Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful - Chapter 363 - Heartwarming (1)

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Chapter 363: Heartwarming (1)

“Darn it! Why don’t you just say so earlier that you have a fear of heights?! You even tagged along with such an exciting ride, you can’t wait to go to hell, can you?!” Zhao Youlin was standing at the side. She patted Mu Tingfeng’s back, passed him a water bottle while cursing him incessantly.

Mu Tingfeng’s complexion kept changing as he listened to Zhao Youlin’s seemingly dissatisfaction which also carried a hint of worry in her nagging words. A tinge of warmth blossomed in his heart.

There were a few reasons why he had decided not to tell them. One, he thought that as a man, if he were to let someone else, especially when the someone was his crush, learn that he actually had a fear of heights, he believed that… it would be quite shameful. On the other hand…

“Didn’t we agree to play together with our child? How could I not join the fun?”

Zhao Youlin was stunned upon hearing Mu Tingfeng’s words. The next moment, she realized that Mu Tingfeng had actually taken the words about accompanying Joy to take his desired ride to heart.

A gush of warmth sprouted in her heart, and she felt the sensation spread throughout her entire body.

This guy… This guy had concealed the fact that he had a fear of heights from them because of this such a thing. He had gritted his teeth to accompany them to attempt on those rides that he had feared the most. He really was…

Zhao Youlin quietly clenched the water bottle tightly and shouted at him, “Idiot!”

Mu Tingfeng’s entire body shuddered. His cold, hard lips curled upward slightly as he heard Zhao Youlin’s words, “Yes, I’m an idiot.”

‘I’m willing to be an idiot because of you and you all.’

After being tortured by that ride, Mu Tingfeng’s expression looked troubled.

Joy had been standing at the side obediently as he watched the two adults getting busy. He laced his small hands in front of his body helplessly and looked very depressed like a small animal that had made a mistake.

After Zhao Youlin and Mu Tingfeng finished packing, they turned around and were greeted by the sight of Joy standing at the side with his head looking down. The atmosphere was faintly filled with disappointment.

Just when the two adults had thought that the child was disillusioned because he could not play the roller coaster again, Zhao Youlin went up to Joy, squatted and said, “Joy, you also saw it for yourself, the roller coaster was too exciting. Even though it is fun to play with, it no longer feels as exciting as it started of as if you play too many times. Besides, it’s not very good for the body. If you really want to play again, I’ll bring you over to play next time, okay?”

“No… Not that…” As soon as Joy heard Zhao Youlin’s words, he hurriedly looked up. He looked teary and said, “I’m… I’m sorry… If not for me who insisted on playing that ride, you guys wouldn’t have…”

Upon hearing the child’s soft voice as he offered his apologies to them, Mu Tingfeng somehow felt a certain sort of emotion sprouted in his heart. He could not help but stretch out his hand and touch Joy’s head. He said with some awkward stiffness, “It’s not your fault.”

Joy felt a not-so-familiar touch on the top of his head. He gradually raised his head and stared blankly at the tall man standing in front of him with teary eyes.

Mu Tingfeng looked down and met the gaze of his child who was only up to his knee. The next moment, he seemed to have thought of something. The corners of his lips slowly curved upward. He intended to comfort the child, however, in the end…

“Ahh…! Mommy, he’s so scary!” Tears started welling up in Joy’s eyes. Upon watching Mu Tingfeng’s expression, his tears finally streamed down his face. He turned around and threw himself into Zhao Youlin’s arms. As a result, Mu Tingfeng’s outstretched hand that he had placed on Joy’s head was left freezing mid-air.

Zhao Youlin had been watching their interaction at the side. Things had been progressing well, who would have thought Mu Tingfeng would suddenly…

She quickly reached out and took the frightened Joy into her arms for protection. For a moment, Zhao Youlin felt disappointed. She should not have placed such high hopes on this man!

As Zhao Youlin was thinking of this, she abruptly looked up. She stared at Mu Tingfeng warily and snorted, “Darn it! What are you doing, Mu Tingfeng? He’s only a child. Even if he was the one who suggested the roller coaster, he doesn’t know anything yet. Why didn’t you inform us that you had a fear of heights? Don’t you think it’s too much to put the blame on us? Besides, if you’re dissatisfied, you could have vented it out at me. Why did you have to bully Joy?!”

Mu Tingfeng’s expression had already turned dark as soon as Joy turned his body around just now. Upon hearing Zhao Youlin’s shout, his expression turned darker. His chilly presence instantly increased rapidly. The people who were at a close distance with them instinctively stepped a few steps back and looked at them in fear.

Mu Tingfeng’s expression looked dark as he stood in place. After some time, he finally blurted out, “I was smiling at him just now.”

“Smiling at him? Do you think I’m an idiot?! Just now, you looked like a… Urm…” Zhao Youlin abruptly sensed something. The corners of her lips twitched as she asked, “Did you say you smile just now? You were smiling at Joy?”

Mu Tingfeng nodded his head seriously. He looked so sincere, so much so that no one could possibly deny his sincerity.

“Pff… Hahaha! I couldn’t help it… I couldn’t help it… I could die from laughing…” Zhao Youlin could not hold herself back even though she had been trying hard for some time. She burst out in laughter as she was holding the sobbing Joy. “Mu Tingfeng, are you sure you were laughing just now instead of scaring him? Pfff! I couldn’t help it! I am laughing so hard that even my stomach hurts!”

Zhao Youlin stretched out her hand and rubbed her stomach before she straightened her body. She patted Joy, who had stopped crying and had apparently learned that he had misunderstood Mu Tingfeng. He in turn, felt embarrassed.

Little did she knew that the moment she looked up, she was greeted by the sight of Mu Tingfeng’s stoic face that had turned so dark that it was darker than thunderclouds. She could not hold back herself and laughed, “Ahem, Mu Tingfeng… Your stone face is a kind of disease that could be cured… Pfft… Hahaha!”

Upon hearing Zhao Youlin’s words, Mu Tingfeng’s stoic face cracked at once.

Even Joy who still had some lingering fear of Mu Tingfeng and was hiding behind Zhao Youlin also could not help but burst into laughter.

In any case, Zhao Youlin finally regained her previous comfort after watching the brief exchange between the father-son duo.

After having experienced the exciting roller coasters, Zhao Youlin and Joy chose a less exciting ride next.

When it came to the option for gentler rides in the amusement park, it was always none other than the merry-go-around that was rotating slowly at the side.

However, even though the merry-go-around was a gentler ride, one would get dizzy after a few turns. This was especially so for a certain one who had thrown up not long ago.

As such, the depressive President Mu was inevitably summoned by Zhao Youlin to stay in place and could only stare wide-eyed as the mother-son pair was playing happily.

From afar, Mu Tingfeng clearly saw that Joy was riding on the top of a smaller-sized wooden horse while Zhao Youlin was riding on the top of a wooden horse next to his. She carefully held Joy’s waist to help him to stabilize his body.

Joy was new to this game that could turn around as well as move up and down. A pure, gleeful smile showed up on his round cheeks. Zhao Youlin had been paying close attention to him. When she noticed the pure joy on his face, the corners of her lips also slowly curled upward.

The dazzling sunlight shone on the two, enveloping them with a faint layer of glow. The scene looked heartwarming and pleasant.

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