Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful - Chapter 364 - Heartwarming (2)

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Chapter 364: Heartwarming (2)

Although Mu Tingfeng found it regrettable that he was not able to join them in such a heartwarming scene and could only watch them from afar, he felt a ball of fire burn in his heart. It felt warm, but at the same time, he was not afraid that he would get burned.

Mu Tingfeng had never been as certain as he was now. These two were destined to be the ones he would protect for life!

After the two finished playing the merry-go-round, the two adults took Joy to look for other rides. They looked like they intended to play through the entire amusement park within the day.

Mu Tingfeng was a handsome man. His presence stood out among the crowd like a sore thumb.

Likewise, Zhao Youlin, who was standing next to him, was a rare beauty. Joy was also an incredibly adorable child. It was hard not to notice such a combination.

“Look at the man over there, he is very tall and handsome, and he gives off the quality of an elite! With just a single glance, he certainly is a wealthy man with good looks and a great body! Above all, he belongs to the type with a cool personality that practices sexual abstinence, he is so charming!”

“Enough. Stop fangirling over him. Don’t you see the beautiful lady standing beside the man? They are also holding an extremely cute boy! You can tell that they are a family. There’s no point getting excited over him. After all, he is a married man!”

Two young ladies’ whispers had attracted someone else’s attraction who had been standing beside them. That person looked in the direction of their conversation. When he was greeted by the sight of the family holding hands with one another, he was struck dumb, and he was rooted to the spot.

“Don’t burst my bubble. I was just looking. By the way, speaking of which, that boy looks very cute! Indeed, genes from the previous generation would affect how the next generation look.”

“Of course. Look at the child’s parents, they are handsome and beautiful. As long as there are no genetic mutations, the child would definitely grow up to be a handsome man in the future. Ah… I also want to find a good-looking boyfriend and give birth to a cute baby.”

“Come on, look at you, even if your boyfriend is handsome, you still wouldn’t give birth to an adorable baby.”

“Darn it! What are you talking about, huh?! Would a true friend say such things to her friend? That’s harassment! That’s it, we’re no longer friends!”

The two young ladies left while arguing noisily. The man, who had been attracted by the duo’s conversation, remained in place. As he watched the fading silhouette of the family of three, he gradually clenched his hands.

“Big Brother, why are you standing still? Didn’t you say you want to accompany Ms. Chen to the Ferris wheel?” A familiar voice rose from the front and immediately snapped the dumbfounded man out of his daze.

Qin Sheng walked to Qin Huai’s side. He poked him carelessly and said in a low voice, “Big Brother, I thought you have always been very considerate, why are you not behaving like yourself today? It’s as if your soul has been sucked out. You left the lady aside and aren’t behaving like a gentleman at all. It’s not good to behave like this, you have to know that when Mom came, she specifically told me—”

The smile on Qin Huai’s face had already disappeared right after watching the three people fade out of his sight. His face was pale. Upon hearing his younger brother nagging at him, he cast a glance at the girl who had lowered her head and had been waiting for him shyly, a trace of annoyance sprouted in his heart.

He furrowed his eyebrows and said in a low voice to them, “I’m sorry. I suddenly don’t feel so well, I want to go back first. You guys take your time and enjoy the rides.”

Upon hearing Qin Huai’s words, the girl, whose face had turned red and was looking down, could not help but look up. When she noticed Qin Huai’s obviously dark expression, she expressed her concern and said, “Big Brother Qin, are you not feeling well? How about we send you back together? There’s nothing interesting here anyway.”

“No need. I’m fine. You guys go ahead and play. This is a trip that is hard to come by, have a good time and don’t let me spoil your fun.”

Since Qin Huai had said so, the girl naturally did not have anything else to say. She responded to him softly. “Oh… Okay.”

As they watched Qin Huai depart from their sights, another short-haired young lady next to the girl rushed to Qin Sheng’s side. She grabbed his ear and dragged him to the side. She said in a low voice, “Hey, what’s wrong with your older brother? It has not been easy for me to take her along with me, I can’t believe he stood her up halfway. He’s such a douche!”

“Ouch! Hey, you she-devil, be gentler, will you?!” Qin Sheng screamed in pain. “I don’t know what’s going on either. My older brother doesn’t usually behave like that. It could be that he’s not feeling too well.”

“Didn’t he look fine just now? Why is he not feeling well all of a sudden? Do you really think I am stupid?”

Qin Sheng pulled a long face. He truly felt like he had been struck by lightning for doing something good.

If not for the fact that his mother had always worried about his older brother not getting a wife as well as his older brother being in such a depressive mood as of late to the extent of reaching a worrying stage, he would not have committed himself to such a thankless task.

To make the situation worse, now, his older brother had taken the French exit, leaving him miserably in place, to be tortured by this girl. This was way too much!

On the other hand, Zhao Youlin and the rest of her group had no idea that their intimate exchange had stirred a brief interlude. At that time, they were actively looking for the next ride.

Joy’s hands were held by the two adults. He occasionally felt the crowd looking in their direction, and they became their subject of discussion…

When Joy overheard their words, he raised his round little face smugly. His large eyes were sparkling in happiness. The dimples on each side of his cheeks were faintly visible. He looked exactly like a cat who had stolen a fish.

When he was in kindergarten, he often heard from other children of his age that their parents would take them outside to play around, shop around, and buy things for them,

At that time, he envied them a lot as he listened to their stories. Now, he no longer had the need to envy them. He also had someone to play around with him, shop with him, and buy him food.

Zhao Youlin had noticed Joy’s change. The corners of her lips curled upward slightly. She held his soft little hand tightly. A trace of satisfaction showed up on her face.

Joy was biting cotton candy which Mu Tingfeng had bought for him as he held Zhao Youlin’s hand. He asked, “Mommy, what are we going to play now?”

“Joy, is there anything else that you want to play?” Zhao Youlin surveyed the surroundings as she asked in a low voice.

Joy blinked. He quietly looked at the rides that he had already played with. In the end, his gaze rested on a haunted house billboard located not far away from them.

“Mommy, what is that over there?” Joy pointed at a black billboard curiously and raised his voice as he asked.

When Zhao Youlin looked at the thing that Joy was pointing at, her eyebrows twitched. “That is a… haunted house.”

“Haunted house?”

“Urm… The inside of a haunted house is pitch-black. Some people would dress up like evil ghosts, you know, the ones that you see on the television, and they come out to scare people.”

“Dress up as ghosts to scare people? Why do they have to dress up like ghosts to scare people?”

“Well… I don’t know why either. Maybe they simply like to scare people. Joy, do you want to go inside and play?”

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