Genius Daddy in the City - Chapter 931 - The Saints’ Corpses!

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Chapter 931: The Saints’ Corpses!

The sudden scene made Ye Chen stop in his tracks.

His gaze was fixed on the corpse that had attacked him earlier, “A saint’s corpse?”

Brilliant light shone from the dead body. He was like a god, exuding extreme suppression, as if he wanted everything to submit to him.

If Sect Master Lei Xing and the other supreme leaders were present, they would definitely be crushed to death by the terrifying pressure.

“I’m not afraid even if you were alive, let alone a little bit of your so-called energy remnant after you died!”

Ye Chen scoffed coldly. Subsequently, there was a faint divine radiance surging on his body. His skin and bones turned crystal clear at that moment like a holy body.

Then, he resisted the suppression from the saint’s corpse and charged forward. He raised his eyes and studied the entire altar.

On the sacrificial altar that was almost 300 meters tall, the eight dried corpses of saints were chained up by pitch-black chains. Most of them were pierced by the chains on their pelvis.

Other than the chains that pierced through their pelvis and connected to the corpses of the eight saints, there were also eight chains that connected to the center of the altar.

That was the center of the Eight Trigrams Formation. There was a black and white yin-yang fish that was about 300 meters long. The chains were embedded in the depths of the yin-yang fish.

The dense stench of blood and resentment came from the depths of the pit. There were even faint dragon roars.


When Ye Chen took a step forward, he seemed to have stepped on some mechanism. The entire altar started shaking violently.


With a series of violent tremors, the black and white yin-yang fish in the center of the altar opened.

At the next moment, an extremely dense stench of blood soared into the sky, accompanied by a huge shadow that was almost 60 meters tall.

Focusing his eyes, he saw that it was a giant dragon. However, the dragon’s body was currently filled with blood qi. The eight iron chains had cruelly pierced through its body, and one of them had directly nailed it 17 centimeters above its body.

At this moment, the dragon was already at its last breath. It was illusory, and its body was shriveled beyond recognition. Clearly, it had been drained of too much dragon blood.

“It’s a dragon!”

Night Demon was slightly surprised, “Master, it’s actually a dragon!”

“It’s not a dragon!”

Ye Chen shook his head lightly and said while frowning, “It’s a dragon vein. I didn’t expect a dragon vein to be suppressed here!”

The reason why he was sure that it was a dragon was because even though the dragon had blood qi, it had no color at all. Moreover, its body was illusory and did not seem real.

He then looked at the chains that connected the eight dried corpses and the dragon.

“What an amazing move!”

After his eyes flickered for a while, Ye Chen said with a cold smirk, “He actually extracted the dragon vein and suppressed it here. He even set up the Reversal Reincarnation Formation. He wants to change his fate and revive the dead!”

He took a step forward and tapped on the dragon’s forehead. Two seal characters suddenly appeared!


Ye Chen’s expression turned grim when he saw that, “Maoshan, this dragon vein is actually Maoshan’s dragon vein!

“No wonder Maoshan isn’t flourishing now, there has not been a single almighty, they’re even gradually becoming desolate!”

Ye Chen smirked coldly, “From the looks of it now, it’s clearly because Maoshan lost its luck after the dragon vein was extracted!”

“Tsk, tsk!”

Night Demon smacked his lips and laughed, “These people are really ruthless. In order to revive themselves, they actually went to the secular world and forcibly extracted a dragon vein!”

In the eyes of ordinary people, a dragon vein might only be regarded as nonsense, but in history, the emperors had always placed great importance on the dragon vein.

It was because a dragon vein was related to the destiny of a country. The feng shui of a country nurtured its citizens, while the fate of a country could be nurtured by a dragon vein.

During the founding of the Tang Dynasty, when Li Yuan, the great ancestor of the Tang dynasty became the emperor, he invited Yuan Tiangang to search for the dragon vein. However, all the dragon veins that could be found by emperors with different family names were cut off in order to prevent outsiders from stealing the land and allowing the country to prosper for 10,000 years.

In the cultivation world, regardless of whether it was a sect or any forces, they would prioritize the location of the sect in the dragon vein.

There were even some who would use great divinity to gather the four dragon veins in one place to benefit the common people.

Suddenly, there was the sound of metal chains clashing. The eight dried corpses sitting on the Eight Trigrams Formation suddenly moved.

The life force in the eight dried corpses circulated as if they were alive. Even their shriveled flesh had a crystalline luster.

In the next moment, all eight of them suddenly opened their eyes in an extremely strange manner. Their eyes were originally empty and lifeless, but in the next moment, unimaginable killing intent surged out.

“Die, intruder!”

Roars that sounded like the roars of evil spirits interweaved. The eight chains that connected the eight dried corpses to the dragon collided suddenly. They then charged at Ye Chen together.

“I’m not afraid at all even if you guys are alive. Now, you’re only eight spirit remnants!

“What can you do to me?!”

A cold gleam flashed in Ye Chen’s eyes. He took a step forward and pressed his right hand into the air. Boundless spiritual energy exploded instantly.


One palm, and violent energy surged in the air as the eight chains shattered. The eight dried corpses were sent flying, their chains rattling.

Subsequently, the chains on the corpses collapsed at the same time, allowing them to regain their freedom. They charged at Ye Chen like ferocious beasts awakening.


Ye Chen held Emperor Brush and crushed the air.

The eight dried corpses fell to their knees with a loud bang, and the killing intent on their bodies dissipated immediately. Their heads dropped heavily, and the shriveled flesh on their bodies dissipated at a speed visible to the naked eye. Before long, only eight skeletons were left, and they finally scattered on the ground.

“These people must have been the saints of the Kunlun Ruins when they were alive!”

Ye Chen looked at the pile of bones on the ground and thought to himself, “But how did they die? Moreover, they used a great divinity to extract the dragon vein from Maoshan before they died!

“What exactly was the great calamity 500 years ago? That even eight saints have died!”

After a long while, he turned to look at the giant dragon lying on the ground and was about to move forward.

An old voice suddenly sounded in his ear, “Fellow, you must not release the dragon vein!”

“It’s you again!”

Ye Chen’s gaze turned cold, “Since when do I need you to tell me what to do?”

Before that voice could speak, a figure suddenly descended from the pit. It was Wu Tianhou.

“Peak master, something serious happened at the Buddha Sect!”

The man walked to Ye Chen quickly with a grim expression and said in a low voice, “The Corpse Sect’s sect master killed his way into the Buddha Sect when Zen Master Ban Ruo was dead.”

“Wasn’t this man seriously injured by you guys attacking him? Why is he at the Buddha Sect now?” Ye Chen secretly frowned.

“I’m not sure!”

Wu Tianhou shook his head and said, “However, this person is incomparably insane. He controlled a Drought Demon and killed many Buddha Sect disciples. He seems to be looking for something!

“After he found out that I killed quite a few supreme sect masters, not only did he not find a place to hide, he even showed up in such a high-profile manner. The thing he’s looking for must be extraordinary!”

Ye Chen immediately had his interest piqued. After setting up a formation with his hand, he led Wu Tianhou out of the Dao Sect’s secret palace and headed straight to Buddha Sect.

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