Genius Summoner - Chapter 1046 - Meeting the Five Elders (2)

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Chapter 1046: Meeting the Five Elders (2)

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Yun Feng turned her face around and looked elsewhere. The young man was immediately enraged when he saw that. He reached his hand forward and tried to grab Yun Feng’s shoulder. Yun Feng saw his movement from the corner of her eye. Her shoulder moved and her body turned around. In an instant, she had already moved to the other side of the young man. The young man’s hand completely missed and his body almost lost its balance and fell on the ground.

The small dodge made the students who were discussing in a low voice just then quiet down. The young man looked at his hand and then at Yun Feng. She dodged his attack just then? She was faster than him? How was that possible? He was at Grade 3 of the King Level!

He had no idea that the person who got in through the back door in front of him was a Grade-5 King!

The young man gritted his teeth. With his strength of the third grade of the King Level, he could be considered one of the strongest here. How would he be willing to let someone who got in through the back door dodge him just like that? That’s right. How would this person who got in through the back door be able to dodge his attack? The moment he retracted his hand and his body, he exerted strength again. This time, he aimed at Yun Feng’s shoulder precisely. His fingers suddenly formed a claw in midair, wanting to grab Yun Feng’s shoulder. Yun Feng sneered and her body quickly dodged. While the young man was in a daze, she had already arrived behind the young man quietly!

“You want this?” While Yun Feng whispered, her slender fingers had already grabbed the young man’s shoulder blade. She exerted a bit of strength and the young man suddenly let out a scream. His body was about to escape in a second, but Yun Feng suddenly bent her fingers and grabbed his shoulder firmly. She suddenly exerted strength with the tip of her foot and kicked the most vulnerable part of the young man’s knee. The young man fell on his knees with a “plop”!

There was complete silence. The battle between the two of them had only lasted for a dozen seconds, but anyone could see who was stronger! One of them was the person who easily dodged the attack and counterattacked fiercely, and the other was the person who knelt on the ground with a painful look. The difference between the two was huge!

“Let… Let go of me!” The young man, who was kneeling on the ground with one of his arms turned behind his back, wanted to endure the pain on his face and not embarrass himself in front of so many people, but he was still no match for the bone-piercing pain from his shoulder blade. His facial features were almost twisted from the pain and he couldn’t speak quickly. A lot of sweat began to roll down his forehead.

Nobody dared to step up to help her. Perhaps many people didn’t like Yun Feng’s identity as someone who got in through the back door and the person in front of them. How could a person who got in through the back door have such strength? This young man had the strength of a Grade-3 King. Who would believe that he couldn’t beat a person who got in through the back door?

“Alright, you’ve vented your anger. He already knows that he can’t beat you. You can let go.” A voice as calm as water sounded. All the students looked over and couldn’t help but exclaim, “Isn’t this Senior Brother Sheng Ming, who ranks first in the outer campus?”

The first place of the outer campus? Yun Feng was quite confused. The Juxing School was divided into the inner campus and the outer campus? If that was the case, no wonder these students of the outer campus were so resistant to getting in through the back door. The first place of the outer campus, this person’s bearing and way of talking were quite compatible with this first place.

“He provoked me first.” Yun Feng let go of him. The young man, who was kneeling on the ground in a sorry state, immediately gnashed his teeth and moved his arm that was almost broken a few times. Every time he moved it, it was painful. He couldn’t help but glance at Yun Feng fiercely.

“Sheng Ming, you don’t have to be so polite with her. Even if she’s from the four families, she’s just a person who got in through the back door!” said the young man fiercely. Qu Lanyi sneered after hearing that. “Do you want to kneel again?”

“You…” The young man was about to say something, but he glanced at Yun Feng with lingering fear. In the end, he grunted angrily and didn’t say anything else. The young man on the side, who sounded as calm as water, said, “In the outer campus, people are usually a bit impatient. After all, we rely on our own efforts to enter this academy. We’re certainly a bit dissatisfied with the special status of the four families.”

“The outer campus? Is the Juxing School divided into the inner campus and the outer campus?” asked Yun Feng. After hearing that, Sheng Ming glanced at Yun Feng in confusion. The young man just then said indignantly, “You don’t even know this. You’re truly worthy of getting in through the back door!”

“Alright, stop talking! Why are the rest of you gathered here? Do you have time to watch the drama?” Sheng Ming glanced around. Even though his eyes looked extremely calm, they carried a sense of intimidation. The surrounding students immediately left. Yun Feng saw this and knew that this Senior Brother Sheng Ming had an extremely high status in the outer campus. After all, he was the top student in the outer campus.

“You should go back too.” Sheng Ming glanced at the young man. The young man held his arm with his hand and turned around to leave with a furious look in the end. After Sheng Ming said a few words, the outer campus returned to its previous state. Sheng Ming looked at Yun Feng. “The Juxing School is divided into the inner campus and the outer campus. The outer campus is where all the disciples recruited through the admission exam are qualified to study. They can go to the inner campus after passing the inner campus exam. However, you don’t have to worry. The children of the four families are basically all in the inner campus.”

Yun Feng understood. This was also the reason why the students of the outer campus hated the disciples of the four families so much. They might not be able to enter the inner campus even if they worked hard, but the four families relied on their family’s reputation and the so-called spots to enter through the back door. This was the uniqueness of the four families and also something that made people hate them.

“You’re quite calm. Since you’re the top student of the outer campus, you’re very confident that you can pass the inner campus exam,” said Qu Lanyi. Sheng Ming chuckled with unconcealable confidence.

“I’m currently at Grade 4 of the King Level. Even though I’m still far from my goal, I should be able to enter the inner campus.”

“Grade 4 of the King Level? Such strength can be considered outstanding.” You Yue praised on the side. Yun Feng didn’t say anything. Sheng Ming smiled lightly. “No matter how strong you are, you’ll never be satisfied.”

“You’re right. There’s no peak for human desires.” There was a hint of coldness in Qu Lanyi’s words. Sheng Ming couldn’t help but look at him again. He only felt that this man, who was even more beautiful than a woman, looked very extraordinary.

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