Genius Daddy in the City - Chapter 938 - My Name Is Mad Southern Immortal!

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Chapter 938: My Name Is Mad Southern Immortal!

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The entire Purple Cap Peak became silent at this moment.

No one made a sound as they looked at the old figure in the sky. Their gazes were focused on the old figure.


The old saint had been defeated!

Initially, they thought that the fight between the two of them would be hard to break apart or Ye Chen would be easily suppressed by the old saint.

However, it had only been a quarter of an hour since the two of them had exchanged blows and the old saint had been defeated.

“How is that possible? I don’t believe it!”

“That’s right. The old saint was severely wounded by that Corpse King earlier. Otherwise, how could he have lost?!”

Many people could not accept this at all!

Before this, the old saint was the legend in the hearts of everyone in the Kunlun Ruins. However, the legend had been destroyed now!

However, most people were silent.


Too powerful!

At that moment, everyone could not help but stare at the thin figure in the sky, their hearts trembling.

Only the powerhouses present felt bitter inside.

Although they were not saints, they could still tell a lot from the fight between Ye Chen and Zi Qingcang.

From the beginning to the end, the old saint was helpless while Ye Chen was extremely ferocious. Anyone would be in trouble with such a terrifying physical body.


At this moment, a beautiful figure shot straight into the clouds. Zi Zhuier held onto Zi Qingcang tightly, looking extremely nervous.

“I’m fine!”

Zi Qingcang smiled frankly. Subsequently, he looked at Ye Chen slowly with his deep eyes, “Fellow, you’ve won. If you’d like to clear your doubts, please follow me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned into a rainbow and shot straight into Purple Cap Mountain, leaving the people behind.

“Wait for me here!”

Ye Chen turned around and looked at Elder Qing Xuan and the rest. He then led Ye Wushuang, who was carrying Mengmeng, into Purple Cap Mountain.

He had originally thought that Purple Cap Mountain was the most mysterious supreme sect in the Kunlun Ruins, and its extravagance was definitely nothing inferior to the Dao Sect and other supreme sects.

However, to his surprise, it did not seem like a sect, but more like a village.

As far as the eye could see, the mountains were filled with grass huts and fields. There were people working in the fields.

These people were ordinary people. They did not seem to care about the battle between him and Zi Qingcang.

Even though they saw them enter, they still bowed politely and remained calm. They then lowered their heads and continued with their work.

Everything gave off an otherworldly feeling. There was nothing like a supreme sect.

Ye Chen nodded secretly, ‘This is the great dao of nature!’

Within the mountain peak in Purple Cap Mountain that normal people could not see, it was incomparably simple. On the ground, there were only a few meditation cushions.

“Fellow, please sit!”

Zi Qingcang waved his sleeve, and a meditation cushion flew over from the ground.

After Ye Chen sat down, he said slowly, “Before that, may I ask your name in your previous life?”

Until now, he still thought that Ye Chen was the reincarnation of an ancient saint. Moreover, he was certain of it.

Ye Chen said coldly, “My name is Mad Southern Immortal!”

“Mad Southern Immortal?!”

Zi Qingcang was stunned for a moment before he said in admiration, “The word immortal is enough to show that you must’ve been extraordinary in your previous life. I deserve to be defeated by you!”

Although he was a saint, in the end, he was still an Earthling and a powerful man from ancient times. Although people from ancient time sought immortality to learn the dao, they had never had a clear understanding of immortal cultivation.

Therefore, he thought that the reason why Ye Chen named himself immortal was because he wanted to become an immortal. He wanted to be one and become the ultimate immortal among immortals!

At the next moment, a golden soul slowly appeared in his hand, “I’ll leave Lei Xing to you. I just hope that you will let him live, even if it means letting him enter the cycle of reincarnation!”

It was Sect Master Lei Xing’s soul!

Despair filled Sect Master Lei Xing’s face at that moment. He did not expect that Ye Chen would really defeat his greatest reliance.

Before Ye Chen could speak, a golden lotus appeared out of nowhere from the ground as he formed hand seals with both hands, “As a compensation, I’ll give you a big gift!”

The golden lotus moved to Ye Chen’s side, emitting extremely dense spiritual energy and life-force energy waves.

‘Soul-shaping Golden Lotus?’

Surprise flashed through Ye Chen’s eyes. Subsequently, he fixed his gaze on the closed lotus pod at the center of the golden lotus. There was excitement in his eyes.

“Master, it’s the aura of Emperor Brush’s weapon spirit!”

The Night Demon Armor’s excited voice sounded.

Ye Chen took a good look at Zi Qingcang and grabbed the golden lotus.

Through his Divine Consciousness, he discovered that Emperor Brush’s weapon spirit was currently in the lotus pod. It was wrapped by the Soul-shaping Golden Lotus, sealing off its six senses. It was obviously trying to recover its spirit body.

“Half a year ago, a spiritual light pierced through Kunlun Ruins’ barrier and landed in the Kunlun Ruins. After Lei Xing discovered it, he followed the trail and found a spiritual brush…”

Zi Qingcang said slowly, “He realized that this brush was extraordinary, so he wanted to give it to me. I discovered that there was a damaged spirit body in the brush, so I extracted it and nurtured it with the only Soul Forming Golden Lotus in my Purple Cap Mountain.

“Then, I returned the brush to Lei Xing!”

As he explained, Ye Chen gradually came to a realization. He then roughly understood the details of Emperor Brush landing in the Kunlun Ruins.

“Fellow, if I’m not wrong, this brush should be a dao artifact from your previous life, right?” Zi Qingcang said calmly.

He had a vague guess after learning that Ye Chen had snatched Emperor Brush from Sect Master Lei Xing and killed everyone.

“That’s right!”

Ye Chen nodded lightly and looked at Sect Master Lei Xing’s soul, “At the end of the day, you’re part of the reason why I’m able to reunite with my weapon. Since that’s the case, I’ll spare your life!”

“Thank you, Immortal Ye!”

Sect Master Lei Xing kowtowed excitedly.

Ye Chen’s voice gradually turned cold, “Of course, if you’re unhappy with me in the future, you can take revenge on me. However, by then…”

“No, no!”

Sect Master Lei Xing’s body trembled and he hurriedly said, “I can take a dao oath. If I have any dissatisfaction with you in the future, I’m willing to have my soul destroyed!”

After what happened, he was terrified of Ye Chen to his core. How would he dare to have any ill intentions?

“You may leave!”

Zi Qingcang waved his sleeve and chased his soul out without any hesitation.

“Thank you, Fellow Zi!”

Ye Chen clasped his fists at Zi Qingcang, “If you hadn’t nourished my weapon spirit with the Soul-shaping Golden Lotus, I’m afraid he wouldn’t have survived until now!”

After he said that, three medicinal pills shot out from his hand and landed in Zi Qingcang’s hand, “These are Longevity Pills. One pill can increase your lifespan by ten years!”

Zi Qingcang was shocked. Clearly, he did not expect Ye Chen to be able to refine the Longevity Pill. After all, he could only refine ordinary pills.

“I, Ye, will repay your kindness with kindness, and take revenge if you crossed me!”

Ye Chen changed the topic and looked at him coldly, “Why did your Kunlun Ruins extract the nine dragon veins of the secular world in China? Will you give me an explanation?!”

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