Genius Daddy in the City - Chapter 933 - The Man in the Coffin!

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Chapter 933: The Man in the Coffin!

“Hmph, I hope you’re not lying to me!”

Corpse Sect’s sect master scoffed and rushed towards the 19th level with greed in his eyes.

He had once heard from the Drought Demon that a Corpse King was suppressed in the Thunderclap Pagoda. It was an omnipotent existence before the great calamity of the Kunlun Ruins.

Later on, he was suppressed by the many saints of Kunlun Ruins and sealed in the Thunderclap Pagoda of Buddha Sect. For thousands of years, he was purified by dharma day and night.

Corpse King!

Such an existence had already surpassed the Drought Demon. Its battle prowess was comparable to a saint, and it could even tear a saint apart with its bare hands.

Once he obtained it, what was a mere Mad Southern Ye to him? Even that old b*stard from Purple Cap Mountain would be wary of him.

Right at this moment, the sect master suddenly felt a bone-piercing chill behind him.

At the next moment, a withered hand pierced through his back!

He lowered his head in a daze and looked at the bloody hand. Then, he turned around with great difficulty to look at the Drought Demon behind him. His eyes were filled with disbelief, “You…”

He had never thought that the corpse puppet he had cultivated would suddenly ambush him.

The corpse puppet took out his heart and licked the blood on it with the tip of its tongue. It chuckled, “How can a trash like you be my master?”

The sect master roared, “Have you forgotten that I saved you from the Buddha Sect and spent 200 years turning you into a Drought Demon?!”

“So what?”

The Drought Demon sneered, “Haven’t I risked my life for you over the past 200 years? I was the one who saved you when the Witchcraft Sect and the seven ancient clans almost killed you.”

“Why? Why?!” The sect master fell to the ground, his face filled with regret and resentment.

“Because I’ve waited for this day for 200 years!”

The Drought Demon chuckled, “If I don’t gain your trust, if I don’t tell you that there’s a Corpse King in the Thunderclap Pagoda, how can I get close to my lord?”

“Your lord?”

The sect master was at a loss. He then seemed to have thought of something and gritted his teeth, “So the reason why you told me there’s Corpse King in the Thunderclap Pagoda was because you wanted to use me to break the Buddha Light Formation”

“Not only so!”

Drought Demon said in a sharp voice, “It’s indeed a Corpse King that was suppressed inside the Thunderclap Pagoda, and he’s my lord!”

When the sect master heard that, he was thunderstruck.

“Two thousand and 200 years ago, that group of shameless people used a trick to suppress my Lord for 2,000 years!”

At this point, the Drought Demon’s corpse qi exploded and his eyes were filled with hatred, “And now, it’s time for my lord to come into being!

“As a greeting gift for my lord!”

It lowered its head and sized up the Corpse Sect’s sect master, its eyes filled with excitement, “Your flesh, blood and your soul, I’ll take them with me!”


The sect master roared.

Within just half an hour, Ye Chen arrived at the outskirts of the Kunlun Ruins Desert under the guidance of the Witchcraft Sect’s sect master.

Ye Chen stood on a desolate mountain peak.

“Peak master, the center of the desert is where the Buddha Sect is!” Wu Tianhou introduced respectfully.

He looked into the distance and saw that in the middle of the desert, there were endless temples and Buddha statues.

The temples and Buddha statue were made of huge rocks. They looked like pyramids, but they looked extremely magnificent.

However, above the Buddhist temples that were initially solemn and quiet, there was an extreme black energy that shot into the sky.

The black energy was like a demonized black dragon as it recklessly swept through the void, emitting a thick stench of death and blood.

“That’s corpse qi!”

Wu Tianhou’s expression changed slightly as if he was afraid, “Looks like the Buddha Sect has already suffered a calamity. I wonder if Old Luo has succeeded!”

The Old Luo that he was referring to was the Corpse Sect’s sect master.

“Let’s go and take a look!”

Ye Chen chuckled softly. He waved his sleeve and turned into a gale that shot straight at the Buddha Sect.

He was not here to help Buddha Sect. Instead, he was suddenly interested in the Corpse Sect’s sect master.

On the 19th level of the Thunderclap Pagoda, it was a forbidden area of Buddha Sect for generations. It was called the 19th level, but it did not exist. Unless one’s cultivation base was at the level of a saint, they would not be able to see it.

Therefore, over the years, no one knew of the existence of the 19th level. Even Zen Master Buo Ran was no exception.

Within the 19th level, similarly, there were eight saints’ corpses guarding in an Eight Trigrams Formation. The chains in their hands extended, and at the center hung a purple jade coffin!

Inside the coffin lay a pale man in a black dragon robe.

The man was handsome. His brows were majestic, his eyes were like stars, his face was pale like jade, and he faintly emanated a condescending aura.

The corpse seemed to have died long ago.

If one took a closer look, they would discover that there was a hole about the thickness of a finger on his forehead. Nobody knew what had injured him, but they could see the coffin beneath him from the wound.

Endless formations were inscribed around the coffin. There were even talismans pasted on it. However, as time passed, the formations had become dull.

The Drought Demon knelt before the purple jade coffin and kowtowed a few times. Then, a red stream of blood appeared in his hand.

The red stream slowly flowed into the man’s mouth.

The man’s slightly shriveled body instantly became plump at a speed visible to the naked eye. It was like the grass in the desert being revived.

The Drought Demon swallowed the Corpse Sect’s sect master’s soul again before looking at the man nervously.


After an unknown period of time, a weak breathing sound came from the coffin. It was intermittent, like the breath of a baby.

Following this sound, the weather outside the pagoda suddenly changed. Dark clouds covered the sun, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

At the same time, two figures dashed into the temple.

Wu Tianhou looked at the corpses on the ground in shock, “Peak master, many people have died!”

“Corpse qi!”

Ye Chen frowned slightly and said, “I sensed a very dense corpse qi. It seems like these people were really killed by the Corpse Sect’s sect master!”

Just as Wu Tianhou was about to examine the surroundings, he suddenly noticed a dim light above his head. He raised his head subconsciously and his expression instantly changed.

The world had changed!

Earlier, the sun was shining brightly. However, it was covered by dark clouds and lightnings now. It was as if heaven was punishing the people.

Ye Chen’s eyes focused as he looked at the sky above the Thunderclap Pagoda. It was the center of the thunderclouds.

He looked slightly serious.

He sensed that a hint of danger was gradually awakening there. Even the saint of Purple Cap Mountain had never given him such a feeling.

“This is a divine retribution!”

Ye Chen took a deep breath in and fixed his gaze on the place where the thunderclouds were. He said slowly, “A demon must’ve come into being to have triggered the divine retribution!”

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