Genius Daddy in the City - Chapter 939 - The Three Pure Ones!

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Chapter 939: The Three Pure Ones!

Within Purple Cap Mountain in Kunlun Ruins, Zi Qingcang and Ye Chen sat across each other. A pot of sandalwood incense was enshrouded in smoke at the side. The smoke was like a dragon, it was refreshing.

Ye Chen questioned Zi Qingcang as soon as he opened his mouth.

“Why did the Kunlun Ruins extract all the nine dragon veins of the secular world and suppress them mercilessly?”

As soon as he said that, he stared at Zi Qingcang. His tone was unquestionable, almost commanding.

Zi Qingcang sighed faintly when he heard that, as if he had already guessed it. Then, he slowly said, “Before I answer your question, can you answer one of my mine first?”

Ye Chen nodded lightly.

Zi Qingcang’s gaze was deep as he said with fear, “Fellow should’ve seen that Corpse King, right?”

“Of course!”

Ye Chen nodded.

The Corpse King he was referring to was naturally the qin corpse that had escaped from the Thunderclap Pagoda.

Zi Qingcang asked again, “Do you know who this person is?”

Ye Chen went straight to the point, “Is he the first emperor?”

He had guessed about the qin corpse a long time ago. Although he was not certain, he could only tell the truth since Zi Qingcang had asked.

Zi Qingcang smiled when he heard that.

“Is he not?” Ye Chen was surprised.

“You’re right!”

Zi Qingcang shook his head with an unfathomable expression, “To be precise, that Corpse King is only the first emperor’s evil body!”

‘Evil body?’

Ye Chen was stunned at first before his pupils constricted.

In Daoism, using the concept of cultivation, a person needed to break through the physical shackles to become more powerful. In other words, the body was the greatest treasure trove of a person.

Therefore, Daoism divided human bodies into three categories—the jade body, dharma body, and evil body.

The jade body was the body of a mortal. Although the jade body could not cultivate any techniques, it could be used to accumulate good karma to become an immortal. Of course, this process often required tens of thousands of cycles.

As for the dharma body, after mortals stepped into the realm of cultivation, their bodies would undergo changes in the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, allowing them to breathe True Origin Energy and supernatural power.

As for the evil body, it relied on evil ways to obtain the body of the Art of Longevity. As the evil ways were not tolerated by the righteous path, it was called evil body.

Seeing Ye Chen’s reaction, Zi Qincang knew that he understood what it meant to have an evil body, so he said, “Before the Qin dynasty, China already had a cultivation system. Hence, there was the Battle of Yan Chiyu chasing the deer, the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, King Yu ruled the water, and King Zhou’s take over…

“This system developed to great success during the Spring and Autumn War. At that time, Laozi, Confucius, and the other philosophers rose together, and the legalists, Mohism, and other schools of thought contended. It was a prosperous era!”

Ye Chen nodded secretly when he heard that.

He had never underestimated the wisdom of the ancients. For example, King Wen wrote the Book of Changes and created the King Wen Eight Trigrams. It could be said that he had created a clear precedent for the cultivation civilization of China.

“At that time, I mentioned the Saint Dao!”

Zi Qingcang continued, “The leader of the group, Confucius, advocates to educate the people and collect good karma with his jade body. The path of Confucianism was the most sacred!

“The people led by Huang Shicong, Lao Zi, and the others emphasized on the practice of living in seclusion, refining outer core at night, and practicing talisman inscription to become saints!

“The School of Naturalists, School of Diplomacy and others promoted wars, absorbing the aura of death, resentment, and other ways of cultivating the evil body to become saints!

“The king of Wu An, Baiqi, or the overlord of Chu, Xiang Yu, and the others focused on refining their bodies, making Martial Dao the most sacred…”


Zi Qingcang continued, “This event lasted until the Qin unified the six kingdoms. At that time, among the nine schools of thoughts, Confucianism, Daoism, Mohism, Legalism, School of Names, School of Naturalists, School of Diplomacy, and School of Agrarianism, were the most prosperous!

