Genius Daddy in the City - Chapter 932 - The Corpse Sect’s Sect Master’s Madness!

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Chapter 932: The Corpse Sect’s Sect Master’s Madness!

In the south of Kunlun Ruins, the place used to be an oasis in the past. However, a fire came from the sky.

In the end, all living things within a thousand kilometers were exterminated, causing this place to be filled with sand all year round, which was why it was called the Kunlun Ruins Desert.

Meanwhile, the Buddha Sect, one of the top ten sects of the Kunlun Ruins, was built in this desert. It ruled over 1,000 kilometers, and they had countless believers in Kunlun Ruins.

The Buddha Sect was filled with screams as blood filled the air at the moment. It was as if they had fallen into purgatory.

“Baldy Ming Guang, if you still refuse to open your Buddha Sect’s Thunderclap Pagoda, I will kill ten more of your disciples!”

An old man with a pale face looked at a white-haired old monk with a ferocious expression. His eyes were filled with ruthlessness.

The man was the Corpse Sect’s sect master.

In front of him was a dried-up corpse that was three meters tall.

The corpse’s aura soared into the sky. The strangest thing was that there were two spheres of scarlet flames beneath its feet that could melt anything.

Just by standing there, dark clouds covered the sky. It had caused a phenomenon.

“The Thunderclap Pagoda is a forbidden ground of our Buddha Sect. How can we allow you to enter?!”

Faced with the sect master’s threat, the white-haired old monk’s face was filled with sorrow, “Sect Master Luo, you took advantage of the death of our Buddha Sect’s Zen Master Ban Ruo and controlled the Drought Demon to carry out a massacre. Aren’t you afraid of incurring the public anger of Kunlun Ruins?”

The moment that was said, the monk looked at the Drought Demon with fear.

Before the dao was created, all clans cultivated ancient methods, nurturing their essence energy to hide their flesh, defying the heavens to cultivate the tribulation.

There were dead people who would often die and become evil. Their corpses would die but not decay. They would often be buried underground, absorbing the vile energy of heaven and earth to turn into zombies.

Zombies would live, they would not die. They had golden skin and iron bones, and they were not afraid of the divine fire. Wherever they went, they would travel thousands of kilometers, and they would become Drought Demons!

The monster that was three meters tall was a Drought Demon.

Its battle prowess was comparable to a supreme giant. In just an hour, two supreme giants of the Buddha Sect had died at its hands.

“Cause public anger?”

The Corpse Sect’s sect master snickered, “How can I compare to Mad Southern Ye when it comes to public anger? That person has almost killed all the peak powerhouses in the Kunlun Ruins. Outsiders can’t even take care of themselves, how would they care about your Buddha Sect?!”

At this point, his eyes flashed with resentment.

He was, after all, the leader of a sect, an unparalleled powerhouse. In the end, three of his golden-armored zombies were killed by the Witchcraft Sect and the seven ancient clans.

If it were not for the Drought Demon leading him out of the encirclement, he would have been captured at the very least.

It was all caused by Ye Chen.

He initially wanted to rush to Dao Sect and join forces with Sect Master Lei Xing and the six supreme sect masters to kill Ye Chen.

However, after hearing that Ye Chen had killed five of the six supreme leaders, while only Sect Master Lei Xing’s soul escaped, he was horrified and fled thousands of kilometers away.

He knew even more that he only had two choices as Ye Chen became a god after this battle. He could either submit to Ye Chen, or die.

How could he be willing to submit?

Therefore, he took the risk to come to Buddha Sect when Ye Chen was recovering from his injuries after the battle!

He had to enter the Thunderclap Pagoda!

Only then could he fight Ye Chen!

“Master, why are you still wasting your breath on him?”

The Drought Demon suddenly spoke in human language, his eyes red, “The news of us coming to the Buddha Sect must’ve spread long ago. You should make a decision soon!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the expression of the Corpse Sect’s sect master changed slightly, and he seemed to hesitate before he was covered in a ghastly expression, “Since you’re so insensible, then don’t blame me!”

At the next moment, a black bell suddenly appeared in his hand.

“Open up the celestial heaven to make one live forever. Three souls and seven spirits, return to the nascent soul. Three souls stay on the left, seven spirits on the right!

“Listen to the divine order quietly, and you won’t be able to find anything. No one will see what you’re doing, and no one will know what you’re doing. Now hear my command!”

As the sect master shook the bell, black energy suddenly shot from the bell and landed on the corpses on the ground.


Under everyone’s shocked gazes, the corpses suddenly stood up as if they had been revived.

“Corpse Reversal Technique!”

The expression of the white-haired old monk changed drastically, “This is the Corpse Reversal Technique. Sect Master Luo, if you use this technique recklessly, you’ll definitely suffer the wrath of heaven!”

“You forced me to do this!”

At this moment, the Corpse Sect’s sect master was bleeding from his seven orifices as if he had turned into a bloody man. However, there was a maniacal look on his face.


The sect master’s body swayed, and he moved the bell rhythmically. Up to a hundred corpses immediately followed.

“Buddha Sect disciples, protect the Thunderclap Pagoda with all of your might!”

The white-haired old monk immediately revealed a tragic expression. Then, the Buddha light on his body shone brightly as he charged toward the Corpse Sect’s sect master.

The Thunderclap Pagoda was the place where the Buddha Sect’s almighties died in meditation. To the Buddha Sect, it was no different from a sacred ground, so how could they let people enter easily?


At that moment, the Drought Demon charged over.

The sect master did not care about that at all. He controlled the corpses to rush toward the pagoda maniacally.

The pagoda was 60 meters tall, and its entire body was dark golden. From afar, it looked like it was shining with golden light, and there was faint lightning surging on the top of it.

Just as the sect master was about to reach the pagoda, it suddenly trembled. Buddha light came pressing down and a golden net appeared out of nowhere.


The sect master groaned again and again. Wisps of smoke came out of his body as if he was being burned by a hot iron.


He roared angrily, then opened his mouth and spat a mouthful of blood essence toward the bell in his hand. The bell immediately shot toward the pagoda, accompanied by the up to a hundred corpses.


The sect master suddenly pointed at the bell. Black energy surged from the bell before it cracked.

The up to a hundred corpses turned into a bloody mist as well, which strangely scattered onto the golden net above the pagoda.

The net shook violently several times before disappearing without a trace, as if it had been contaminated by blood.


The sect master stepped into the pagoda and laughed maniacally, “I’ve sacrificed 20 years of my life. I don’t believe I can’t break your Buddha Light Formation.”

The Thunderclap Pagoda houses the corpses of many Buddha Sect’s almighties. If he tried to force his way in, he would be suppressed by the Buddha light. Therefore, he wanted to force the people of the Buddha Sect to deactivate the Buddha Light Formation.

However, Ming Guang would rather die than submit. He was worried that there would be too much trouble, he could only bite the bullet and performed the Corpse Reversal Technique to break through the Buddha Light Formation forcefully.

Fortunately, the formation’s master, Zen Master Ban Ruo, had died. Otherwise, he would not have been able to crack it even if he sacrificed all his lifespan.

At the same time, the Drought Demon arrived while bathed in blood.

The sect master immediately looked at him with doubt in his eyes, “Corpse puppet, are you sure the thing you said is in the pagoda?”

“Of course!”

The Drought Demon revealed a strange smile, “That person is on the nineteenth floor of the Thunderclap Pagoda. If you obtain it, master, you won’t be scared of anything even if you encounter a saint!”

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