Forty Millenniums of Cultivation - Chapter 63: Slaughtering Everything In Their Paths!

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Chapter 63: Slaughtering Everything In Their Paths!

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Over a hundred competitors were still noisy and in disorder within the Red Team’s communication channel. Each of them vented at, insulted, and complained at each other; it was extremely chaotic just like the clamoring noise of a market.

The sound of the giant explosion coming from the center of Devil Flood Dragon Island intimidated them all simultaneously into silence. No one spoke a word for a long time.

Only after a long time had passed did a lazy-sounding voice sound out.

“I’ve already ‘beheaded’ the Blue Team’s commander. The entire command center has been bombarded to the skies! Right now, they’re like a flock of dragons without a leader. It’s a great opportunity!”

“What y’all must do next is very simple. You don’t need to assemble, don’t need to form squads, don’t need to cooperate. All you need to do is tear your throat screaming the words ‘Gao Ye’s dead! The Red Team shall prevail!’ Scream as if you’re a pig about to be slaughtered. Then, wave your giant swords crazily and slaughter all in your path. And that will be fine. Understand, everyone?”

“Who are you? Why should we believe your words!?” it was silent for a moment until someone who was unconvinced had spoken.

“It’s up to you if you want to believe me. Anyways, I’m going to go mow some grass. Everyone, do as you please~ It’s best if you just stay where you’re at and not move. Let me take all the points alone. Hahahaha. Gao Ye’s dead! The Red Team shall prevail! Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die!”

A pig-slaughtering howl came from the communication channel. From the incomparably arrogant laughter, everyone could imagine this certain fellow heaving a Chainsword to go around chopping down people in a mad slaughter, harvesting all the “heads” he wishes.

“Look, the opposing Blue Team is acting a bit strangely. They haven’t made a movement in a while. It’s like they’ve gone retarded!”

Two Red Team competitors whispered in each others’ ear at the corner of Devil Flood Dragon Island.

“Damn it! It'll be a dead end if we keep being suppressed like this as the battle goes on!! F*ck it! Gao Ye’s Dead! The Red Team shall prevail!”

Two Red Team competitors hardened their hearts. They heaved their giant swords and charged over like hungry wolves throwing themselves at lambs. They blazed and collided with the Blue Team’s combat unit!

“Gao Ye’s Dead! The Red Team shall prevail!”

“Gao Ye’s Dead! The Red Team shall prevail!”

“Gao Ye’s Dead! The Red Team shall prevail!”

Berserk battle howls rang simultaneously from far and near on Devil Flood Dragon Island.

The Blue Team competitors just found out the news of the instant annihilation of their entire command center by the enemy through their communication channel. They were shocked into panic from this astonishing news and were caught off guard by the crazed assault of the devils and fiends that are the Red Team competitors. Their ears were filled with the Red Team’s hellish demonic howls. They were completely unable to bring forth the least bit of intention to fight!

At first, the scales of victory were completely slanted towards the Blue Team. No one ever thought that Li Yao would take this scale and kick it to crap. The remaining Blue Team and Red Team competitors all sank into the ugliest, the most entangled, the most pestering of chaotic melees.

And relying on their high morale and excitement from this miraculous reversal, the Red Team actually began to hold the upper hand!

On the Distant Expanse, both inside and outside of the monitoring center was absolute silence. Everyone was dumbstruck. They were all completely shocked from the brilliant performance that Li Yao had demonstrated just an hour ago.

In the beginning, he had killed four scout groups of the Blue Team in succession. Then, he purposely showed himself in front of the new Blue Team scout group. Then, he tailed Helian Lie and company, infiltrating the Blue Team’s command center in utmost secrecy. And he even laid in wait in the command center in the branches above for an entire half an hour. Lastly, he continued with two consecutive attacks to distract all the Blue Team members’ attention. Upon success, he set up the explosive pack inside the Blue Team’s command center. After he safely evacuated the area, he blew the Blue Team’s entire command center up in the sky.

This was absolutely a brilliant, outstanding, smooth, textbook-like, and classic “Beheading Operation”!’

And from initial planning to actual execution, it was all actually done solely by Li Yao!

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

Several dozen names suddenly faded from the ranking board, and Li Yao’s name was rising like crazy! Moving like a hurricane!

