From Sidekick to Bigshot - Chapter 916 - Give Me a Kiss

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Chapter 916: Give Me a Kiss

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Grandma Wen angrily criticized: “Cai Qinyue! You’ve been part of the Wen family for so many years! We’ve never treated you poorly! And now, you’re telling us that you can only share the good things with our family and not the bad things?!”

Previously, Grandma Wen had doubts about the reason for Cai Qinyue’s divorce. She assumed that the events had just somehow overlapped in time. Therefore, she was in no position to explicitly accuse Cai Qinyue.

However, evidence had been placed in front of her now. In order to avoid being in debt, Cai Qinyue decided to break up with Wen Cheng.

Cai Qinyue hurriedly defended herself: “Wen Cheng’s cheating broke my heart first! Then, the bankruptcy happened. Although bankruptcy was the trigger, it was not the root cause!”

Wen Ruo also attempted to help her mother: “Yeah, that’s true! Grandma, Grandpa, my mother was just upset! It’s definitely not related to money!”

Although Wen Ruo was defending her mother, Grandma Wen and Grandpa Wen remained unconvinced.

When Cai Qinyue and Wen Ruo saw the expression on Grandma Wen and Grandpa Wen’s faces, they began to become anxious.

At this moment, Zhai Yunsheng opened his mouth again: “Grandpa Wen and Grandma wen, I did not show these things to Mr. Wen Cheng because I don’t want to break his heart again. However, I showed these things to you two because I hope that you can keep an eye on the situation. Please weigh up the situation carefully.”

Zhai Yunsheng was not just advising Grandma Wen and Grandpa Wen. Instead, he was also giving them a warning.

“Master Sheng, what do you mean by that? This is related to the Wen family. Are you in charge of the Wen family or something?” Cai Qinyue questioned Zhai Yunsheng.

She gritted her teeth and her face was filled with indignation.

“Are you sure it’s only related to the Wen family? Did you forget what you and your daughter did to my fiancee? If you have the ability to do that, then shouldn’t you be prepared for me to interfere with your matters? Do you understand?”

Cai Qinyue’s heart trembled when she heard this. Her retorts were swallowed back.

Grandma Wen and Grandpa Wen completely understood Zhai Yunsheng’s words.

They had forgotten that Jian Yiling was not just their granddaughter. She was also going to be the granddaughter-in-law for the Zhai family.

If Cai Qinyue and Wen Ruo did something to Jian Yiling which provoked the Zhai family, then the Zhai family had the power to destroy even ten Wen families.


And thus, whether they wanted to or not, Cai Qinyue could no longer be a part of their Wen family.


After dinner, Zhai Yunsheng drove Jian Yiling back home.

In the car, Jian Yiling said to Zhai Yunsheng: “Thank you.”

“What are you thanking me for?”

“For what you did for my uncle.”

“I’m not doing anything for your uncle. I’m doing these things for you.”

“But still… Thank you.”

“Instead of a thank you, I want something more practical.”

“What do you want? Midnight snacks?”

“I don’t want those kinds of things.”


Zhai Yunsheng pointed to his lips: “This.”


“I want you to give me a kiss.”

Upon hearing this, Jian Yiling lowered her head and dodged Zhai Yunsheng’s gaze.

Although they had kissed before, she was still shy.

“But you’re my fiancee. There are many things that you’re meant to do as a fiancee. If you don’t even dare to kiss me, then how can you do anything else?”

Zhai Yunsheng was good at using Jian Yiling’s logic to trap her.

Upon hearing this sentence, Jian Yiling was convinced by Zhai Yunsheng.

She summoned her courage and little by little, she approached Zhai Yunsheng.


When Zhai Yunsheng saw Jian Yiling approaching him, he couldn’t help but smile.

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