Global Cultivation: First-time Top-up for the Ultimate Destiny Treasure - Chapter 168 - Sword Control Technique, Sword Spirit’s Request

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Chapter 168: Sword Control Technique, Sword Spirit’s Request

Seeing this scene, the corner of Su Yi’s mouth twitched. He was not angry or anything. After all, he was just a passer-by in this mystical realm.

Since the other party did not have any ill intentions, there was no need to pay too much attention to her.

He raised his head slightly and moved his feet slightly. Then, he arrived at the altar. At this moment, he no longer had any worries. Then, he reached out and picked up the demon-slaying seal.

Instantly, a sound notification sounded.

[Notification: You have obtained demon-slaying seal x1]

[Quest to explore the ancient sword tomb: Enter the ancient sword’s resting place and obtain the demon-slaying seal. Current progress of the quest (3/3)]

He had just obtained the demon-slaying seal when the notification sounded. He would probably be able to complete the quest as long as he exited the mystic realm.

As he thought of this, the corners of his mouth curled up. He finally had an outcome for this trip.

The things that happened by chance had really broadened his horizons. He did not expect that there would be so many secrets in the great desolate region.

As for the spirit world and the immortal world…

He lightly shook his head. Those upper realms were still not something that the current him could step into. It was better for him to go into seclusion to raise his cultivation when he returned.

After collecting the demon-slaying seal, he looked at the evil-slaying sword that was also placed on the altar. He wanted to collect it, but he paused.

He recalled what the evil-slaying sword spirit said. Although he did not completely believe it, the evil-slaying sword was obviously broken. It was probably useless. Even if the Dao charm was still there, it had lost its former glory.

His impression of the little sword spirit was not bad. It was better not to take it away.

Ancient sword tomb, ancient sword tomb. Without an ancient sword, how could one talk about a tomb?

Then, his gaze moved away from the evil-slaying sword, and then looked at the last item.

“This is…”

He looked at the last book and was slightly stunned.

From this book, it could be seen that this was a spellbook.

“Sword Control Technique…”

The ancient and simple words were inlaid with golden edges on the cover, and a faint stream of light was flowing on the side of the seal.

‘I didn’t expect there to be a spellbook here.’ He thought to himself, but his hands moved immediately.

He reached out and picked up the Sword Control spellbook, and a notification appeared.

[Hint: You have obtained a Dao-grade spell, Sword Control Technique x1]

[Hint: Your current realm is not high enough, and you can not use the true understanding of the spell to learn it.]

The first notification made him smile. He did not expect it to be a Dao-grade spell. This was a pleasant surprise.

However, the second notification slightly stunned him.

“Not high enough?” he asked doubtfully. Then, he focused his gaze and immediately saw the information about the spell.

[Spell: Sword Control Technique (incomplete)]

[Rank: Dao-grade]

[Description: A supreme incomplete spell. There are a total of five incomplete chapters. The whereabouts of the other four incomplete chapters are still unknown. After learning the second sword control technique, you can fly on swords.]

[Acquired: Requires early core formation stage. True understanding of spells x100 can be used to learn this chapter]

After looking at the detailed information, he understood that this Sword Control Technique was only one-fifth of a remnant chapter, but it already had the level of a Dao-grade spell.

Moreover, the requirement to learn it was actually early core formation stage, but early core formation stage could be used to fly in the air. This was on top of the regular spell effects.

Just thinking about it made him feel that it was cool.

However, he could not learn it now, so he had to throw away the seal space first.

With this thought, he put the demon-slaying seal and the Sword Control Technique into the immortal destiny seal space, and then prepared to leave the mystic realm.

In a strange space, a mischievous little girl was bending her little finger, murmuring.

“It can be taken away, it can’t be taken away, it can be taken away…”

“Great, it can be taken away!”

Then, she shouted excitedly and held up her cute chin as if she was waiting for something.

She was born with the evil-slaying sword and entrusted it to the evil-slaying sword.

Perhaps the original owner of the evil-slaying sword did not know that an existence like her would be born.

After being lonely for so many years, she finally had a human to talk to. Although this human cultivator was a big pervert…

“Eh? Why hasn’t he taken the evil-slaying sword?”

After waiting for a long time, she seemed to feel that something was wrong.

Then, she turned into white smoke and disappeared into the evil-slaying sword.

Outside the altar, a white smoke appeared, and the small body of the evil-slaying sword spirit appeared.

At this moment, Su Yi’s figure was nowhere to be seen on the altar.

The demon-slaying seal and the sword control technique had disappeared. They had probably taken them away, leaving only the lonely evil-slaying sword behind.

Why did he not take it? Was it because he did not like it?

The evil-slaying sword spirit looked at the ancient longsword on the altar. After she left the sword, the ancient Daoist connotation was also gone.

She looked like a candle in the wind, broken beyond repair.

The evil-slaying sword spirit’s lively eyes suddenly became dejected, and there was a faint sense of loneliness in her eyes.

“As expected, he still left…”

She just floated in the air, and her eyes were a little hollow. Since she was born, she had been either sleeping or facing this small, dark space.

Every day, she absorbed that pitiful and limited amount of spiritual energy, afraid that one day, she would disappear because of the spiritual energy being cut off.

That small wish in her heart was just to see and experience that different world…

Perhaps, this was the meaning she had been waiting for since she was born.

She sighed slightly dejectedly, and just as she was about to turn into her incarnation and disappear back into the sword spirit space.

A gentle voice came slowly behind her. “Oh, there it is again.”

The sudden voice rang out, directly scaring the evil-slaying sword spirit to the point that the little body shivered.

The evil-slaying sword spirit suddenly turn around, and her pair of small hands holding held her own face as she looked at Su Yi in surprise.

“You, you left!”

Hearing this, he rolled his eyes at the sword spirit. He could not find a place or a mechanism or formation to leave this damned place.

The surroundings were almost sealed, and as the only building in this dark place, it was this altar.

So he planned to come back and see if he could find any clues to leave the mystic realm. As soon as he returned to the altar, he saw the little sword spirit appear out of thin air again.

At the same time, the flowing light of the evil-slaying sword’s Dao rhythm dimmed. It seemed that the other party was right. She was indeed the so-called sword spirit.

Then, he smiled lightly and swept his gaze across the surroundings.

“I couldn’t find the exit, so I came back to take a look.”

He said it very casually, but a grave expression flashed across his eyes. There was no exit. This was going to be troublesome.

How could the single-existence evil-slaying sword spirit see the serious look in Su Yi’s eyes?

A trace of joy flashed in her heart, and she wanted to say something, but she hesitated.

It was as if her thoughts were competing for a while, but in the end, she still used that tender voice to say.

“Big pervert, I want to ask you to do something.”

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