“There were saints in all nine schools of thoughts?” Ye Chen’s eyes flickered.

“That’s right!”

Zi Qingcang nodded slightly and then sighed softly, “However, after the first emperor unified the six kingdoms, he suppressed the Hundred Schools of Thoughts and committed crimes such as burning books to trap scholars and expelling scholars, causing the relationship between him and the nine schools of thought to be quite tense.”

Ye Chen secretly nodded.

The first emperor unified the six kingdoms, encompassing the four seas and eight wastelands. He built the Great Wall, took Baiyue from the south, and rejected the barbarians from the north. He was the ruler of a generation.

It was just that later on, he continuously rejected the six kingdoms and hated the Hundred Schools of Thoughts, especially true for the Confucian scholars. He also applied the Qin law that was too strict, causing internal conflicts to be extremely tense. In the end, it was only passed down to his second generation after his death.

Of course, it was also related to the past emperors of the Qin.

Previously, Qin was only a small country in a corner of the country. It was far from being as powerful as the Chu.

Later on, it was Qin Xiao Gong who placed great importance on Shang Yang and used the Legalism theory to rule the country. After six lifetimes of hard work, the Qin became stronger and stronger, eventually swallowing up the six kingdoms.

In history, Prime Minister of the Qin dynasty, Li Si, was a member of Legalism.

In other words, for the past six generations, the Qin had been advocating Legalism and treated them harshly.

As a result, after it was passed down to the first emperor’s generation, the first emperor was naturally deeply affected, and he did not like people who only knew how to boast.

“The first emperor knew that people were easy to kill, but the mind was the hardest to destroy. He was worried that after he died, no one would be able to suppress the nine schools, so he developed the desire to live forever.”

Zi Qingcang said slowly, “Hence, he sent Fang Shi Xu Fu to the legendary three Great Immortal Mountains to seek the art of immortality!”

At this point, he paused, “Three years later, Xu Fu returned. Although he did not find the three legendary immortal mountains, he found an immortal ruins.”

“Immortal ruins?” Ye Chen frowned.

“That’s right!”

Zi Qingcang nodded and said, “At that time, the first emperor dismissed everyone and summoned Xu Fu alone. No one knew what they talked about. They only knew that half a month later, Qin Jian secretly led his troops to dig up the tomb of Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan.

“The first emperor is with us!”

Ye Chen asked immediately, “What happened later on?”

“Later on, it was rumored that the first emperor was deeply infected with a malignant disease and could not see anyone. He hid in his bedroom with the doors and windows tightly shut. Every day, the bodies of palace maids and eunuchs were secretly carried out and burned.”

Ye Chen’s eyes focused when he heard that, “In other words, the first emperor turned into a zombie at that time? Or rather, he was poisoned by corpse poison?”

The first emperor’s series of reactions and actions were either because he cultivated a demonic technique or he was poisoned by corpse poison.

“That’s right. Even though the first emperor was extremely secretive, he was still discovered by the nine schools. Some say that the first emperor was cursed in the tomb of Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan!”

Zi Qingcang nodded lightly, “Someone said that the first emperor found an expired immortal pill in the immortal ruins. After eating it, his body mutated.”

Ye Chen found it funny when he heard that.

Could immortal pills expire?

“The mighty ruler of the Qin dynasty, the existence that suppressed myriad territories, has actually been reduced to a monster. If the people of the world were to find out, I’m afraid they wouldn’t be able to accept it!”

Zi Qingcang said, “Because of that, it was rumored that the first emperor found a way to separate two bodies from his original body before the corpse poison attacked his heart. They were the evil body with corpse poison and the dharma body!”

‘Three Pure Ones?!’

Ye Chen was about to blurt out when he realized that the first emperor’s move was the Three Pures Technique!

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