This was due to the sudden “explosive death” of several dozen Blue Team commanders and powerful members. An astronomical number of points had rushed to Li Yao. He directly blitzkrieged his way through to the number one ranking like a hot knife through butter. And his total points was actually over ten times greater than that of second place!

In the history of the Limit Challenge Competition, this was an unprecedented high score!

“Amazing. He’s too amazing! Let’s just focus on the efforts he made to increase the explosive power of his bomb. He filled the pack with rocks, metal artifact parts, and sharp Demon Beast bones to increase the power of the bomb by ten times! This is absolutely something an experienced military veteran would do! Our Federation’s First Military College will want talent as great as this! Who dares fight over him with us!?”

After a short few seconds of reticence, a straightforward howl had broken the silence in the monitoring center. Soon, every scout was discussing lively and bellowing simultaneously.

“On what grounds? This kind of genius should belong to our Star Nebula University!”

“Our Empyrean Capital School of Medicine also needs this type of young talent. I’ve already prepared a special enrollment for him. Your move!”

“Hmph! Special enrollment is nothing special. Our Star Nebula University can offer him an enormous scholarship in addition!”

Countless cultivators had flushed red faces and ears from vying for Li Yao. The scene was fiery to the extreme.

Only Xie Tingxian was smiling without a word in the corner, keeping a cool head in this tense situation. He held a victory contract calmly in his hands.

And sitting not too far away from him was Ding Lingdang firmly biting her lip. She walked to and fro fretfully and worried. She was like a bound female dragon that could erupt in flames at any moment,

“This kid. Why the hell is he bringing out such an outstanding performance? It’s over It’s over. With this many schools wanting to give him special enrollment, this kid certainly won’t choose our Grand Desolate War Institution! Can it be that I need to knock him out and directly carry him back to Grand Desolate?”

Ding Lingdang frowned and thought seriously for a second. Then she shook her head, rejecting this plan. “I can’t. With my fist being this powerful, what if I kill him with a single punch?”

In the hallway outside the monitoring center, Li Yao’s gorgeous performance set off even more stormy waves.

It seemed as if all the youths were shocked to the max. Quite a few of them rubbed their eyes with force. They did not dare to believe everything they’ve seen. Some people even let out strange cries.

“Mother of god! One person flattened the entire Blue Team’s command center? Isn’t this way too abnormal?”

“An evildoer. He’s one hundred percent an evildoer. He’s really way too dreadful!”

“Where did this monster come from? Floating Spear City? I’ve never heard of such an expert in Floating Spear City. I’ve only heard of Helian Lie and a Zheng Dongming. I never thought that even Helian Lie wasn’t able to withstand him and was directly screwed!”

“What a fearsome fellow. He must have come from some cultivator family. Compared to us ordinary rich and powerful kids, we’re not of the same world! We’re no match for him!”

Right when these competitors were wagging their tongues spiritedly, the ejected competitors of the Blue Team command center members who had just been blown to “death” by Li Yao also returned to the Distant Expanse. They entered the spectator area with faces filled with bewilderment.

Suddenly, they were surrounded in an impenetrable circle by the two thousand competitors.

In an instant, they, especially Gao Ye and Helian Lie, turned into the focus of attention of a great many people.

“Gao Ye, you’ve always been the pride of our East Harmony City. Everyone knows you to be a commander genius. I never thought you would actually be toyed with and be ‘beheaded’ by the enemy. You okay? How do you feel?” a person asked from within a crowd in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

Gao Ye faintly chuckled. Not even a trace of the prior defeat remained on his face. He spoke calmly and peacefully, “It’s really pleasant. Really. To be able to meet such an amazing opponent who made me realize that my own commander skills are too infantile. To know that I still have great room for improvement. If we encounter each other next time, I certainly won’t make the same mistake. I will absolutely hunt this Li Yao immediately!”

He paused a bit and looked around him in a circle. Gao Ye’s eyes finally focused on Li Yao’s figure within the giant hologram. He observed Li Yao for a long time before he spoke with complete seriousness, “However, I wish even more to fight side-to-side with Li Yao on the battlefield against Demon Beasts. I even can create several dozen different tactics with him being the core. I am confident that as long as we work together, with my commander abilities combined with his individual combat capability… Needless to say of high-level Demon Beasts, even if it’s the King of the Demon Race… Those powerful Demon Generals, Demon Kings, and even Demon Gods… They won’t be able to escape the palm of our hand!”

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