Forced to Date a Big Shot - Chapter 908 - Bai Shuang (5)

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Chapter 908: Bai Shuang (5)

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After the movie was shot, Cen Bai did not find a chance to speak to Qin Shuang in private.

He did not know if Qin Shuang had feelings for him again.

After all, now that Xue Xi and Xiang Huai were together, they could eliminate other people’s special abilities and compensations.

He sighed heavily.

The manager asked, “Boss, what’s wrong?”

Cen Bai shook his head. “Do you think Qin Shuang has feelings? I feel that she’s different from before, but she still seems the same. Her eyes are always cold when she looks at me.”

The manager looked at him. “Don’t think too much.. Don’t you know how popular Goddess Qin is now? Ever since you guys broke up, her aura has changed drastically. Her fans have become even more loyal. That time, when she abused her fans for you, she can be considered a solid fan! Now, everyone is calling for Goddess Qin to focus on her career and stay away from scumbags.”

When he said the word scumbag, the manager looked at Cen Bai in disdain.

Cen Bai: “…”

The manager stabbed him in the heart again. “Moreover, it doesn’t matter if Goddess Qin has fallen in love, because she can’t go back on her word. Otherwise, won’t she be scolded to death by her fans? So, just give up!”


At this moment, a video from a variety show that Qin Shuang had just attended was suddenly posted on Weibo.

The video of Qin Shuang and a new human puppy being intimate spread quickly.

Although everyone knew that it was only the program’s gimmick, there were still many comments below:

“Wow, Little Cutie is so cute! Goddess, capture him!”

“Wuwuwu, the little puppy’s gaze when looking at his goddess is so gentle and infatuated. I can’t take it anymore!”

“Goddess, fall in love! You’ve been focusing on your career for the past two years. My heart hurts so much.”

“Sister and brother are so compatible with each other! Ah ah ah, my peach blossom heart~”

The comments below were all urging Qin Shuang and the little puppy to fall in love.

The cute little puppy even posted on Weibo: “Thank you, Sister Qin Shuang, for taking care of me on the show. Sister is my goddess. If there’s a chance, I hope we can cooperate more.”

His words were filled with love.

Most importantly, Qin Shuang actually replied on Weibo:

Qin Shuang Official: “I look forward to our next collaboration.”

This made Cen Bai uneasy.

He stood up angrily and paced around the room. He looked at his manager and pointed at his face. “Is he more handsome than me?”

The manager: “…”

Don’t you know that you’re a charmer? Looking at your face, who can say that he’s more handsome than you?

Cen Bai walked back and forth and asked again, “We’ve filmed a movie together. Why aren’t there any leaks?”

The manager: “…”

You’re the one who said it yourself. Don’t leak it out, lest it causes the fans to doubt Qin Shuang.

After all, the matter of you having an affair and breaking up had caused a huge commotion. If Qin Shuang chose to reconcile with you, wouldn’t she be criticized by the public for being a fool for love?

The corners of his lips twitched.

What Cen Bai could not understand the most was: “Isn’t it good for Qin Shuang to maintain her aloof goddess image? Why did she post on Weibo? She even replied that she was looking forward to working with him. What does that mean?”

The manager: “Maybe she really likes that little puppy?”

Cen Bai’s death stare was the only response.

The manager ran out of Cen Bai’s room dejectedly and decided to stay away from this dangerous area for the time being.

However, just as he left and got into the car, he received a call from his assistant. “Brother, quickly, look at Boss’s Weibo!”

The manager’s heart sank. When he logged into Weibo, he saw Cen Bai’s steaming Weibo post:

Cen Bai: “I’m a blade of grass. I look forward to working with the goddess again @Qin ShuangOfficial”

The grass was an emoji, swaying forlornly in the wind.

It was as though a street hawker was waving a handkerchief and saying clearly, “Dear customer, come~”

Too cheap!

The manager: “…”

He immediately called Cen Bai. “Boss, what does grass mean?”

Cen Bai’s tone was very serious. “Haven’t you heard of that proverb?”


“A good horse doesn’t return to old pastures.”


After a moment of silence, he said, “I want her to come back.”

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