Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 865: Lin Yuan's Topic

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Chapter 865: Lin Yuan’s Topic

Besides allowing those who had the Fate Letter to custom-order a Bronze/Epic fey, Sky City was also working with the Sea Bliss Clan, Condense Fairy Orchard, and the Azure Guard.

Master Duan Li was still providing Lin Yuan with free labor, but their deal would be done in a month, and Master Duan Li would no longer need to work hard at concocting Platinum Water Potions for him anymore.

Master Hong Shen was the only Class 4 Creation Master in the Return from Faraway Mansion. However, his time was occupied with researching the basement’s construction with Hu Quan and helping Zhang Xiaobai and the rest to evolve their feys.

Master Hong Shen was only human. After he was done evolving feys for Zhang Xiaobai and the rest, he would be busy with evolving the Angelfish of Bliss’s grades.

Thus, the Return from Faraway Mansion’s Creation Master role would be stagnant for the foreseeable future. Lin Yuan the machine was fully capable of providing all of Sky City’s Creation Master resource needs.

Lin Yuan suddenly felt that Sky City could capitalize on his Creation Master techniques to use luck as his role and create a new direction to develop in.

The Spirit Guard outside Lin Yuan’s room had been taken aback by Lin Yuan’s young age, and he had watched Lin Yuan’s expression as he opened the scroll.

This made the Spirit Guard slightly curious because the young man not only did not frown when he saw his topic but even looked more relieved.

During the Arts Stage, the room that this Spirit Guard had been in charge of had also been picked.

However, when that challenger looked at their topic, they immediately furrowed their brow and a look of despair came over their face.

The Spirit Guard looked at the young man as he walked up to him, handed him the sheepskin scroll, and said, “Sorry to inconvenience you.”

The Spirit Guard received the sheepskin scroll and checked the topic before heading off to make preparations.

He was sure that the only reason this young man did not look depressed was that he had already resigned himself to his fate.

The topic chosen was the one that tested a Creation Master’s ability to evolve a fey’s grade the most.

Lin Yuan watched as the Spirit Guard walked over to the enormous cabinets in the breeding room.

The cabinets had over 1,000 drawers in total, and the Spirit Guard reached down to open a drawer on the bottom right corner and took out a Diamond fey storage box from within. He gave the Diamond fey storage box to Lin Yuan before walking out of the room.

His movements had been so agile that it had taken him less than half a minute to finish reading the question and retrieve the ingredients.

Lin Yuan emptied out everything inside the Diamond fey storage box onto the work table and saw five purple-eyed Hanging Ear Electric Rabbits staring curiously at him. Their floppy ears sparked with bright electricity every few moments.

Besides the five healthy Hanging Ear Electric Rabbits, there was also an extremely weak one that was curled into a ball.

Its ears lay limply and were charred black. It was clear that it was seriously injured.

Lin Yuan ascertained that it was about to die after checking on the injured Hanging Ear Electric Rabbit’s condition.

This was the Hanging Ear Electric Rabbit mentioned in the sheepskin scroll that Lin Yuan needed to heal.

Although the Hanging Ear Electric Rabbit had a cute expression, could be kept as a pet, and had long soft ears that could be wrapped around one’s neck to keep warm, it was a very violent and combative fey.

The severely injured Hanging Ear Electric Rabbit had to have been hit by the recoil of electricity after using its abilities and caused its roots to be damaged.

Other than the six Hanging Ear Electric Rabbits, there was also a large pile of a variety of rare spiritual ingredients in the Diamond fey storage box.

Not many spiritual ingredients were required to evolve and heal the Hanging Ear Electric Rabbits, so the extra spiritual ingredients could only be there to increase the difficulty.

Lin Yuan picked the Silver Anesthetic Leaf that was commonly used by Creation Masters and healing-type spirit qi professionals.

Despite being favored by Creation Masters and healing-type spirit qi professionals, the Anesthetic Leaf could not heal feys but could put feys to sleep when consumed so as to reduce the pain of treatment.

After Sky City started expanding toward the Creation Master direction, the Anesthetic Leaf was a must-have for Lin Yuan when he was nurturing feys.

In order to save time, Lin Yuan always nurtured feys in the Spirit Lock spatial zone. Without the Anesthetic Leaf, the more intelligent feys would have remembered what the Spirit Lock spatial zone looked like, and Lin Yuan did not want this to happen.

First, he fed the six Hanging Ear Electric Rabbits the Anesthetic Leaves, and they quickly fell asleep.

Next, Lin Yuan summoned Genius, which immediately stretched out its five voluminous tails.

Genius scampered up to Lin Yuan’s shoulder and nudged its face against Lin Yuan’s cheek as it said, “Yuan, Chimey is going to live-stream tonight. I was helping it to decorate its live-streaming room.”

This raised a question in Lin Yuan’s mind. What was wrong with Chimey’s live-streaming room that Genius needed to help decorate it?

But before Lin Yuan could ponder further, he said to Genius, “Genius, pick out the spiritual ingredients that can evolve and heal these six Hanging Ear Electric Rabbits.”

Lin Yuan placed his hand on the injured Hanging Ear Electric Rabbit’s charred ears and circulated his spiritual power to inject a large amount of pure spiritual power into the Hanging Ear Electric Rabbit’s body.

Shortly after, the Hanging Ear Electric Rabbit was healed and its quality evolved to Bronze/Flawless.

Lin Yuan had only used six minutes so far.

Whenever Lin Yuan evolved feys to Epic quality, he spent most of the time at the stage of evolving feys from Flawless to Epic.

It did not require much spirit qi to evolve feys to Flawless quality, and Lin Yuan could do it even when he was not in the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

From the moment he had seen the topic, Lin Yuan knew what the person who had set the question was trying to achieve.

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