Forced to Date a Big Shot - Chapter 662 - Awakening

Chapter 662: Awakening

Qin Shuang turned around and realized that it was actually the veteran White Lights. Among them were Empress, whom she had seen at the concert last time, along with a few others.

These people could not enter the training camp, so they could only wait outside.

They were all old friends.

When Qin Shuang saw them, she became happy. She walked over and greeted, “Empress, everyone, why are you guys here?”

Empress said, “You’re going to join the production team tomorrow, so we came to visit you.”

Qin Shuang nodded and said happily, “Why don’t you guys come in…”

Before she could finish speaking, Empress hurriedly waved her hands. “No, no. We won’t go in. You guys have rules after all. Moreover, fans and idols have to keep a distance. This is the best way for fans to treat their idols.”

Fans and idols had to keep a distance.

This sentence made Qin Shuang’s heart sink.

She looked at Empress. Indeed, she saw that Empress’ eyes flickered. It was obvious that she was telling her to keep a distance from Cen Bai.

“Yes, Early. You have to be careful. Everyone here believes in you and Brother, but what about the rest? Hence, it’s better to keep a distance.”

The old fans were clearly very supportive in the group chat, but now…

Qin Shuang clenched her jaw and said, “Do you guys also think that I’m not worthy of my idol?”

The group looked at each other.

Immediately, Empress, indicating that she was speaking for everyone, said, “It’s not a question of whether you’re worthy or not. If you were still Early and not Qin Shuang, we would have supported you, but it’s different now.”

“You’re Qin Shuang now. If you get together with Brother, it’ll cause damage to Brother. Isn’t it the same for yourself?”

“In the future, when people mention Qin Shuang, they will only say, oh, that’s Cen Bai’s girlfriend, but they won’t know your name at all. Even if you acted in some television drama, everyone will say that your popularity was brought on by your boyfriend. Hence, when we saw that the person who ate with our idol today was not you, we really heaved a sigh of relief.”

“Early, you should focus on filming right now. You don’t have to worry about these things. Just avoid Brother when you see him in the future. It’ll be fine.”

“Also, I saw that your Early Weibo account has been going to our idol’s live Q&A every day recently. Don’t you want to stop that for now? There are already a small group of people saying that you’re putting on a show.”

“There were also some people who said that if you and Brother got together, the fans would boycott.”


Through the internet, they were once good friends who could talk about anything.

She was also a friend who stood on the united front for Cen Bai.

But now, even they were saying these words.

So, did they really like her?

Qin Shuang did not know and was unsure.

Her mind was filled with the words “If you and Brother got together, the fans would boycott.”

A fan turning into an anti-fan was the greatest harm to an idol.

However, these people used this to threaten her, as though they were not afraid that she would not be threatened.

Qin Shuang clenched her fists.

She stared at the people in front of her. They were still talking. “Early, we’re doing this for your own good. Don’t be angry!”

“Early, it’s also a fact that the drama that your company accepted for you is just a dummy. It doesn’t have any technical content. But look at our idol’s projects. They’re all very interesting. Don’t shoot those lousy movies. If you want to shoot, just shoot the premium ones…”

“But we also know that you have no choice right now. You’re being controlled by the agency. Don’t worry, we’ll drum up support to pressure your manager and not let you get hurt…”

Listening to these words, Qin Shuang wanted to say that it was not that. Her manager was very good. She also liked this drama very much. Although it was an empty period drama, it was full of character. Moreover, she had just started out and had left the Qin family. She also needed money…

However, though her mouth moved, she could not say these words.

The group continued, “Early, you shouldn’t have…”

“You should have done this earlier…”

“Early, you…”

Qin Shuang looked at these people who were pointing at her future and felt an indescribable emotion in her throat.

Her lips moved again. She wanted them to stop talking, but she could not speak.

So this was what fans would describe as liking someone?

So there was really no one in this world who liked her?

It turned out that being criticized was such a feeling!

She was extremely angry and could only feel the suppressed emotions rising from the bottom of her heart. She finally opened her mouth and seemed to have let out a roar from her soul. “Shut… your mouth!”

The moment she said this, she felt a warm current surge up her throat, making her mind clear instantly. All the grievances she felt vanished.

Only then did she look at Empress and the rest.

However, when she looked over, she was stunned.

The mouths of the people were still open and closed, but no sound could be heard.

Empress pressed her lips in confusion. She turned to look at the rest and realized that they could not speak.

They could not make a single sound.

It was as though someone had pressed the mute button and the entire world fell silent.

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