Forty Millenniums of Cultivation - Chapter 58: A Commander Appears

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Chapter 58: A Commander Appears

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At the moment, the Distant Expanse was bustling with unusual noise.

There were cultivators in the monitoring center and 2400 defeated competitors in the hall outside.

These youths were only upset for a short while before they fixed their attention raptly onto the giant hologram, waiting for the finals to begin.

After all, they would receive benefits to their future cultivation when witnessing numerous experts radiate like burning stars during exchanges of blows.

Three hours passed quickly under the gaze of the large crowd. The Limit Challenge Competition… Officially began!


The restriction arrays that covered Devil Flood Dragon Island were released. The Demon Beasts who had been restricted for three hours impatiently jumped forth. They used the craziest of snarls to vent the rage coming from the depths of their hearts.


Responses came from underground, shouts mixed with tyrannical strength like muffled thunder.

Upon hearing the howls, the just-before majestic Demon Beasts began to reveal expressions of utter fear on their faces as their necks shrank.

At several hundred hidden points all around Devil Flood Dragon Island, countless transmission arrays began to flash.

Under the flickering radiance, powerful Demon Beasts with larger bodies, fiercer appearances, crueler expressions, and more violent auras were set free!

They stuck their heads out, observing their surroundings. Their noses shook as they took in the fresh meat scent in the air, the smell that soon caused them to go wild. They shook their heads and wagged their tails, bore their fangs and brandished their claws, and threw themselves into the depths of the forest!

And in front of each of the 600 competitors, their respective Puji Critters listed the 600 names of those who entered the finals.

The 600 people were divided into teams — Red and Blue. A blue or red glow also curled around the Puji Critters to show the teams.

At the same time, the communication channel of the competitors promptly changed. From this moment on, they can only send messages to their own team.

Li Yao skimmed through the 600 names at lightning speed and discovered that he was on the Red Team.

And that Helian Lie and Si Jiaxue were divided into the Blue Team. Surprisingly, the fellow Zheng Dongming had become his teammate.

“Helian Lie. Per your own words, Devil Flood Dragon Island is quite large and is quite small at the same time. I hope we won’t encounter each other!”

Li Yao did final a inspection on his artifacts and laughed with utter confidence.

He was equipped with two short Progressive Daggers. They were smeared with sludge to form a blackness that won’t reflect light. They were like the fangs of a demon.

After sticking the daggers on his waist belt, he examined the myriad of improvised artifacts in his military pack. With a light leap, Li Yao entered the forest and faded away amongst the branches.

The intensity of the finals was a hundred times greater than that of the preliminaries!

Besides the several hundred powerful new Demon Beasts lurking in the forest, quite a few competitors were resting in groups together before they were suddenly split into two teams. The Puji Critters turned either red or blue.

Under each other's’ gazes, the opposing team members turned into “giant sacks of exp” filled with great amounts of points!

The just-laughing cheerful students engaged in bloody close handed slaughter in a flash!

In a short 5 minutes, 37 competitors were ejected from the competition, and their points were robbed by the competitors who “slain” them.

In the ranking board shown in the monitoring center, the top 100 names seemed to be changing every second!

“Everyone, don’t panic. We should organize ourselves and fight like the Federal Army! My name is Gao Ye and I come from a family of military. I’ve followed my father and uncles since young, learning the commander tactics of special forces. I possess extremely powerful computation and commanding abilities. Everyone, listen to my commands. Group onto my position! If you’re far away from me, group with the teammates by your side. Assemble into small battle squads!”

A sound suddenly rang out from the Blue Team’s communication channel.

The voice was somewhat hoarse but contained great confidence and powerful inspiration within. It caused people to automatically believe in those words.

Quite a few of the members of the Blue Team slightly hesitated, then subconsciously moved closer to Gao Ye’s coordinates.

“The commander for the Blue Team has appeared!” All the cultivators were in high spirits in the monitoring center.

600 students were divided into two teams in the finals. A competitor’s individual combat ability was actually not the most crucial thing. The most crucial thing was for everyone to assemble together in the shortest time frame, form into battle squads, and fight against Demon Beasts and the enemy team.

It can be said that in this battle, whichever team has an expert commanding admin-type talent first appear will seize the initiative. They would very likely seize the final victory!

In the previous competitions, often it took at least several hours, or even a day, of strife and a bitter price to pay before a “Commander” was born.

It was very unexpected for such a gifted commander talent to appear in this competition. The chaos of the Blue Team had been dissolved in a mere five minutes.

In the Blue Team’s comm channel, Gao Ye issued commands after commands, coolly and calmly, giving no chance for anybody to refute his commands.

Although there were people who questioned his strategic decisions, Gao Ye would justify himself and refute them within several seconds. They opposition were left dumbstruck and everyone accepted Gao Ye’s commands willingly.

Under his command, the remaining 280+ competitors on the Blue Team gradually grouped together, forming a standard-like battle formation.

A dozen or so competitors even formed a hunting squad, killing a powerful Demon Beast that had just walked through the transmission array!

On the other hand, the Red Team was in a bad situation. They did not have an organizing admin-type genius among their 300 competitors. Voices were clamoring in their communication channel. If you’re noisy, I’ll be noisier. Voices were talking over one another. It was like the special bargain sale time at the supermarket.

“My Actualization Quotient is at 75%. Let me be the commander for the Red Team. Everyone, convene onto me! Convene onto me!”

“Who gives a fuck if your Actualization Quotient is at 75%. My Actualization Quotient is at 77%. I can kill two Demon Beasts with a single strike. But, I know myself. I don’t have the makings of a commander. Kid, you should just stay where you belong!”

“You... You’re this arrogant? What school are you from. Don’t you dare going back after the competition!”

“Everyone quiet! First, let’s quickly think of a way. I saw that the Blue Team has likely assembled themselves already. Our side is completely suppressed. They have seven to eight people fighting our two or three. AHH!”

“Not good. A powerful Demon Beasts appeared in my position. My coordinates are… Someone come and help!”

“No go. We’ve been intercepted by the Blue Team here. These goddamn bastards. How is it that the Blue Team has people everywhere! Red team. Where the hell has Red Team gone!”

Li Yao’s body was smeared all over with sludge. On top of the sludge was an entwined layer of weeds, sticks, and vines. He concealed himself deep inside a shrub and waited calmly.

Even Small Ji was smeared in the same fashion of camouflage. He turned down the voice mode of the comm channel, skimming over the words in the comm channel with the weakest brightness.

Looking and looking, Li Yao let out a sigh somewhat helplessly.

He did not expect a genius level commander to appear on the opposing team while his own team was a mess. The situation seemed to be a bit disadvantageous now.

Li Yao knew himself. His skill was in crafting, not commanding the battlefield. And he didn’t have the ability to charismatically sway people with a few words. The ability to be revered and be saluted to. He did not have the makings of being a commander.

Even if he does enter a squad, he would be laughed at and ridiculed by his teammates.

“Maybe it’s about time to use my ace in the hole!” Li Yao fondled a hard and stiff object in his embrace.

It was a simple artifact that he made at the first supply point… It was a remote control.

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