Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 686 - Two Little Geniuses

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Chapter 686: Two Little Geniuses

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Additionally, every fey had a different physique and aptitude.

A low-quality spirit fluid could also enable a fey of a high grade or quality to evolve.

However, an average-grade spirit fluid might not enable a low-grade fey to evolve their grade or feys successfully.

Due to these reasons, there were almost no Creation Masters who sold spirit fluids directly. The sale of spirit fluids became a sort of taboo.

Lin Yuan looked at the silly Elite/Elite Fire-Beaked Duck that liked to retract its neck and started to activate his spiritual power to evolve the Fire-Beaked Duck.

Lin Yuan’s harvesting of feys was just like taking over the fey’s fate from Mother Nature.

He decided that he would treat every fey that he harvested well. Even if he could not continuously harvest these feys, he would make sure to find a suitable buyer for them that would grant the feys a Willpower Rune..

The spirit fluid that Genius concocted was meant to evolve the Fire-Beaked Duck’s grade and not quality.

Lin Yuan wanted to evolve the Fire-Beaked Duck to Epic quality first so that when it evolved to Bronze, it would have three choices of exclusive skills.

As such, it would not have to continue stumbling in the dark.

In a few minutes, Lin Yuan had already evolved the Fire-Beaked Duck to Elite X/Epic.

By the time Lin Yuan was done evolving the Fire-Beaked Duck’s quality, Genius was almost done concocting the spirit fluid.

Although Lin Yuan already possessed the power of a Class 5 Creation Master, he had never concocted a spirit fluid.

But as the Moon Empress’s disciple, he knew how long it usually took for a Creation Master to concoct a spirit fluid.

A Class 1 Creation Master usually took about an hour to concoct a Grade 1 spirit fluid.

If the spirit fluid required many spiritual ingredients, the concoction could take up to two hours.

There were very few Creation Masters around, and each of them did not have a high rate of production.

This was why Creation Masters were placed on a pedestal, and Creation Master resources were so expensive.

Creation Master resources were very precious items.

In order to obtain Creation Master resources, spirit qi professionals not only needed to use their power. They also needed to spend their wealth and make use of their connections.

Accordingly, Class 2 and Class 3 Creation Masters required a similar amount of time to concoct spirit fluids.

However, a Class 3 Creation Master could concoct a Grade 1 spirit fluid much quicker.

A few Class 3 Creation Masters with more solid powers would only need about ten minutes to concoct a Grade 1 spirit fluid.

Lin Yuan used two minutes to evolve the Fire-Beaked Duck.

Genius was only a few seconds behind.

Thus, Genius used about three minutes to concoct a Grade 1 spirit fluid.

In other words, Genius’ speed of concocting spirit fluids already exceeded highly skilled Class 3 Creation Masters by three times.

Unfortunately, Genius could not compare to the speed of Class 4 Creation Masters.

When a Creation Master reached Class 4, they could use the power of their soul and would be in a completely different league from Class 3 Creation Masters, who could only use spiritual energy.

Genius used its mouth to grab the crystal bottle with red spirit fluid inside and handed it to Lin Yuan.

“Yuan, I definitely succeeded!” announced Genius confidently.

Lin Yuan saw how confident Genius was and immediately fed the spirit fluid to the Elite X/Epic Fire-Beaked Duck.

The Fire-Beaked Duck started to evolve under the effects of the spirit fluid, and its body quickly expanded.

Despite being a duck, many sinewy muscles started to bulge all over its body.

The Fire-Beaked Duck’s beak was also enlarged.

When the beaks joined together, the loud clanging of metal could be heard, and a blinding arc of flames shot out.

Lin Yuan looked at the Fire-Beaked Duck’s beak and felt that if it could eat Silver sweet pineapple, its beak would probably be able to quickly pick out all the black spots.

In True Data, the Fire-Beaked Duck’s name had changed to Burning Muscled Duck.

For some reason, Lin Yuan felt that the name generated a burning sensation in the air.

The evolved Fire-Beaked Duck did not look like a normal duck at all. Regardless, its qualifications were very good.

The bulging muscles were brimming with strength. If it was sold to the right spirit qi professional, it would probably fetch a good price.

After the Fire-Beaked Duck evolved, none of its exclusive skills appealed to Lin Yuan. In the end, he picked Gathering Muscles as the exclusive skill, which allowed the Burning Muscled Duck to increase its muscles during battle and exhibit a terrifying amount of strength.

But shortly after, Lin Yuan saw the changes in the Burning Muscled Duck’s True Data information, and his eyes widened.

The Grade 1 spirit fluid concocted by Genius did not just stop at evolving the Fire-Beaked Duck to Bronze.

It also evolved the Bronze I Burning Muscled Duck to Bronze II.

This short leap in grade had used the Grade 1 spirit fluid’s effects to its limits, and it had even had the slight effects of a Grade 2 spirit fluid.

Lin Yuan remembered the Moon Empress mentioning something like this to him before.

This situation would only occur to a perfect spirit fluid.

The concoction of spirit fluids involved the combination of spiritual ingredients. If the spiritual ingredients were only 20% and below combined, the spirit fluid would be inferior.

Spirit fluids that were 20% to 40% combined were considered low-grade. Spirit fluids that were 40% to 60% combined were considered average-grade. Spirit fluids that were 60% to 80% combined were considered high-grade. Spirit fluids that were 80% to 100% combined were considered perfect.

Most spirit fluids concocted by Creation Masters were about 50% combined and average-grade. Occasionally, they would be able to concoct high-grade spirit fluids.

It was not by chance that Genius had been able to concoct a perfect spirit fluid that was at least 80% combined on its first try.

This was attributed to the immense amount of information and deep understanding of spiritual ingredients that Genius wielded, as well as the perfect control of spiritual energy that Genius gained after evolving to the Beast that Connects Everything.

Lin Yuan rubbed Genius’ head and complimented, “Genius, you’re really a little genius!”

When Genius heard Lin Yuan’s praise, it happily nudged Lin Yuan’s finger and basked in the praise.

Chimey, which was perched on Genius’ head, asked sulkily, “Yuan, aren’t I a little genius too?”

Lin Yuan was amused by Chimey’s question and quickly replied, “Chimey and Genius are both little geniuses.”


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