Genius Summoner - Chapter 330 - Return to the Capital (3)

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Chapter 330: Return to the Capital (3)

In the society ranking contest, the Constellation Society became the top easily, as many students expected. As the absolute dark horse, the Constellation Society had become the champion and won the generous awards of the Masang School of Magic. The students who didn’t enter the Constellation Society all gritted their teeth, regretting that they weren’t smart enough to recognize its potential. Ever since the society ranking contest, the Constellation Society had been the most popular society, and was even more popular than the Fire Society in the past. To many students’ surprise, the Fire Society never provoked it again, as if it was terrified and had flinched.

Yun Feng had been feeling awkward recently, and the main reason for her awkwardness was Kasa, who came to her now and then even though she was a condescending princess in the past, as if they were closer than before.

In the lunch hour, Yun Feng, Mu Xiaojin and Yun Sheng were enjoying their meal in the cafeteria, talking and laughing, when Kasa drew near. “Well… There are no other seats. I’ll just sit here.” Without their agreement, Kasa simply sat down. They looked at each other in bewilderment. Yun Feng glanced around and saw many empty seats. She wondered what was wrong with her.

In front of the society building, they met again, and Kasa greeted Yun Feng awkwardly. Yun Feng managed a smile. After thinking for a while, Mu Xiaojin finally asked, “Xiao Feng, is she trying to approach you?”

“She’s trying to approach Fengfeng? Not a chance!” A voice suddenly came from Yun Feng’s back. Having no time to dodge, Yun Feng felt that a warm body was stuck to her and a head had just been laid on her shoulder. She gnashed her teeth, “Qu Lanyi, get off me!”

Qu Lanyi chuckled, but refused to separate her body from Yun Feng’s. Amused, Mu Xiaojin said something that made Yun Feng completely sullen. “You two are really close, aren’t you?”

Qu Lanyi immediately nodded. “You’re quite right. Fengfeng and I have always been this close.”

Yun Feng took a deep breath. Seeing that, Qu Lanyi immediately jumped off Yun Feng and then whispered to her, “Fengfeng, you must show me your Rings of Contract when you have time.”

Yun Feng glanced at Qu Lanyi, who winked at her cutely, as if she were telling her that it was impossible to keep any secret from her. Yun Feng heaved a helpless sigh. There was obviously something behind Kasa’s uncanny friendliness, and Qu Lanyi was smart enough to think of the real reason. Yun Feng even suspected that Qu Lanyi had already sensed something earlier, although she never said anything.

“Right, Fengfeng, do you know that thing?” Qu Lanyi stood straight and asked in a low voice. Yun Feng frowned, and Mu Xiaojin thought for a moment, before she exclaimed, “Do you mean the cancellation of the individual ranking contest?”

“The individual ranking contest has been canceled?” whispered Yun Feng. Mu Xiaojin nodded, and Qu Lanyi frowned. “I wonder what happened. At first, the individual ranking contest was brought forward, but then it was canceled. I heard that the holiday has been brought forward too.”

Holiday… Yun Feng realized that it had been more than two months since she came to the Masang School of Magic. The semester was almost over, and she could go home with her brother during the holiday! “Xiaojin, do you want to spend the holiday with me?” Yun Feng asked Mu Xiaojin. Mu Xiaojin blushed and nodded quickly.

“Fengfeng, that’s unfair. I want to spend the holiday with you too.”

Yun Feng became gloomy. “We’re going home. You can go back to yours. Why do you have to tag along?”

Qu Lanyi chuckled. “I can’t go home, so I have to spend the holiday with you, Fengfeng. It’s a deal!” After saying that, Qu Lanyi turned around and left. Yun Feng looked at the woman’s back with a helpless smile. It would be fine if she left without Qu Lanyi, but Qu Lanyi was strong enough to catch up with her, right?

The unexpected cancellation of the Masang School of Magic’s individual ranking contest puzzled many students, who had expected more splendid games, but suddenly lost the opportunity. The school’s explanation was that it was for a special reason, but didn’t elaborate. In the next month, the atmosphere in the Masang School of Magic was rather dull. However, the students still discussed the society ranking contest now and then.

Yun Feng’s ban from the Trial Tower had already expired. Her identity as a summoner was unknown to anybody in the school except Kasa and those around her. That was a relief for her. Apart from Kasa’s behavior that was still a headache for her, everything else had been going well.

Yun Feng had enough crystals for her brother and Mu Xiaojin’s cultivation. She spent a lot of time in the Trial Tower too. Although the element density here wasn’t as good as in the Dragon Palace, it wasn’t safe to use the Dragon Palace all the time here. Yun Feng went straight to above the sixth floor every time. Many people looked at her enviously and pointed at her excitedly, “Do you see her? That’s Yun Feng!”

After rising to level 7, Yun Sheng entered another phase of hiatus. Although his phase body was quite shocking, the obstacle that he was faced with was the same as that for others. When he reached the peak of level 9, he would need an epiphany to rise to the Commander Level. That was a major obstacle that nobody could dodge or circumvent.

Yun Sheng had been cultivating diligently every day. He was also a center of public attention. Having risen to the sky in one step, Yun Sheng gave many people false hope in themselves. Not all of them had a phase body. In fact, there were only several dozen people who had such a body throughout the continent. While many people were disappointed, many more people admired Yun Sheng and considered him their idol.

In the following month, Yun Feng, Mu Xiaojin and Yun Sheng had been cultivating. Mu Xiaojin was making good progress too. As for Ling Xiaoyun who had never shown up again, Yun Feng simply forgot about him. Nothing eventful happened during the month. Finally, the holiday began. Mu Xiaojin had been very happy when the holiday approached. Had it not been for Yun Feng, she didn’t even know where she could go, and might have had to stay in the school. Yun Feng and Yun Sheng, naturally, would spend the holiday with their father, except that they were not returning to Chunfeng Town. They were going to the capital, where the Yun family used to belong.

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