded in its mind like data in a computer.

It could choose the best times to add in the spiritual ingredients based on their characteristics.

It could also use its spiritual energy to choose the best rate of agitation that would perfectly combine the three spiritual ingredients.

Lin Yuan took a Fire-Beaked Duck out of his fey storage box.

Lin Yuan and the Mother of Bloodbath had caught this Fire-Beaked Duck when they visited the Endless Forest to look for opportunities for Red Thorn.

However, Lin Yuan had not had the chance to evolve the Fire-Beaked Duck after all this time.

There were actually many types of low-grade spirit fluids. Lin Yuan had chosen the clear stream water, Bronze cockscomb rattan, and fire-type avian-type fey essence blood because he had the Elite Fire-Beaked Duck.

The best way to prove that Genius could concoct spirit fluids was to see if the Grade 1 spirit fluid that Genius concocted could evolve the Fire-Beaked Duck to Bronze grade.

The best way to test a spirit fluid that could evolve feys was to see its efficacy.

This was why when spirit qi professionals chose to request for a Creation Master’s help in evolving their feys, they would rather hand their feys over to the Creation Master than buy the spirit fluid from the Creation Master.

It was because it was risky to buy spirit fluids from a Creation Master.

Previously, a superior Class 4 Creation Masters had sold a spirit fluid to a king-class expert. The king-class expert had paid for the spirit fluid, but when the time came for the transaction to be completed, the spirit fluid could not evolve any of the king-class expert’s feys.

This incident had blown up in the Radiance Federation.

When something like this happened, it severely damaged the reputation of the Creation Master in question.

However, Creation Masters were not fully to blame for such incidents.

After all, the Creation Master might be able to guarantee that the spirit fluid they concocted was of high quality, but if the person who possessed it did not use it properly, problems could also arise with the spirit fluid.


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