Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 866: The Young Have Always Emerged as Heroes!

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Chapter 866: The Young Have Always Emerged as Heroes!

Lin Yuan also knew how normal Creation Masters would approach this topic.

Other Creation Masters would first heal the injured Hanging Ear Electric Rabbit before evolving the other Hanging Ear Electric Rabbits from Normal to Elite quality.

Next, they would concoct a Grade 3 spirit fluid bottle specifically meant to evolve Bronze grade feys from Elite to Flawless.

It would take some time to concoct a Grade 3 spirit fluid bottle.

It was easy for Class 3 Creation Masters to concoct a Grade 3 spirit fluid for one fey, but it would be a true test of their power to concoct enough spirit fluid for six feys.

Genius would take at least two hours to concoct enough Grade 3 spirit fluids to evolve six feys, and the slightest mistake would result in complete failure.

Yet, Lin Yuan had completed his topic in 17 minutes and 40 seconds.

Lin Yuan stored the spiritual ingredients that Genius had picked out into the Spirit Lock spatial zone before walking out of the breeding room to see Zuo Ming.

Zuo Ming quickly walked up to greet Lin Yuan because he thought an issue had arisen while he was competing.

Most Creation Masters would waste some spiritual ingredients while concocting spirit fluids. However, an extra set of spiritual ingredients had been prepared for the Arts Stage component of the Martial Arts Stage.

Zuo Ming thought, Is the Radiant Moon Palace’s Young Lord coming to ask me to prepare another set of spiritual ingredients? If so, I’ll be in a hard spot.

A mistake must have been made if there was any wastage during the concoction of spirit fluids. It would be impossible to come in amongst the top few in the Arts Stage component in such a situation.

Just as Zuo Ming was about to ask Lin Yuan what had happened, Lin Yuan said in a clear and bright voice, “Senior Zuo Ming, I’ve finished my topic.”

Lin Yuan waited for Zuo Ming to assess his results.

Zuo Ming hurriedly recorded the time and was absolutely shocked.

It hasn’t been that long! Only 18 minutes since I started recording the time! Is it even possible to complete a topic set by the three Class 5 Creation Masters so quickly? Even Lord Bamboo Monarch’s disciple took 24 minutes.

However, Zuo Ming dared not suspect Lin Yuan and quickly said, “Young Lord, let me take a look.”

Normally, it should be the Spirit Guard who had prepared Lin Yuan’s spiritual ingredients that checked Lin Yuan’s results.

Due to the difficulty of the test, the Spirit Guards only returned to stand guard outside the breeding rooms after 20 minutes.

Thus, only Zuo Ming was available to check Lin Yuan’s results at the moment.

When Zuo Ming entered the breeding room, he immediately saw the six sleeping Hanging Ear Electric Rabbits.

The Silver Anesthetic Leaf had strong effects, and the Hanging Ear Electric Rabbits would sleep for at least two hours.

Zuo Ming carefully checked every Hanging Ear Electric Rabbit until he was sure that they had all reached Bronze/Flawless.

He suppressed his astonishment and said, “Lord Lin Yuan, I’ve confirmed your results of the Arts component of the Martial Arts Stage. You are in first place.”

Lin Yuan nodded and said with a smile, “Senior Zuo Ming, I’m going to the area outside the palace to prepare for the Martial component of the Martial Arts Stage.”

Zuo Ming hurriedly nodded and watched in utter shock as Lin Yuan disappeared down the long corridor.

He pinched his leg, and the pain reminded him that he was not dreaming.

He asked himself how old the Moon Empress’ disciple actually was more than once. It was too unbelievable for someone of his age to have this level of Creation Master powers.

Everyone inside and out of the Midnight Palace was waiting with bated breath to see who would be the first to step out of the long corridor and take first place of the Arts Stage component of the Martial Arts Stage.

However, they were also all sure that Chef Supreme’s disciple would be the one to attain that top spot.

At that moment, a relaxed young man with a sunny disposition strolled out of the long corridor.

His gait had such sureness of footing that it gave a warm feeling to all that saw him.

But when they saw the young man’s figure, a string of gasps erupted from inside and out of the Midnight Palace.

The most dumbfounded of them all was the Moon Empress.

Although the Moon Empress had stopped watching the Martial Arts Stage as a mere spectacle when Lin Yuan decided to participate, she never expected that he would come out as one of the top few.

The moment that she saw Lin Yuan, the Moon Empress was stunned.

The immature and stubborn young man had not only exceeded her expectations by ranking amongst the top few of the Arts Stage component but had even emerged first.

In spite of her shock, the Moon Empress’ already straight posture became ramrod straight.

She looked around until her gaze landed on Chef Supreme, and she seemed to be saying, “Did you see that? My disciple is number one!”

The Moon Empress was not in the habit of showing off and maintained her ‘still waters run deep’ composure even after becoming a Class 5 Creation Master.

But now that Lin Yuan had distinguished himself amongst the young cream of the crop, she was even happier than when she had earned her own achievements.

At that moment, a stern voice cried out, “The young have always emerged as heroes! Xiyue, this young man really lives up to the title of your disciple.”

The Moon Empress did not immediately agree. Instead, she said, “Even if he wasn’t my disciple, his impressive abilities are undeniable.”

The Moon Empress could not help but be amazed as she thought, I was already impressed when he gave me the Golden Lotus Brocade Pearls. Who would have thought that he would surprise me again just two days later?

The Moon Empress was well aware of what level of power was required to complete the Arts Stage component’s topic.

From near Chef Supreme’s seat, a forceful voice shouted out, “Changlin, Xiao Lin won first place in the Arts Stage component. He’s much better than your junior disciple! My father will definitely be dragging him back into the kitchen when they return!”

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